What Are the Best Female-Led NFT Projects?

One of the large benefits that come with NFTs is that they are completely decentralized, which means that they are not subject to the same biases that may be imposed on artists in the physical world. As such, the realm of NFTs should make it so that women can thrive in the art world. Several great projects have been created that act as true representations towards women and, as such, are loved by many. This article is going to talk about what some of these projects are and how you can keep on top of future releases.

Staying on Top of NFTs

A lot of people find NFTs hard to stay on top of given there are so many people that use them and trade them in the modern world. As such, trends come and go, and it can be hard to stay on top of what is and isn’t popular. If you find yourself in this position, then you should be sure to use a website, such as OKX is great, as it provides the perfect platform for you to stay on top of different NFTs, as well as the perfect place to buy and sell your collections too. Be sure to head over there if this is something that you might be interested in.

Good Female Led Projects

So, what are some of the best female-led projects out there? They include but are not limited to:

World of Women

The World of Women is one of the most popular female-led projects on the market right now. The entire collection features a total of 10,000 diverse and unique NFT avatars that have been championed by different celebrities, such as Eva Longoria and Reese Witherspoon. The collection is doing a lot for women’s charities, as well as the WoW Fund, to which 15% of primary sales are being donated. The project is doing incredibly well at the minute, with volume crossing over 55,000 ETH.

Sad Girls Bar

If you’re into stylish and monochromatic pieces, then Sad Girls Bar is certainly the perfect choice for you. The collection was dropped by Glam Beckett in August 2021 and contains about 10,000 NFTs made from over 300 traits. These include the likes of drinks, hairstyles, and piercings, meaning they act as a good representation for a lot of alternative women, hence why they have become so popular.


Asian representation is lacking in the NFT market, and this is something that the project 8SIAN tries to rectify. They have put together a collection of 8,888 Asian women NFTs, which address an apparent lack of diversity within the market. The project was founded by an artist called Nicole, who commented saying that she wanted to use this collection to “represent and showcase the many cultures and heritage of Asia in the virtual world”. This has certainly been achieved thanks to the beauty, execution, and popularity of this project, which continues to gain in popularity as time goes on.

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