Top 9 Skills You Need to Get A Job As A Python Developer

Python has steadily risen to become one of the most popular programming languages for a variety of tasks over the last few years. Python provides a strong entry point for all developers to make use of its versatility and numerous benefits. That’s why it’s no wonder that you can easily take online Python Courses in Australia or anywhere in the world.

However, if you want to be the top Python developer, you’ll need to do a lot more than simply a Python course.

In this post, we’ll examine critical skills that can significantly increase a Python developer’s productivity and open up new career opportunities. Python is actively employed in a variety of domains, including data science, machine learning, and web applications. In this section, we’ll discuss essential skills for Python developers that will assist you in mastering the art of Python development.

Top 9 Skills You Need to Get A Job As A Python Developer

Top Skills To Get A Job As A Python Developer

1. Expertise In Python’s fundamentals

It is critical to first learn the fundamentals of any programming language before diving into a framework or development environment. The same is true for Python. You should focus your efforts on developing a firm knowledge of a variety of fundamental ideas:

  • Data Types and Variables
  • Structure of Data.
  • Handling Exceptions.
  • File Management.
  • Programming in an Object-Oriented Manner.

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2. Frameworks for Python

Python frameworks are a developer’s dream come true. They excel at accelerating development by removing the need to worry about low-level concepts such as sockets, protocols, or threads.

There are various Python frameworks to choose from, including:

  • Django
  • Flask
  • Web2Py
  • Bottle.

Once mastered, frameworks like these can significantly ease the life of a Python coder. A Python framework enables you to construct an application prototype, as it essentially eliminates the need to input repetitive code.

Python’s frameworks are not only useful for web application development; they also extend to domains such as machine learning, data science and AI.

3. Python Library

One of the best features of Python is that it has one of the largest library sets available. Python has about 267 thousand projects, according to the Python Package Index. There is a very good probability that anything you intend to develop has already been created and is easily available for usage, accompanied by adequate documentation.

A competent Python developer must be capable of locating, studying, and effectively implementing Python ecosystem packages, as they will be used virtually daily.

These libraries span a wide variety of domains, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Python also offers a vibrant and inviting community where you may get assistance from devs from all over the world.

4. Experience with Front-End Technologies

You may be misled if you believe that working as a Python developer entails exclusively working with backend technologies.

A Python developer is frequently required to interact with front-end technologies to guarantee that the client-side code is consistent with the server-side code. In a corporate context, this is frequently done in collaboration with the UI/UX team, Project Managers, and SCRUM Masters to ensure proper workflow synchronization.

Working on the front-end provides a clear image of the application’s design and functionality. Working knowledge of a few front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, will prove advantageous.

While these skills and expertise are not required for every project, they are certainly welcomed.

5. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are flourishing right now. A large part of the reason for this is the astounding rate of innovation and the speed with which these breakthroughs are implemented in the industry. As machine learning and artificial intelligence are both in high demand, a Python developers should immerse themselves in their fundamental principles and techniques to gain thorough knowledge.

Proficiency in Data Science will also be critical while working on large-scale data initiatives. Once you’ve improved your ability to obtain, analyze, visualize, and forecast data, you’ll have no difficulty drawing a clear picture for your stakeholders using your observations and any accompanying outliers.

6. Deep Learning

After you’ve covered the principles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you should move on to Deep Learning. There are three types of learning:

  • Supervised
  • Semi-supervised
  • Unsupervised.

Once you understand what Deep Learning is, you should be able to use your newly acquired skills to design systems driven by Deep Learning, such as:

  • Systems of Recommendation.
  • Processing of Natural Language.
  • Recognize images.
  • Recognition of Automatic Speech.
  • Restorative Photography.

7. Experience with ORM Libraries

ORMs, or Object-Relational Mappers, are a subset of packages that simplify the process of converting data from a relational database to Python objects.

Developers can use these packages to modify data directly in their databases using Python code rather than SQL. Some Python ORM frameworks are:

  • Peewee ORM
  • SQL Alchemy
  • Django ORM
  • Pony ORM
  • Tortoise ORM

The features of ORM libraries can frequently save you a significant amount of development time while allowing you to switch to another relational database when necessary.

8. Acquaintance with Multi-Process Architecture

When constructing a web application in Python, the developer must choose a development architecture or framework that decouples the application’s internal operations from its users. Modern developers have the option of employing either the Model View Controller or the Model View Template architecture.

Although this is the responsibility of a Design Engineer, as a Python developer, you should have a working knowledge of how your code will behave.

Once you’ve grasped the architecture and begun working on these environments, you should be able to identify and resolve issues inside the core framework in order to get more optimal results.

9. Communication Proficiency

Excellent communication skills are necessary for anyone working in a professional or personal environment, not just for Python developers. When speaking with others, a person with strong communication skills leaves no gaps or uncertainty and communicates his/her message crystal clear.

Because engineers sometimes work in pairs with other programmers, effective communication becomes even more critical when working on a project or evaluating code to ensure everyone is on the same page. Additionally, effective communication with your team members can help you resolve several issues and propel your firm forward.

Takeaway Anyone can learn to write a programming code, but what differentiates you from the competition are your techniques, the efficiency of your code, and your familiarity with numerous packages and tools.

Average Python Developer pay scale

According to PayScale, the average compensation for a Python Developer is Rs. 427,293 for an entry-level position.

A skilled developer who possesses these skills sets himself apart from the competition. If you’re motivated by this article and want to improve yourself by incorporating the skills discussed, we strongly advise you to do so. Not only will these skills aid in your professional development as a Python developer, but they may also help you find a better job.


While the majority of Python online courses provide everything you need to know about the technology, relatively few cover the holistic skills required to land the ideal job as a Python developer. Python is one of the most popular languages and is taught at a variety of universities. However, very few developers know the most important skills which they need in order to flourish in their field. Here we will talk about the top skills you need to get a Python developer job.

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