Happy Despite The Exam Phase: Measures That Really Help

If you want to be happy despite learning and exam stress, you don’t have to change much. It is enough if you study a little more consciously and adapt your approach. These measures will also help you.

Happy Despite The Exam Phase: Measures That Really Help

Realize That You Have To Make Sacrifices!

Your exam preparation is no walk in the park. It’s a ride through hell at times. It is exhausting, nerve-wracking, and time-consuming. And: You will have to neglect other areas of your life if you want to prepare yourself optimally for your upcoming exams.

Here’s the deal: If you want to be successful, you have to make sacrifices. Especially if you have high expectations of yourself. Getting everything under one roof – as always – will not work. If you’re not willing to consciously prioritize, the pressure on your shoulders will eventually become unbearable. So be realistic and choose what is important to you. You can also delegate some of your assignments to the professionals like a research paper writer of your choice.

Establish A Battle Plan!

Do you plan your preparation? Or do you just start learning and hope that somehow it will be enough in the end? Many test phases are chaotic. Short planning would provide much more peace and reduce your stress.

If you know what to do in your exam preparation and what you have to pay attention to, you won’t get bogged down and you’ll keep track of things. You create orientation and structure. And this foundation gives you security and a solid base. Or something more martial: You can only defeat him (pass as well as possible) if you analyze your enemy (test) beforehand and put together a plan.


Sleep is one of the most precious commodities for students who take their studies seriously. For many, sleep is a luxury – but it is the basis for high performance. When you sleep more, you get more done. Although lack of sleep has kind of become “cool” and everyone brags about how little they slept last night, lack of sleep makes you unproductive and miserable.

If you sit at your desk and study without getting enough sleep, it’s like studying while drunk. Experience has shown that drunk people are not as good at remembering information or understanding complicated relationships. Studying tired is not diligent – it is stupid. Go to sleep!

Stop Studying!

Happy Despite The Exam Phase: Measures That Really Help

What I mean is: do it. Times. Break. Not for four hours and not every five minutes, but regularly and systematically. After all, breaks are just as important when learning as the learning units themselves. The same rule applies in sports: without interim recovery, there is no development.

If you’re stuck on a task for hours at a time, your concentration will inevitably decrease. At some point you can’t get anything done, you become tense and dissatisfied. On the other hand, it is much more efficient and healthier if you work in short stages and take small breaks in between. In this article, I will show you a suitable technique.

Write Down Your Successes – No Matter How Small They Are!

In the stress of preparation, many students only see the mountain of tasks that still lie ahead of them. They forget what they have already achieved and what challenges they have been able to master along the way. And this subjective perception is discouraging. It distorts the image you have of yourself and cuts into your self-confidence.

As a countermeasure, you should make it a habit to record your daily successes – no matter how small they are. Keep a small learning diary and write down every evening what went well and where you see the potential for improvement. Most importantly, focus on the positive.

Forgive Yourself For Mistakes – No Matter How Big They Are!

Did the study session yesterday not go according to plan? Did you start studying too late again? Was your last exam a disaster? Then this: Screw it. Don’t let your mistakes bring you down. Notice them, learn from them, and tick them off. And preferably as soon as possible.

During your exam preparation, you can’t afford to regret past chances or bemoan your own mistakes. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. It doesn’t matter what mistakes you made. It is important that you are now fully there and can take care of your tasks. If you’re focused now and don’t feel angry with yourself anymore, you can fix everything that went wrong.

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