The online industries booming in 2022

We live in the age of the online industry. There is very little that can’t be done in some form over the internet now, and with more of the world connected to the internet all the time through devices such as phones, it’s no wonder there are thriving industries.

Below, we dive into some of the booming businesses and industries that are dominating in 2022.


iGaming has not just brought us new ways to play in our spare time, it has also brought us a whole new industry with platform providers such as GiG, marketing companies for iGaming, and even a world of blogs and surrounding media.

This huge industry supports jobs all over the world. In addition to established gambling companies, there are also a lot of newcomers to the industry, continuing to innovate and come up with new games.

There are tens of millions of people gambling and enjoying iGaming regularly all over the world. In fact, in the UK alone, there are thought to be around 30 million active accounts.


Streaming is a very broad niche, but the business itself is continuing to grow. People stream everything from esports competitions to product unboxing and large concerts.

In recent years, some big companies and brands have begun to realize that streaming can be big business. Of course, we know about streaming platforms such as Netflix, but the huge growth of services such as Disney Plus show there is a demand for even more players in this competitive field.

Platforms such as Twitch also mean that people can stream on their own, live, directly from their homes, and it even presents a way for them to make money and create a profitable business. This has become a pretty standard way for young people to consume media, which means that streaming isn’t going away any time soon.


Cybersecurity is big business. Even the government needs cybersecurity teams. The industry is all about keeping people safe while they use the internet, and people are starting to develop more of an understanding of just how important this is.

Antivirus, VPNs and security services are all a part of this big industry, which continues to grow and thrive in 2022. Plenty of antivirus companies operate on a monthly plan so they constantly have large income, and this allows them to continue to innovate.

Unfortunately, this industry is driven by the fact that there are always scammers and hackers trying to get into peoples’ data and, ultimately, steal money through the internet, whether this is a case of stealing data and selling it or directly stealing card details.

Content creation

This is a big niche. In fact, there are a lot of niches here bundled into “content creation”, but the industries around it are undeniably booming.

Anyone can start creating. Music, films, writing, it is easier than ever to share this online. With more eyeballs on independent content on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, there are a multitude of opportunities to continue to make content and make a name for yourself.

Not everyone can become a millionaire YouTuber, but the industry is thought to be massive, with many influencers and YouTubers making a good living every year through the internet. Companies such as YouTube boast huge turnovers, with tens of billions in ad revenue each year.


In ecommerce, it is thought that total sales are around £700bn in the UK alone each and every year. The number is consistently growing as more money changes hands online.

Anyone can start importing goods or even creating goods and selling them via an online store, with Shopify and similar providers revolutionizing the business and making it easy to start selling.

Of course, this is without taking into account retail giants such as Amazon, whose sales continue to grow. This generates more jobs. While their business isn’t totally online, it is an example of one of the most successful ecommerce businesses ever.


The line between “online industries” and other industries is blurring. The two become closer all the time as businesses try to create an “omni channel” approach. Traditional retailers are opening online stores, and online stores are opening in-person stores. Online and offline are intrinsically linked.

With more people working online and enjoying freelance or work from home positions, the idea of industries being totally on the internet is not outlandish anymore, and this is reflected in many of the companies doing so well in 2022.

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