The market for Angular Developers in 2022

Being a popular framework, Angular stimulates competitive recruitment with 64,000 job openings on LinkedIn for the USA.

When the pandemic hit back in 2020 and continued on to 2021, companies worldwide had to slow down their services due to a decline in demand. This was certainly felt across many markets, including the tech industry. However, as businesses returned to normal, the call for software development came along with it.

While not many companies realize this, building a custom software actually has numerous benefits. It can further drive an increase of customers to the business and can help differentiate the organization from its competitors. One particular technology that can improve customer experience is Angular. This article looks into the reasons why there exists such a need to hire dedicated Angular developers in 2022.

What is Angular?

According to its official website, Angular is a platform consisting of a component-based framework, a collection of libraries, and a suite full of developer tools. It is mainly used to build front-end applications.

To provide a brief history, Angular was first released in 2010 by Google. Back then, it was known as AngularJS and was written in JavaScript. However, the team at Google could no longer improve it to be competitive in the ecosystem of such tools. Thus, they rewrote the framework from the ground up and gave it a new naming convention. It is now just “Angular.” This also marked the change from JavaScript to TypeScript. As of January 2022, Google has officially deprecated AngularJS.

Why Angular is a good choice for web development in 2022

There are a number of benefits Angular brings to the table. First, it has a variety of development tools—e.g., Sublime Text and Aptana that simplify coding. Another tool is Angular Universal, which streamlines app rendering on a server.

Another reason to use Angular is that it has a wide range of libraries, such as Akita, NGXS, and ng-bootstrap. Since it is a component-based framework, it permits developers to reuse code, thereby speeding up the development process and saving time and resources.

Next, programs built using Angular perform faster due to its single-page applications (SPAs) capabilities. Web applications do not have to constantly reload and are overall more dynamic for the user.

Lastly, Angular is testing-friendly because of its structure. It has built-in patterns that result in fewer lines of code and, thus, reduce testing time.

The demand for Angular shows no sign of slowing down in 2022. As a matter of fact, on LinkedIn, it registers for over 64,000 Angular-related job openings in the United States. A survey by Stack Overflow ranks Angular fifth under the web frameworks and technologies category. Furthermore, major companies, namely PayPal, Netflix, and UpWork, rely on Angular for web development.

The roles and responsibilities of Angular developers

Angular engineers are responsible for designing a front end, and they have the freedom to do so without having to worry about the back end, because the framework has a model view controller.

Another prerequisite to hire Angular developers is having an extensive knowledge on HTML, CSS, and TypeScript, a programming language that adds syntax on top of JavaScript. These languages are the foundation to Angular without which would be impossible to even start writing code.

Next, developers should understand how to utilize RESTful APIs. This is how front-end frameworks like Angular communicate with back-end servers.

Because of Angular’s endless potential for front-end development, companies compete to hire Angular developers with good credentials who can meet their business needs. A great Angular developer would be able to implement a highly interactive web application and thereby boost business.

When it comes to front-end development, you can count on Angular to be one of the best frameworks, since it centers on user experience and design. It is also rather simple compared to other platforms because of its tools, and there is a community full of dedicated engineers, so looking for solutions to problems should be easy.

Creating a dynamic web application for your company can be a complex task. It calls for a team of fully capable engineers that can combine logic with creativity. You might want to look for a capable IT solutions company that can provide experienced Angular developers who are ready to work on your web development projects.

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