Online Casino Games in Michigan

Do you desire to play casino table and slot games from the comfort of your home in Michigan? If you do, you must have realized that Michigan is home to several online casinos that are thriving and show no sign of slowing down, all of which are under the approval and control of the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

This means that online casinos are legal in Michigan with a regulatory body in place. Online casinos are a big thing for Michigan State and contributed about $128.7 million in revenue. If the government can earn this much, so can you.

Most online casino games in Michigan offer exciting games available to non-residents of Michigan, and if you desire to play some of these games. Here are some of the best real-money online Casinos available for your gaming pleasure:

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget Michigan Casino possesses many innovative features that bear semblance to the famous physical  Las Vegas Casinos. With a Golden Nugget Casino App, you can access nearly 400 slot and table games.

This Wide variety affords you the luxury of featured and exclusive game titles, with promotions like a brand new car or a $ 5 million cash prize for its year-long longboard contest.

Caesars Casino

The newly expanded Caesars Casino for Online Casino games in Michigan now comes with about 140 games. The Casino is built with many perks and features and offers transfer of bonuses to other locations with the Caesars Rewards Program.

Games such as blackjack, Video Poker, Baccarat, Live Dealer, and 3- card stud are available in multiple options and offers.

BetMGM Casino

At the Bet MGM Casino, you have access to up to 50 different table games, ten roulette offerings, and a game library of nearly 400 slot game titles, all of which come with frequent promotions.

By trying out the live games on the BetMGM apps, you can enjoy occasional bonuses like “Flip the Coin” which offers daily prizes if the head or tail part of the coin you choose turns out to be correct.

DraftKings Casino

DraftKings Casino has at least 500 casino games primarily promoted with low-risk adventure. If you do not like to stake much, DraftKings Casino might be a good option.

It also boasts about 60 different varieties of tables, including that of the popular Blackjack card game. In its Blackjack game, players with the longest streaks of wins are guaranteed cash prizes.

FanDuel Casino

Currently, Fanduel Casino holds more than 240 different games, some of which are exclusively based on its gaming partnership. It also has exciting features like a “Risk-free day” where you are entitled to up to $10 for your losses in table games.

You can also enjoy special bonuses like the “Game of the Week” in this casino, which gives you additional earnings when you play consistently on several days of the week.

Though Online casinos are usually built to replicate the environment of physical casinos, you should note that the aesthetics of each site differ from one another. But you should be able to navigate through all of these top sites. They all have different game experiences and game offerings.


Every of these Michigan Online Casino offer table games such as blackjack and roulette, and also popular casino slot game such as:

88 Fortunes, Quick Hits that possess features such as spinning a reel.

As casino games are expected to be for your entertainment, on the flip side, if you feel like it has become an issue for you, you can take advantage of the regulated features in Michigan online casinos that responsibly allow you to set game time, deposit amount, and loss limits, you can also reach out to state helpline it becomes more of an addictive issue for you.

Now that you have a rundown of the top Michigan Online Casino, what game are you looking to try out today, and at which Casino?

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