6 Most Innovative Tools To Improve Your Online Business In 2022

One of the advantages that online businesses have over traditional ones is that updating and adapting to new technologies is much easier. In this roundup, we gather some of the best online tools that can help you improve the processes of your online business and make it better!

If you already have a digital foundation or if part of the structure is already in digital format, you can implement new software more quickly.

However, having a digital business is not synonymous with the optimal operation or maximum use of available resources.

There are many online businesses that still carry over old habits from traditional businesses. Either by ignorance or disinterest, they are not taking advantage of the wide range of programs to streamline their processes.

If you believe that your online business still has room for improvement or if you think you are already at your optimal point, we recommend you to read on. Below you will find a list of programs that you may not have known about and that can help streamline your business processes.

6 Most Innovative Tools To Improve Your Online Business In 2022

6 Best Tools to Optimize Your Online Business Processes

1. Holded

If we have done some research and have been surfing through a large list of the best software, surely there is a name that has been repeated in almost all of them: Holded.

Holded is often lumped in with accounting software. Although it is true that it is mainly born as such, this definition does not do it justice.

It is a comprehensive management program that involves all departments of the company.

It could also be said that it is an ERP, since it helps us to manage all the resources of the company. From accounting to sales and inventory are connected and share a common database.

However, it can also function as a CRM thanks to its integrated add-ons and can be implemented with other tools to automatically share and dump data.

However we want to use it, Holded will help us reduce time wasted requesting information and documentation between departments.

By sharing a common database, changes will be automatically reflected in each sector, keeping everything up to date and providing all staff with the same data.

In addition, it has many tools to automate repetitive tasks, both in accounting and billing. In short, Holded is a tool that will undoubtedly improve the current system and operation of your business.

2. Klippa

There are many businesses that cannot make the leap and operate 100% digitally. It may be because of old roots in paper documents, or because they have to deal with other businesses or companies that still work in an analog way.

If we really want to go digital and optimize our resources, it is necessary to abandon physical documents for good.

To help us in this task, there is OCR recognition software such as Klippa that will help us to say goodbye to the piles of sheets and documents stored in our business.

Its operation is simple: we only have to attach a document and the program will analyze, recognize and dump all the characters in a new digital document.

Although there is a minimum margin of error depending on the quality of the image, the result is usually close to perfection.

It may seem like a single-use tool, but Klippa also recognizes the type of document and, based on its structure, extracts all relevant information.

If, for example, we integrate it with the accounting software we use, we only have to attach the invoice and the invoice data will be automatically dumped into the program.

Thanks to Klippa, we can finally say goodbye to physical documents for good.

Microsoft Teams

3. Microsoft Teams

The year 2020 has highlighted the dependence of many businesses on face-to-face work.

Fortunately, it has also helped the process towards the normalization of remote work to take giant steps in a very short time. In large part, this was thanks to communication tools such as Microsoft Teams.

Communication is paramount in any business; if we want things to work well, internal communication must be fluid and agile.

Whether working remotely, face-to-face or mixed, the use of Microsoft Teams will exponentially improve the way we communicate.

We can make video calls, virtual meetings with or without video calls, regular voice calls, or just chat. Whatever our method of communication, Teams offers a solution.

It is easily integrated with cloud storage services and email managers, so we can share files easily and securely.

In addition, it is available for all types of devices and platforms so that we can always be connected and available.

Microsoft Teams is the ideal tool to be always a click away from our colleagues.

4. Asana

Just as we have seen in the previous point the importance of communication, we can say that equally or even more important is organization.

You cannot be productive, or at least not as productive as you can be, without having an organized structure in which everyone knows the tasks they have to carry out.

For this, tasks need to be well defined, accessible, and documented. Asana is a virtual dashboard that takes care of organizing and helping us visualize the tasks to be carried out.

Each task has individual cards or panels where we can add all the relevant information about the subject. Once completed, the only thing left to do is to assign it to the corresponding person and set a deadline.

Being virtual, it is accessible from any device at any time, making it extremely convenient.

In addition, it is very intuitive and thanks to the filters that we can apply and customize, we can simply visualize the tasks that concern us or those that are most important for a given time.

In addition, it generates reports and allows us to monitor the tasks of the rest of the team, to be able to analyze and see if there is any department that is not working as it should or any task has not been delivered on time.

Asana is the number one enemy of disorganization. If we implement it in our business, we will see in a short time the favorable results of its use.

5. Semrush

In the 21st century, we must know that marketing is something we cannot afford to neglect. Even if our product is unique and special, if customers do not know about it, we will never achieve a respectable number of sales.

The best way to make ourselves known is through SEO and SEM. If we are still new to this topic, it is best to focus on the first one.

It is about optimizing our website so that it appears among the first results of search engines. And Semrush is the ideal tool for this.

It is a very intuitive program that first analyzes our website and online business. After that, it generates reports and tells us where there are failures and what things can be improved.

Not limited to that, it also analyzes and monitors in real-time the metrics of our website to find faults or improvements. At the same time, it analyzes the competition and advises us which keywords we can use and which will have better results.

If we also want to embark on SEM, or positioning through advertising, Semrush, as its name suggests, includes integrated tools to help us choose the best option.

In short, whatever marketing strategy we want to opt for, Semrush will help us make the right decision and make it as profitable as possible.


6. Mailchimp

Customer loyalty is not easy, but it can be the key to the success or failure of our business. That is why we must analyze and carry out strategies that allow us to do it in the simplest way possible.

Mailing is one of the options that has given the best results in recent years to most businesses.

A mailing with quality content, relevant, personalized, and including, if possible, a special offer, will make our customers happy and interested in our product.

It is not possible to talk about mailing without mentioning Mailchimp, the most complete tool for automating the sending of mailings.

It is not only a program for sending mass mailings, but it also allows us to use our CRM database to personalize the content and adapt it to each customer.

We can manage lists, modify content, and schedule mailings. It also offers reports to let us know if the campaign is bearing fruit or, on the contrary, we should modify some aspects.

In short, if you want to build customer loyalty and create a customer community with your brand, the mailing is the best option. In turn, Mailchimp is the best option for creating a quality and effective mailing campaign without dying in the attempt.

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