Meta: Is this the end of Facebook as we know it?

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would cease to exist, since from now on all its efforts would be focused on the way we interact through the Internet. He refers to the focus on virtual and augmented reality, as well as technological tools such as cryptocurrencies, this is the Metaverse.

For now, it only changes the name of its digital community, the social network as such will continue to be called the same.

Facebook changes its name to Meta
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Facebook changes its name to Meta

The company that we normally knew as Facebook now belongs to “Meta”, all the social networks will continue to function and will keep their original names, only now they belong to the new project.

This new name invites people to participate in a journey into the metaverse in the third dimension, the future of the internet. Although, some analysts wonder if users will trust this company enough to participate in this new vision of Mark Zuckerberg.

He assures that all this is done with the future of his company in mind.

The name change does not mean a change in the organization. Meta depends on Facebook, Instagram, and the advertising potential they have. But, the main idea, over time, is to become the future of the “metaverse”.

In 2014 it buys virtual reality Company Oculus for over $2 billion, now this makes much more sense. If the future of the internet really starts to head towards Zuckerberg’s vision, his company Meta could benefit from having taken the initiative.

What is Metaverse

What is the Metaverse for Facebook?

The metaverse or metauniverse is a virtual world to which we will connect through some devices which will make us think that we are inside it and interacting with all the elements that integrate it. It would be like teleporting instantly to a new world through a virtual reality device. This could even be done in the future in our offices, concerts, stores, among others, to move to any place without moving.

This concept of the virtual world that Facebook, Google, Nvidia, and Microsoft are betting on, is not totally new, in the literary and cinematographic world we have seen mentions, as in “Ready Player One” or “The Substitutes”. In short, the metaverse is a new digital universe that will transform all our online experiences into a virtual world in which we will be able to interact and be similar to reality.

The key to the metaverse is that it could be immersive, more so than the virtual reality we know today, virtual reality goggles, sensors that register physical movements. Even with the devices used, facial expressions could be interpreted.

This metaverse could even have its own economy with a virtual currency that can be bought with real money or earned within the environment. For Zuckerberg, this new name for his company shows his company’s commitment to building a version of virtual reality in which interactions on the internet can be perceived face-to-face.

Already, Facebook, or Meta, has started in this metaverse world with its Horizon Workrooms application, which is for virtual work meetings, and Horizon World, which is for virtual social gatherings. The company claims that building this project could take 10 to 15 years.

Still want to learn more about Metaverse, you should read this detailed guide about Facebook’s Metaverse.

What will the content in the Facebook metaverse look like?

What will the content in the Facebook metaverse look like?

It is expected that in the future there will be a kind of augmented reality scenario that will enable relationships with different interests.

For many content creators, this Facebook metaverse could represent both a risk and a benefit. As with any technological advance, when implementing this type of technology it will be necessary for both content creators and users to adapt to this new way of relating to the product.

Those who manage to adapt to this new modality will be able to take advantage of the tools and offer their followers a closer experience with their product, providing them with totally innovative content. This would be a great benefit for digital stores and businesses with an online presence, in fact, there would be the possibility of attending virtual store concerts from home.

What could the Facebook metaverse offer us?

The metaverse could be the great evolution of the Internet or it could fail. It is still too early to tell, and companies like Facebook are just getting started, creating their infrastructures and concepts, so the metaverse is, for now, more of a concept than a reality.

The Facebook metaverse could offer the same opportunities as the real world, with the possibility to create businesses, visit them to learn about their products, try them and buy them.

Facebook also aspires to have practical applications, such as work meetings to share in a virtual office. Seeing all this, it is easy to think that the metaverse could have its own economy, with its own currency, which could be acquired with real money or by earning it from the metaverse. Even different jobs could be generated. It will also allow interaction with people in different parts of the world.

Currently, the metaverse is still a concept. If it will have many possibilities, that will depend on the will of the creators, the path they follow to make it, and how accessible it can be for everyone.


When could the metaverse be real?

Meta before Facebook has already shown this idea and has announced that they will make large investments to make it a reality and see if there will be other companies that will join in this adventure of virtual reality.

At present, there are still no devices that can make us move inside this metauniverse in a realistic way. Nor, in terms of design, do we have the infrastructure that is required, since regions, streets, among others, are necessary, for now, there are only a few virtual rooms that are being used for the first tests.

We are still a little far from being able to connect all of us to the metaverse to interact. Much remains to be developed and when it exists, the goal is to make it accessible to everyone.

Meta, the new holding company that includes Facebook, intends to be one of the first companies to venture into this world, they hope to impose themselves and be able to dominate this new concept by being the pioneers and protagonists that will benefit from the economy and related businesses.

There is still a long way to go, the name is just being announced. We are far from connecting in the metaverse and interacting in it, but Meta is already advancing steadily in this world.

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