iTop PDF: Free, Fast And One-stop App To Make PDF Perfect

In the modern world, PDF Documents have become an essential thing in various industries. It’s because PDF files have their own advantages, for example, their portability. You can travel to any corner of this world without having to carry a separate bag to hold your documents. With one touch, you can access your confidential documents on your mobile or laptop device.

Moreover, sometimes, there are some edits or changes that one needs to perform in PDF files. And the complicated part is when you have no idea how to perform that. However, with this article, it will be possible. We’ll do an iTop PDF review to introduce you to an amazing tool that will help you edit your PDF files at your convenience.

What is an iTop PDF Editor?

iTop PDF is a powerful PDF editor for Windows operating systems. It lets you edit, convert, merge, split, compress, and encrypt PDF files. Moreover, it also supports e-signature and rearranging of the PDF pages chronologically. And went it comes to a free alternative to iTop PDF, pdfescape free version is best suggestion we have.

Features of iTop PDF Editor

iTop PDF Editor comes with a lot of impressive features that are going to be beneficial for newbies as well as experienced PDF editors.

1. Edit Any PDF File

Editing any PDF file is challenging for anyone, however, with iTop PDF Editor, you can make changes to any PDF file. For example, if you want to change text or image, or insert/delete links in any PDF file, you can do that with ease using iTop PDF.

2. Convert PDF to Any Format

This feature is a lot helpful. Sometimes, companies demand a specific format of files. Hence, with iTop, you can convert your PDF file into JPG, RTF, and Office formats such as PPT, DOCX, etc. Moreover, there will be no compromise in the quality of converted files.

3. Compress PDF File

While applying online for any job, there’s a limit to the file size i.e., The size of the file must be under 100KB. That means you can’t upload the PDF file if it’s above 100KB. So, in this case, the compress feature is advantageous. By performing compression to your PDF file, the size will be reduced to less than 100KB. It won’t lower the quality of the PDF file.

4. Merge & Split PDF Pages

This is one of the best advantages of this tool. It lets you merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. In this way, you won’t lose track of your important files. Furthermore, if you want to use any specific file out of those merged files, you can split those files by using iTop PDF. Also, you can rearrange the PDF pages numerically.

5. Encrypt PDF File

This feature is best for security. If you want to protect against the unauthorized opening of your confidential documents, you can put encryption over them. Set a combination of alphabets, digits, and special characters as a password. However, make sure you remember that password. Not only this but also, if you want to send a file to any specific person, you can put encryption over that file to share only with that person. This will prevent any third person from viewing the file.

Additional Features of iTop PDF Editor

What if you could e-signature in a PDF and save it for further use? Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Yes, and this is possible with iTop PDF. A lot of people might be wondering why they would e-sign on a PDF file. What does that have to do with them?

E-signature defines the authenticity of digital files like PDFs. By this, you can check whether the files you send or receive are genuine or not.

iTop PDF Editor can also be used as a PDF viewer on your PC. Plus, the extra benefit that you get is filling a PDF form digitally by using iTop. You can put information by clicking on fields and typing.

Final Verdict

Not everyone’s familiar with complicated tools to edit PDF files. Most of the users want simple and time-saving edits. Hence, nothing could be better than iTop PDF Editor. It helps you edit your PDF files quickly so you can focus on the otherimportant stuff. Moreover, it provides a layer of security over your secret files.


1. Can I edit PDFs with iTop for free?

Absolutely. iTop PDF Editor is free to download and use for everybody. Download it from iTop’s official website on your Windows PC and start editing your PDF files.

2. How to convert PDF to JPG?

To perform this action, find the “convert” on the toolbar and tap on it. After that, choose the PDF file that you want to convert. Ultimately, tap on the “to image” button, and your PDF file will be converted to a JPG image file.

3. How to Merge PDF files with iTop PDF?

On the app, open PDF files and choose the files that you want to merge by clicking on “Combine PDF”.

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