How To Get Instagram Verification DONE For Business Or Brand

Social media verification is able to provide benefits that allow brands to grow and increase their reach, as well as give them a lot of credibilities. Here’s how to verify your Instagram account without being famous, with easy-to-apply methods.

Therefore, we will tell you how you can get started with the verification process: the requirements to verify the Instagram account, the time it can take, tips to get it and frequent doubts such as if there can be verified accounts on Instagram with few followers.

Instagram verification: What does it mean?

Verification is the process by which the platform confirms that the account belongs to who it claims to be, be it a public figure, a celebrity or a brand.

These badges are designed to highlight real accounts over those that usurp their identity or generate fan content. When entering the name of a celebrity or brand into the search engine, the first result will be from a verified profile.

Unlike other social networks, such as TikTok, on Instagram it is more complex to get a verification, you need to meet a series of requirements to be approved by the platform.

Who can verify your Instagram account?

A positive aspect of account verification on Instagram is that any user can apply for it. However, the platform has a rigorous selection process that sometimes resembles a lottery, as it does not approve all applications, even if they meet each requirement.

Having a verified account on other social networks, such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or TikTok, is also no guarantee that they will receive it on Instagram.

Most users who create content of interest, wonder how to verify an Instagram account without being a celebrity. It is possible, but it is necessary to meet the requirements. In other words, you need to prove that you have an account (be it a person, brand or organisation) of public interest, with content that is relevant to other users of the platform.

Instagram account verification requirements

Instagram account verification requirements

One of the decisive factors is to have an account that generates public interest, you need to meet all the verification criteria to be eligible:

  • Be unique: It is only possible to verify one account per person or company. However, there is an exception for language-specific accounts, e.g. @Marvel (with purely English content) and @Marvellatam (with Spanish content).
  • Be authentic: The account must represent a real person, brand, entity or registered company. Therefore, it is not possible to verify fan or humorous accounts.
  • Public account: This is important so that people can see your content without restrictions.
  • Be complete: Accounts must be developed and contain personal data: display name or nickname, profile picture, full biography and at least one post.
  • Be relevant: A “relevant” account is one that generates a lot of searches and is well known. Therefore, it is not enough to have a large number of followers, they must interact with the content and perform searches for the platform to consider the account as relevant.
  • Be responsible: It is essential to comply with the community rules and terms of use, in addition to not having incurred frequent or large-scale bans.

Verified accounts on Instagram with few followers: Is it possible?

Since one of the fundamental requirements is to be visible on the platform, it is necessary to have a sufficient number of followers to generate enough interactions and searches.

It is also difficult to determine what the minimum number of followers is, as there are many users with hundreds of thousands of followers who do not have this distinctive feature.

On the other hand, there are users who have obtained account verification with few followers and few interactions.

However, in most cases, these have been celebrities or famous people, who due to their status as public figures get immediate approval from the platform.

Therefore, we could conclude that it is possible to obtain account verification with few followers, but it is not a viable alternative for most people.

Step by step: How to apply for verification on Instagram?

How long does Instagram take to verify an account?

The platform is not precise about the time it takes to review verification requests, in some cases, it takes days or weeks, and there are even users who have received a response after a month.

Step by step: How to apply for verification on Instagram?

For this reason, it is important to submit the request when you are fully confident that you meet the basic criteria, as the review time may take longer.


Log in to the Instagram account to be verified and make sure you meet all the above requirements.

Log in to the profile and click on the three-line icon in the top right corner.

Go to settings.

Click on the account.

Near the end of the options, you will find request verification, click and enter the form.


Start with your legal name, alias or business name (if you have a business profile).

Select the category or industry to which the profile belongs, influencer, blogger, news, organisation, company, brand, artist, among others.

Provide a photograph of a national identity document issued by government bodies. For natural persons, this document could be a DNI, passport or driving licence. For companies, it could be a tax return, business registration document or similar.

Click on the submit option to finalise the verification request.


After the Instagram team reviews the request, they will receive a response in the notifications tab, if rejected, it will be explained that a 30-day period must elapse to resubmit another request.

If accepted, they will be required to keep the account public, use two-factor authentication and maintain a profile picture.

Due to a history of scams and security-related issues, the Instagram team only communicates via in-app notifications. Therefore, they will never send emails asking for money, bank details or passwords.

Helpful tips for getting verified on Instagram

There are a few practices that can boost your chances of getting an affirmative response while increasing your brand’s relevance:

1. Be honest

Although it may seem obvious, it is imperative to stress the importance of providing real details about their identity and the purpose of the account, otherwise, the platform may prevent them from requesting further verifications in the future or delete their accounts without the right to appeal.

2. Complete the profile effectively

Optimising the requirements of the biography is a fundamental part of making a good impression, expressing your desire to be accepted and how committed you are to the platform.

For these reasons, impressing the verification team with an excellent bio, profile picture, user and posts will be incredibly valuable to the process and the potential new followers they may create.

3. Don’t try to buy the verification badge.

There are users on the platform who promise to verify accounts in exchange for payment, claiming that they know people who work for Instagram who will be able to approve the request.

Some even claim to have apps that guarantee to verify accounts and refund the money in full if they don’t proceed. The whole thing is a scam to take over accounts by hacking into them.

Scammers on Instagram know that, on many occasions, people looking to verify their accounts are eager to get the blue check and become easy targets.

Therefore, it is important to remember that there are no alternative ways to verify an account, it will always be by requesting the badge directly from the platform.

How to Increase Followers and Likes on Instagram For Free

4. Get more followers

It is impossible to determine how many followers Instagram considers to be “enough” for an account to get verified, but in many cases, it seems that hundreds of thousands are necessary to achieve this.

However, the number of followers may vary according to the niche to which the account belongs and the notoriety it possesses.

In other words, when a person or brand increases its relevance inside and outside Instagram, searches and the number of followers increase, so that the relevance so much appreciated by the verification team of this social network would be obtained in an organic way.

On the other hand, it is important that these followers are real people, as the tactic of buying followers is highly punishable by Instagram.

It is necessary to remember that, when requesting verification, the platform carries out an exhaustive inspection of the account, so if it determines that many followers are bought they could end up closing the accounts.

5. Remove cross-platform links from the biography

For Instagram, verified accounts are not allowed to link to other social networks, which encourages users to leave the platform and go to another one.

However, it is possible to include links to your own websites, landing pages or paid platforms, which are usually included in a linktree.

If they have a verified Facebook page, Instagram will ask them to link their Instagram account to their Facebook profile, which is a simple and quick way for the platforms to prove authenticity. It also exponentially increases the chances of getting an affirmative response.

6. Increase searches

Social media algorithms work through organic discovery, so appearing on Instagram’s Explore page is an incredible way to maximise search intent and increase follower numbers.

Additionally, the impact on searches will also influence the chances of appearing in the explorer; thus generating several beneficial actions for the account.

However, Instagram takes as one of its main criteria the relevance that an account has for the community of users, so it is necessary that followers spontaneously search in the engine, even if they do not appear in their feed.

7. Monitor impostor accounts

Fake profiles can become a nuisance because they detract from your visibility, are prone to scams and can take some of your followers because of confusion between accounts.

For candidates looking to verify their Instagram profile, this could be beneficial, as the platform will prioritise them as potential victims of impersonation.

However, the process may take longer than expected, as the platform’s audits to determine the number of fake profiles are conducted annually, so it may take some time before an affirmative response is received.

8. Apply at the right time

The best time to send a request for account verification is when they are trending, this will show the platform that they are relevant to users.

Therefore, it is important to monitor trends to know when the content you create is being consumed the most by users.

It is important to strengthen the public relations of the personal brand to increase the chances of making the account stand out and get more users to reach it organically.

Undeniable Benefits of Online Advertising

9. Work with an advertising agency

You can hire the services of a digital advertising agency to establish a communication channel with the Instagram team.

Reputable agencies have access to partner support tools that make it much easier to manage requests, which could speed up the process and help you receive verification.

However, it should be made clear that this does not guarantee that you will get verification, although it can make a difference and give you a better chance.

10. Try until you get a “Yes”

Even if you meet all the requirements, it is likely that your applications will be rejected if the platform considers that the accounts do not have sufficient visibility to be accepted into the programme.

Continue to use the strategies that have worked for you and refine the weaker points, so that you can organically gain followers who will interact more with your content. After 30 days or whenever you see fit, you can fill out the verification request form again.

Social Media: Is it important to get verified?

For a content creator, verifying your Instagram account will mean a considerable improvement in your status as an influencer, users will come to regard you as a famous account.

The blue badge will provide reassurance that they are following and interacting with an authentic and reputable account, which is important for entrepreneurs or brand managers.

In addition, the verified account will appear among the first options in search results, making it easier for users to find the real account right away and differentiate between profiles made by impersonators.

The most difficult requirement is to have the necessary notoriety to be taken into account, but with a good strategy, it is possible to achieve this.

On the other hand, although it may seem impossible, there is a chance of being one of the verified accounts on Instagram with few followers if they manage to demonstrate that there are many accounts that impersonate their identity or scam other people on their behalf; since social networks seek to create safe recreational and workspaces for all their users.

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