Importance of Backlinks in Search Engine Optimization

We position Google as the final intake for any selecting step, and there are thousands of options battling there to grab Google’s attention. Now, what makes the website gain a vote of assurance is linking websites, one to another, another to yet another. Link building adds value to your website and makes it potential in the eyes of Google or SERP.

Many websites have understood this and are successful today, try to generate backlinks strategy for your business, which should be consciously and carefully created instead of a random link insertion on your webpage. SEO has become fully personalized and involves web pages that are optimized with keywords and relevant content. To make your work easier, install a backlinks checker to your website, in a manner making your site trustworthy and apprehensive.

Factors Affecting Backlink’s Value

As you already know backlinks are extremely valuable for websites, some of them are not desirable for the site as well. Now, how to differentiate the value of these links, you can get a backlink checker to help you or you can simply look at factors affecting the value of any backlink established on your website.

● Linking Domain’s Authority

When you link a backlink from the domain of a high authority website, it adds more value to your site than links from low-quality or newly established websites. Instead, you should avoid taking backlinks from spamming websites because they are not trusted.

● Follow and No-Follow

You can understand if the link passing by follows link equity, a no-follow link never passes through link equity, linking it to a high domain. A follow link does this, it passes link equity and enhances the value of your website by adding a brand preference to it. 

● Location of the Link

Your website’s placement is very much significant to Google, and so does your link on the page. If the link placement goes wrong, the entire content might lose its value. The positioning of a backlink has to be appropriate, you can’t add the link to the footer part of the page, it has to be included in the blog post-aligned paragraph.

● Relevancy of the Link

Google completely understands the irrelevancy of the link to your website. You cannot add anything to the page, if your business makes products related to cosmetics, you cannot add caffeine or cocoa-related backlinks to your page just to make it interesting. The link has to cater to the needs of your website and provide a sensible point of view. 

● Anchor Text

Anchors are basically a phrase or group of words inserted in the page with a hyperlink, often colored uniquely or is underlined. They are used to make the content super SEO friendly and drive more interested traffic to your site. The links are preferably succinct, to the point, and short.


Digital marketing is the most accessible and acceptable form of website promotion today, search engine optimization has played a major role in transforming the websites’ positioning in SERP, backlinks have added value to the content and have almost become an indispensable part of any SEO content.

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