How do you counter Yasuo?

Yasuo in League of Legends (LoL) is an equally difficult champion to play with and even worse when playing against him. This isn’t surprising because he has incredible mobility, can block incoming projectiles, and has a shield. Thanks to his combination of powers, Yasuo can capably deliver extensive damage to his opponents. Because of his amazing abilities, Yasuo has become a favorite champion among the online community players who enjoy playing LoL.

Fortunately, while Yasuo is a formidable opposition, all hope isn’t lost because there are some effective counters you can employ when facing him. Without further ado, let’s see the top Yasuo counter that can help you have an edge against this tough LoL champion.

1. Avoid Fighting Around Objects Or In The Jungle

Yasuo can hit numerous champions, usually up to five, all at once with his Ultimate ability. Knowing this, you should avoid ganging up together as a team when facing him as this increases your vulnerability. Instead, you should disperse so that only one champion suffers serious damage in case of an attack. Keeping some distance away also prevents Yasuo from floating every other champion who’s been knocked up for his teammates to follow up and deliver damage or reposition.

With this in mind, it’s of great importance to avoid playing while closely positioned to your teammates. But this can be a challenge when fighting in the jungle and around objectives because teams are positioned close to each other while in these areas of the map. As a result, each member of your team becomes vulnerable to an attack. Instead, try to face off with Yasuo in sections of the map where he can’t deliver damage to all your teammates at once using his Ultimate.

2. Counter Pick Yasuo

Due to his incredible powers, Yasuo is a favorite pick among many players, but fortunately, there’s no shortage of powerful champions to counter his powers. Some of the best champions to choose include;

  • Akali

This champion is an excellent pick when countering Yasuo because of her super burst and mobility. Even though her abilities get blocked by Yasuo’s Wind Wall, she’s still capable of delivering the final kill without breaking a sweat. This is thanks to her relatively short skill cooldown, meaning once Yasuo’s Wind Wall expires, she can quickly cash her attributes to kill Yasuo. She can also kill Yasuo by delivering her Ultimate attribute.

  • Fiora

The perfect champion to face off with Yasuo is, without a doubt, Fiora, especially in Baron Lane. One reason for this is her Riposte allows her to block Yasuo’s whirlwind, meaning he can’t deliver his Ultimate attribute, the Last Breath. In addition, Yasuo can’t also block her skills using his Wind Wall, and her Lunge and Passive skill can deliver extensive damage to Yasuo.

  • Malzahar

This is a safe champion to select when going against Yasuo. Malzahar can use his Ultimate attribute to kill Yasuo once he uses Wind Wall and Sweeping Blade on the minions nearby to prevent bad trades. He can also, from a distance away, deliver a great wave clear. The best thing about Malzahar is he comes with a reliable kit and is fairly uncomplicated to use.

  • Renekton

He’s an excellent pick for both mid and top lane, where you’ll most likely have to fight against Yasuo. If Yasuo uses his Sweeping Blade against this champion, Renekton can easily eradicate him by blowing him up. Another great thing about Renekton is that he’s mobile, boasts high burst, and has point and click CC. 

  • Malphite

While he’s one of Yasuo’s best pairings, he’s in equal measure among his worst opponents. This is because Malphite’s Seismic Shard skill forces Yasuo to drop stacks of his Passive which is one of his most crucial attributes. With no Passive to shield him, Yasuo is vulnerable to an attack from Malphite, who can use his Ultimate, Unstoppable Force to make the kill with ease.

3. Stacking Tanks

Another effective strategy of countering Yasuo is by stacking tanks with objects. When adopting this technique, you should ensure that there are at least  three objects on Sion without worrying about the number of Yasuos. The stacking tank strategy nullifies Yasuo’s attributes and keeps him engaged because he’ll continue attacking Sion until his death. While he does this, you can use this precious time to eliminate all of his teammates with the help of your carries.

4. Exploit of Your Range Advantage   

You can also counter Yasuo by poking and harassing him from a safe distance away. And being a brawl champion, the best way to do this is by using a ranged champion to deliver these offenses. As a result, he’ll use his Sweeping Blade violently or make it difficult for him to search for an early all-in. Ideally, you should harass Yasuo at levels 1 and 2 to make sure he uses a significant portion of his health, thereby staying in the same lane.

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