25 Games To Learn Programming For Free From Scratch

Learning by playing is one of the best ways to get started in any discipline, even in the professional field. The following are the best games to learn how to program.

Most of the programming games available on the net are aimed at children, although there are programming game alternatives for teenagers and adults who want to get started. These alternatives are developed to learn basic programming concepts such as loops and variables, in addition to teaching standard languages such as Python or JavaScript.

All the games to learn to the program have the same function: to encourage users to learn while having fun. They have themes for all tastes: Minecraft, Disney’s Frozen, Robots, CSI, crime solving, puzzles, and logic problems. Regardless of the target audience, all of them have as a game methodology the resolution of problems through the use of codes.

For this reason, we have selected the best games to learn to program for children, teenagers, and adults.

25 Games To Learn Programming For Free From Scratch

List of best games to learn to program online

There are many games to learn to program HTML, JavaScript, Python, and other programming languages that are aimed at users of all ages. Below is a list of the 25 best games to learn to program, ideal for creating all kinds of projects in an educational and entertaining way:

1. Py – Learn to Code

Py – Learn to Code is one of the games to learn programming most used by adults today, it allows you to learn twelve programming languages through a system of solving questions and interactive problems by levels. In addition, the platform offers 10 free programming courses to users who download the application. The best thing about Py – Learn to Code is that they can learn to program JavaScript from their mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

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2. Robocode

Robocode is an open-source project designed to teach programming to teenagers and adults. Its methodology consists of a kind of “robot war” game, in which users control one of the models and duel against other players in levels.

It is completely free and receives constant updates to include new features. In addition, it has a large community that is supported to learn how to program and create applications.

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3. Codingame

Codingame is a French video game platform, its teaching system focuses on different levels of difficulty that are chosen according to the degree of knowledge, so it is suitable for children, teenagers, and adults.

It has more than 25 different programming languages including popular ones like C, C#, JavaScriptPython3, Pascal, Haskell, and, VB.Net, among others. Its modern and dynamic operation makes Codingame one of the best games learn to program.

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4. Python Challenge

Python Challenge is a different and entertaining alternative for learning to program. Its methodology is based on solving 33 puzzles with different themes, which can only be solved using the Python programming language.

Among the games to learn to program from scratch, Python Challenge is one of the most complete and interactive on the market.

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5. Programming Hub

Programming Hub is a platform that has a collection of more than 5000 programs that serve as examples of programming code.

In addition, it offers its users more than 20 free courses of all levels to learn to program in a variety of languages. However, to get the most out of this course you need to know English, but it is worth it because it is one of the few games to learn to program in C.

You can get this application here.

6. SQL Murder Mystery

When you start SQL Murder Mistery, you will receive some basic instructions where you will be told that a murder has occurred and that the detective in charge of the investigation needs your help. To advance in the story, you will have to retrieve the crime scene report found in the police department’s database, so you will have to use your SQL query skills to find out who the murderer is.

The difficulty of this game will be linked to your level of SQL coding experience, as you could solve the mystery in a single session. Otherwise, they will enjoy a tour of SQL City in search of clues and keys. In this video game, you will learn the use of basic concepts.

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7. Flexbox Defense

This open-source tower defense game has as its objective that the user protects himself using commands based on Flexbox.

To achieve this, you will have to use the CSS Flexbox code to adjust the position of the turrets that make up your base and shoot at the enemies that want to invade your territories. In each of the levels, the difficulty of the defense increases, so players are constantly learning.

Flexbox Defense is one of the games to learn online programming most valued by users, it was designed by Channing Allen, brother of the founder of the company Indie Hackers. The Allen brothers have an excellent reputation as programmers and enjoy teaching other people how to program.

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8. CSS Diner

This is one of the best browser video games for learning CSS selectors. Throughout 32 levels of moderate difficulty, you will learn to select DOM elements using a diverse range of attributes.

CSS Diner is a fun and simple game, with which you will be able to improve your muscle memory with CSS selectors while passing the title several times.

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9. VIM Adventures

VIM Adventures is a platform that teaches how to use the VIM code editor. With this game, they will learn essential elements such as: VIM essentials and VIM keyboard shortcuts in a fun way. With this knowledge, they will find it much easier to use VIM without the complications of the environment that often limit learners the most.

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10. Codea

The Codea platform is one of the best for learning how to program unique and exclusive applications for iOS devices. Codea has a programming environment similar to those used by other platforms and an official website that complements all the information you can learn about programming language and its many possibilities.

You can learn to create a Cargo-Bot; a simple but entertaining game composed of 36 levels with which you will manage robots to move various blocks. At the moment, the Codea app is only available for iPad and costs $14.99 USD.

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Programming games for teenagers

The proposals to learn programming for teenagers are very varied and with extremely complete content; because they are focused on providing education that can be useful at high school and pre-university levels. Next, we will indicate the best programming games for teenagers:

11. Mimo

Mimo is an elementary and simple game with which teenagers can learn to program text-based languages.

It is an excellent option for young people who are currently studying in middle or high school, as it allows them to learn and gain experience in programming.

Mimo is available exclusively for devices with the iOS operating system.

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12. Code Combat

Code Combat is one of the best programming games for teenagers that exist today because it has an entertaining and didactic interface with which they can learn to program while having fun.

Its game mechanics consists in managing a medieval character to advance through the different levels, where they will have to solve problems to continue advancing.

Some of the biggest advantages of Code Combat is that it is a free multiplayer game, so it can be used by academic groups or in the classroom. Although it can be used by anyone, it is mostly oriented to teenagers who want to learn about programming languages with Python, JavaScript, and Lua code. For its part, this game has an excellent level of difficulty; due to the fact that it teaches elements that will be useful even in college.

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13. Machineers

Machineers is a construction game created in Denmark, with which young people can learn to program by creating their own robots.

The elements that make up the robots can be customized, modifying the controls, parts and functions that the user wants to give them.

On this platform, they can learn from scratch, but they can also put into practice their knowledge of programming language. Due to the difficulty level, Machineers is an excellent learning tool for high school and pre-university students.

This game is available for computers with macOS and Windows operating systems.

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14. Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur is a platform for learning to a program created by the Hopscotch team and designed specifically for young people. Its game system consists of controlling the little dinosaur Daisy, who will guide them through games and challenges with which they will learn the fundamental elements of programming. This title is free and is only available for iPad.

Get this application here.

15. TIS-100

TIS-100 is a game with sci-fi features that provides more than 20 puzzles with different levels of difficulty that increase as you progress through the story.

In this game to learn to program, users will have to solve a series of programming problems in a machine called TIS-100.

To advance, it will be necessary to study the present code and use patches to solve the problems. The objective is to make users understand and learn to use programming languages, logical reasoning, and computational thinking.

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Programming learning games for children

Programming for children can provide many benefits in their educational, psychological and social development since the games are designed to encourage children to seek logical solutions and create projects while having fun. The following are the best games to learn programming for children today:

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16. Cargo – Bot

Cargo – Bot is one of the applications aimed at children over eight years old created exclusively for iPad, whose main objective is to teach them programming language through the use of robots that carry boxes.

The game system is simple, players must complete the puzzles with as few movements of the robotic arm as possible; the fewer movements, the more points they get. In this way, children not only learn programming language, but also develop their logical thinking as they try to move the robots. The platform has an intuitive and easy-to-use design, so children will understand in a few minutes the actions to be performed.

Get this application here.

17. The Foos

The game is set in the city of Foosville, where small creatures live and need help to live. Throughout the story, the player will have to solve different challenges and puzzles related to programming language in order to help the Foos.

It has different levels: it starts with the most basic one and as the player gets bonuses, the degree of difficulty increases. This game is designed for children between 6 and 8 years old.

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18. Bit by Bit

Bit by Bit is one of the favorite applications for children to learn programming language, it was created by a group of educators, parents, and students who aimed to teach children to program.

The game system is composed of multiple puzzles that the player will have to solve to create code sequences in all available levels. All the resources are distributed among the three worlds that make up the game, which increases their level of difficulty as the challenges are overcome.

Bit by Bit is a free game and is designed for children over seven years old.

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19. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the applications for learning programming that is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. On this platform, children can learn to program the JavaScript language with the help of a little grasshopper.

The player will have to overcome multiple games and tests that increase their level of difficulty as the game progresses, but fortunately, they have the help of the grasshopper to guide them.

One of the best features of Grasshopper is that it teaches children programming concepts such as scripting and array, which allows them to learn in a more technical and global way.

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20. Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is another application designed by Apple to be used only on iPad. This game provides a didactic and entertaining environment for learning the Swift programming language.

Although it is especially aimed at programming for children, it is used by professionals from all over the world to create applications for mobile devices with iOS operating systems.

Get this application here.

21. Codeable Crafts

Codeable Crafts is one of the best games for children to learn to program because it combines programming with arts and drawing. This platform is designed to encourage creativity in children, through the development and design of stories using programming blocks.

This platform was developed so that children from 5 years old can start creating anything they can think of, while learning programming language. Codeable Crafts is completely free and exclusive for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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22. is one of the most interactive and versatile online programming games for kids today, due to the fact that it can be played directly on the web without the need to download a local file. The platform’s content is aimed at audiences of all ages, so anyone can learn programming.

In you will find games to learn Android programming, challenges by levels, robot themes, games to learn programming with animated series and multiple languages such as Python or JavaScript.

The platform is designed to group autonomous learning methods, so that users can learn at school or at home. In addition to incorporating games that seek to encourage comprehension, frustration tolerance, mathematics, science and other subjects.

Its developers claim that it is an excellent alternative for children with learning difficulties and elderly people who need to train their mental capacities since it can prevent neurodegenerative diseases. is a free open-source programming platform whose content is available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French.

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23. CodeMancer

CodeMancer is one of the programming games for children most valued by users, because they can learn programming concepts while having fun. In the game, programmers will have to manage a team through a fantasy world, fighting against enemies and adversaries using programming as a tool.

This game is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12. CodeMancer can be purchased for $24.99 USD and is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android operating system devices.

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24. Tynker

Tynker is one of the most popular programming games used in the educational sector. It is aimed at children from the age of 7 and provides a tiered programming environment that continues to improve with each new update, as its developers constantly add new features. For example, children can create robots, program Minecraft, LEGO WeDo figures, and even create mobile apps.

The game has a simple and intuitive design to use, allowing children to learn how it works in just a few minutes. In addition, it has many tutorials to learn from the most basic aspects to advanced programming concepts. Tynker offers several levels and free courses; in addition to a payment mode with full content. Even so, this platform offers excellent web content to learn to program languages such as Python JavaScript HTML.

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Code is the best web platform for learning to program, as it is designed precisely for this purpose. On this site, you can find a good variety of tutorials to get started in the world of programming, as well as programming games for children, teenagers and adults with themes such as Star Wars, Frozen, Angry Birds or Minecraft.

One of the best features of Code is that it has more than 20 hours of courses with different levels of difficulty; which can be started from 4 years of age.

All of Code’s web content for learning to program is completely free. It also offers an option to create private classes with the possibility of monitoring students’ progress.

Undoubtedly, Code is one of the best options to learn programming online and that offers alternatives to create iOS and Android applications, development levels, and programming games for children focused on languages such as Python or JavaScript.

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26. Breakout Mentors

Breakout Mentors is the best 1-on-1 coaching and tutoring for kids programming their own games. Step by step tutorials and walkthroughs are a wonderful way to get started, then at some point students need to break free and write code from the ground up. It is a tough transition to more intermediate and advanced coding, and Breakout Mentors specializes in challenging students ages 8 to 17 at the perfect pace.

The games students will create vary according to skills and interest. Many students use Python, starting with simple games like Pong and Flappy Bird. All projects are personalized with the child’s own graphics and additional features to make it their own. Later students learn more computer science through projects like Space Invaders and Connect 4. They balance the right amount of structure and individual coaching to keep it engaging.

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Games to learn to program are excellent alternatives to start acquiring knowledge in this discipline, this methodology seeks to stimulate creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork while players generate interest in technology.

Through these games to learn to program from scratch, they can acquire the necessary knowledge to make a computer perform the actions they want. With this, they will have access to a virtual world where they will be able to create whatever they want.

Likewise, teenagers and children can obtain many benefits by using games to learn how to program in C, JavaScript, Python or other programming languages; since this discipline is becoming a fundamental skill for the current generation and those to come. In addition to providing tools that they can use in their education or professional future, it provides them with skills that can help them in their individual development such as:

  • Understanding how the mobile devices we use on a daily basis work.
  • Learning logical thinking skills to deal with blockages and frustrations
  • Fostering critical thinking and challenge-solving skills
  • Developing creativity through artistic disciplines, engineering, music, or medicine.
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration

Anyone can start programming with enough stimulation, choose some of the best games to learn to program, and do your best.

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