Enterprise Mobile Apps Are On Rage! Here’s Why One must prefer them over Off-the-Shelf Apps

Modern advancement in technology has led to the rise of endless opportunities and expansion among several enterprises across the globe. One of the most emerging topics found these days over the internet is enterprise mobile apps and why not since it is expected to grow twice to USD 98.03 billion by 2022.

Also, it may quite interest you to know that more than 75% of the Fortune 500 companies have started to incorporate these enterprise apps to ensure seamless and smooth business operations.

Several small, medium and large-scale enterprises have already begun looking for enterprise software development companies to avail numerous benefits of the enterprise mobile app development process.

Now the thing is there is no harm in following the herd but having a significant understanding regarding the development process will act as an added advantage.

Fret not, the following post will be your sure-shot guide, it emphasizes what enterprise mobile apps are and why are they important. Also, why must one prefer enterprise mobile apps over consumer-end apps? Let’s get started!

What is Enterprise mobile app Development?

Enterprise mobile app development process is all about developing software or enterprise mobile apps for the organization and people working in it.

The main objective behind the creation of such enterprise apps is to ensure a seamless work environment and simplify business operations among every department.

Not to mention that these enterprise mobile solutions have the potential to perform monotonous tasks in no time freeing employees to focus on their core competencies.

Today, enterprise application plays a pivotal role in the success of any organization as it offers its assistance among various departments whether it is content management, HR, finance, app integration, payment or order processing, sales tools automation, business process management, resource planning and what not!

Some of the finest examples of enterprise applications include Google hangouts, Jira, Evernote, Skype, Trello, and whatnot!

Now you must be wondering, how exactly are these enterprise mobile apps beneficial or why one must conduct an enterprise mobile application development project in today’s times.

Well, I cannot give you any one reason in particular but I can give you at least three. And I assure you that after knowing those reasons you will end up choosing a reliable enterprise mobile app development company in the first place.

#1 Increase Productivity

One of the obvious reasons for conducting an enterprise mobile app development project is that you can increase the efficiency of your employees in no time. Let me explain this, you have just commenced a business. Now you don’t have adequate funds to hire 100 employees.

As a result, you end up donning multiple hats for your organization to work properly. Now by incorporating enterprise apps that are curated for your precise business requirements, you can relieve yourself from that tedious and tiring monotonous tasks and focus on your core competencies.

Also, these enterprise apps have the potential to establish seamless communication between various departments of your business so that everyone falls on the same page. So 24/7 smooth and seamless services, you get access to confidential corporate data in the offline mode as well. What else one could ask for?

#2 Less Error

Another major advantage of conducting enterprise mobile application development is that here there is minimal to no use of paperwork. Almost all the work here is automated and thus leads to the reduction of human errors. Apart from no human errors, there is no need for paperwork.

So when you have enterprise mobile apps at service you don’t need to pile on files or take care of the paperwork as all the data will be gathered by these apps, stored, managed and analyzed precisely.

The rise of digital conversation saves lots and lots of time, money and energy. And again here there is no scope for unavoidable human errors.

#3 It’s not a threat, It Empowers!

Unfortunately, many employees have this misconception that these enterprise mobile apps will turn out to be a great threat instead of bliss. These apps will take their place and soon they will be jobless and maybe that’s the reason why employees are more reluctant to such concepts like enterprise mobile application development.

Of course, this is a pure myth. Enterprise mobile app development is meant to assist them and take the excess and unnecessary load off their shoulders. With the help of enterprise mobile apps, employees can access real-time data and insights related to their existing procedures.

Here you get accessibility to work anytime and anywhere, enhances work-life balance and simplifies communication between them to a great extent. Things become more transparent and more clear and quick decisions can be taken.

How are These Enterprise mobile apps Different from Off-the-Shelf Apps?

Gone are the days when businesses preferred using off-the-shelf software development services to automate their business objectives.

However, this software couldn’t aid to a great extent as OTS software is developed keeping general business requirements in mind to cater to specific requirements, your business must consider opting for an enterprise mobile application development company that offers a solution not simply automate things but also solve or fix the existing issues and support different departments.

Further below, I would like to mention certain features and functionalities that must be incorporated in your upcoming enterprise mobile app development project.

1. High-end security

The first and foremost feature that makes an enterprise mobile app a cut above is how safe ad secured it is. Of course, security must be taken as a high priority, I mean a business software means it would comprise tons and tons of data, gathering them, storing them and managing them!

One data leak wreaking can create huge havoc causing immeasurable damage to your brand reputation.

With the help of the enterprise mobile app, several security gaps can be filled even if your business doesn’t have sufficient in-house security. An enterprise mobile app can withstand new-age threats and cyber-attacks. End-to-end encryption, vulnerability testing, data deletion, VPC, and VPN can result in less threat for your business.

2. Accessibility

Off-the-shelf software is easily available, unlike enterprise mobile apps that can be developed with the assistance of a reliable mobile app development company.

OTS apps are pretty generic, used to cater to general purposes but when it comes to enterprise apps, first they cannot be seen easily in the mass market. Second, enterprise app development is not always the same it is done keeping the needs and requirements of that particular business process in mind.

Third, here enterprise mobile apps act pretty strict when it comes to security and reliability requirements. So only particular employees of the company can have access to these apps.

3. High-end Integration

The third feature that has to be taken into consideration when creating enterprise apps is do they offer precise integration with different third-party services? You see today running a business is not easy, there are tons of apps that have to be linked together to make things work accurately.

Now I am sure this won’t be the first and the only software you will be investing in for your business? Of course, not! I am sure you must be having certain fundamental tools embedded within it.

Combining all these apps at once will make things way easy and profound and relevant to your needs. Right from email management systems to productivity tools, enterprise mobile app architecture, all these can lead to the creation of the best possible solutions.

So yes you have to make sure that the modern enterprise mobile apps incorporate seamlessly with 3rd party tools. For that, it is advisable to choose a custom enterprise app development company that has the knowledge and experience of offering the best possible outcomes that support all facets of your work.

4. Offline Mode

Of course, today we have become quite dependent on the internet but what if suddenly the internet stops working or the router gets worn out? Does this mean you have to stop your work right away?

Of course, not! Time cannot be compromised at any rate especially when today everything is happening at a breathtaking pace. Fret not, here your enterprise mobile app can save you.

To survive in the ongoing cut-throat competition, ask your enterprise app development services provider to come up with an app that features an offline mode.

As the name implies, the app can work both with and without the internet. So whether you are facing connectivity issues, whether the net is flickering or slow, your work won’t be compromised at all.

Apart from this, your employees won’t get frustrated especially with poor connectivity issues as they will be able to access certain features and functionalities even during the offline mode, all thanks to enterprise mobile development.

Above all, nothing can stop your business from gaining a competitive edge. Uninterrupted connectivity being the keyword here, you have to conduct a successful enterprise app development.

5. Reports and Analysis

At present, gathering tons and tons of data isn’t just enough. And analyzing these data can lead to ample time and energy consumption. Plus, a tired mind can result in unavoidable and unwanted mistakes or bugs.

By hiring enterprise app development services providers, you can save yourself from making those mistakes. These enterprise apps not just collect data or store them safely but also offers accurate reports and analyses so that quick and correct business decisions can be made.

Here you do get critical insight into user behavior patterns and the overall performance of your business processes. So you exactly know what to avoid and what needs to be done to gain better outcomes.

To expand or to evolve has always been an ultimate goal for any and every business, and this happens only when you successfully analyze the past or key insights and make necessary changes.


So this is it! This is all about enterprise mobile application development. The enterprise mobile app market is booming by leaps and bounds so do not appear to be foolish and make hay while the sun shines.

Time to look out for a reputable enterprise application development team who carry technical expertise and have already created mobile enterprise applications, cross-platform mobile applications, supply chain management, consumer apps, software solution by using cloud computing, cloud services and the latest development methods.

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