How to create product catalogues on WhatsApp for your business?

Digital marketing has tripled its growth in recent years, which is why many social networks have modified their structure to include features that make it easier for users to market on the platforms. One of the latest services to incorporate useful options that exceed expectations is WhatsApp Business, which allows you to create a product catalogue on WhatsApp at no cost.

Since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, the application has included a series of features that have made it perfect for maintaining constant interaction between businesses and consumers. One of the most popular is the WhatsApp Catalogue, a tool that allows the dissemination of images and information without the need to create a web page and with the benefit of two-way communication.

In this tutorial, we will provide information that will help and streamline online sales, discovering how to make a catalogue on WhatsApp, the benefits of using it, how it can be shared and some functionalities that will be launched for the WhatsApp web catalogue.

Alright, let’s get started!

WhatsApp catalogue: What are they and how do they work?

WhatsApp catalogues are one of the new features integrated into the business version, which aims to serve as a showcase or menu to display the products and services that a company has, without the need for a website or special multimedia files.

Since 2020, catalogues have become tools capable of speeding up and increasing online sales, as consumers have at their disposal information on products or services, as well as their prices. In general, this new tool is equivalent to having a practical online shop, because we can display the catalogue, update it, and share information. In this way, it is the users who discover and explore what they want to buy, giving them access to a certain degree of self-management.

Now, all you need to do is upload and update your catalogues for customers to access them directly from WhatsApp.

Product catalogue on WhatsApp: Benefits for your business

Product catalogue on WhatsApp: Benefits for your business

In general, having the business version of WhatsApp presents an advantage for any business, as it has a variety of useful tools to manage itself comfortably and diligently. The product catalogue in WhatsApp Business brings benefits, such as:

  • Increasing the rate of sales: Many consumers will know that they will have access to the information they need, at the moment they are looking for it. The structure of the catalogues makes it possible to include all the data that customers may need to make sales.
  • Multi-platform: The tool is available for both iPhone and Android devices.
  • Free catalogue: It is possible to show the content to all users who have the application, so they can offer their services to interested consumers without much effort. In addition, they can enjoy the benefits without having to cancel subscriptions, which is great for smaller businesses.
  • Accessibility: The WhatsApp catalogue functions as a kind of storage disk, where multiple folders of files can be created, modified or shared.
  • Multiple features: You can include files, images, contact information, description, URL, product codes or links for purchases.
  • Improved product management: By having products and services available within the platform, it will be easier to share the item being ordered, along with its features and price. The catalogue can help to better manage and organise your products, without the need to waste time checking stock.
  • Increase traffic to the online shop: They have the ability to increase traffic to the business, gain visibility and relevance for search engine positioning. Including the catalogue link on social media profiles or websites will help users to clarify their concerns and complete their purchases in a simpler way.
  • Global access: Currently, any entrepreneur or company with the WhatsApp Business app can access the catalogue creation service.
  • Streamline sales: This happens because it is necessary to capture the attention of potential customers and provide them with the information they require instantly. By providing descriptions, prices and other information of interest, consumers can self-manage most of their purchases, speeding up the buying and selling process.
  • Professionalism and cutting-edge: Implementing this service in your business will give it a more professional and cutting-edge image, which will attract the attention of the most demanding customers.
  • WhatsApp Pay: Implemented in 2020, this new service aims to send and receive money directly within the WhatsApp platform, which would be similar to Mercado Pago.
Tutorial: How to make a catalogue on WhatsApp

Tutorial: How to make a catalogue on WhatsApp

A fundamental part of the success of WhatsApp Business with its product and service catalogues is the ease with which we can create them. In fact, one of the main objectives is to provide users with tools with easy-to-use features and functionalities, so that anyone can take advantage of them without requiring specialised help.

In general, creating, modifying and sharing a catalogue on WhatsApp is a simple task, just by following the steps below:

  1. Download the WhatsApp Business app: Download the WhatsApp Business app, which is available for iOS and Android.
  2. Create a company profile: Before starting the creation process, it is necessary to complete the company profile within the application, phone number linked to the profile (with the possibility of being a fixed number), contact email, GPS location, opening hours, among others.
  3. Settings: In the settings tab found in the 3-dot icon. There, select Business Settings and the Business Tools option.
  4. Create a new catalogue: Now select Catalogue and then click on Add article to create a new catalogue. In this same option, you will be able to check the different catalogues created.
  5. Include images: To add images, select the green plus sign (+). Once you have chosen the images from the gallery or camera, click on Add. It is worth mentioning that you can upload a maximum of 10 images per catalogue.
  6. Optimise the products: Now, it is necessary to refine the catalogue elements by including names of the products or services offered, a brief description, prices, payment methods, links to other websites, product codes or any information that is useful for customers.
  7. More catalogues: To create a new line of catalogues, repeat steps 4-5-6; taking into account the names chosen so that they are easy to differentiate for consumers.
  8. Control visible products or services: WhatsApp Business includes an option to hide files from customers, ideal for when they are out of stock, in Settings, followed by Business Tools and Catalogue.
  9. Hidden items: Hidden items will continue to appear within the file manager, but with a slash (/) indicating that customers cannot view them.
  10. Show catalogue items: To reverse the actions previously performed, click on More options, followed by Settings and Company Tools, then Catalogue and select the catalogues or items you wish to show again.
  11. Select the items to display: To re-display a set of products, you must press and hold the folder until the bar over the eye icon disappears, this will indicate that it is visible again. For individual items, go to Product details, then More options and uncheck Hide.
  12. Delete products or services from the catalogue: WhatsApp Business allows you to quickly delete files with the multi-delete option, under Settings and Business Tools.
  13. Deleting files: Once in Catalogue, you will need to press and hold the images to be deleted, then select Yes to confirm.
  14. Review by WhatsApp: It should be noted that all images added to the platform are subject to review by the company. In this way, the company confirms that the products, services and images comply with the trade policies established by WhatsApp.

How to share products from the WhatsApp catalogue

One of the most valued features of this service is the possibility of sharing the items included in the catalogue with key customers or those who request it. In this way, it is possible to provide them with the information they need to increase sales in a timely manner.

The catalogue sharing option is very easy to use, as you just need to click on the paperclip icon and select the catalogue files you want to share. In other words, the method of sharing a catalogue or elements of it works in the same way as if we were sending a contact, an image or our location.

The product catalogue on WhatsApp has proved to be an excellent alternative for all entrepreneurs who lacked the possibility of hiring the services of a specialised sales platform or a professional to handle a private design, due to its free access and simple way of use.

However, its best feature is the great number of benefits that the simple implementation of the WhatsApp catalogue among its management tools can provide to a business since it has the capacity to grant the entrepreneur three of the elements within finance: increase of the closing rate, self-management of the consumers and freeing of time.

At the same time, it should be noted that the option to manage the WhatsApp web catalogue provides a level of convenience because the items included in the files can be managed without the need to use the smartphone directly.

This feature is especially useful for businesses with a larger staff, who can perform various activities within the same WhatsApp Business platform, such as creating or editing catalogues, interacting with customers or making calls, all at the same time.

Now that you know how to make a WhatsApp catalogue and all the benefits it has to offer your business, what are you waiting for to create your own?

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