How do I change my Instagram password from phone?

Internet security is a hot topic, with hacks happening all the time. It’s wise to change passwords periodically to protect yourself from hackers. We recommend changing your Instagram password, especially for those who haven’t done so in more than six months. Only then will your account be safe. The developers have all the necessary tools for this. There are even ways to change it in case you forget your old password. Of course, let’s start with the simplest situation and work our way up to the one where you no longer know your current login details.

When and how often do I need to change my password?

The password needs to be changed regularly, but very few users do this of their own free will. Mostly this procedure is performed due to other reasons:

  • someone has managed to log in to your account from an unknown device;
  • a message is sent with a code to verify your login, but no one should have asked for it;
  • some activity on a page of unknown origin: there are some unknown likes, odd subscriptions, etc.;
  • the account has been logged in for a very long time;
  • you forgot your login details.

To be on the safe side, we recommend changing your Instagram password for anyone who hasn’t done so in more than six months. It’s also worth doing if you suspect it has been compromised. For example, the username-password link has surfaced on the internet (for example, Opera monitors bases and alerts you to this) or you’ve specified it on questionable sites.

How do I change my Instagram password from my phone?

How do I change my Instagram password if I’ve logged into my account?

On the one hand, the method is the easiest, as it allows you to set a new security code in a few taps via your phone. On the other hand, it requires actively logging into the account and knowing the old password, which isn’t always applicable. If you know your current password, we recommend using the current method.

How to change your Instagram password:

  1. Go to the profile tab on the far right.
  2. Click on the three-bar button and select “Settings.
  3. Touch the “Security” line and click on the “Password” item.
  4. Enter your current password and 2 times the new password you want to change it to.

Tip: The Autocomplete feature is helpful here, as it can match the appropriate security code to the “Current Password” line. You may not have to change your old code to the new one once you know it.

How do I change my password if I forget my old one?

A more complicated situation occurs if the password is lost. A person tends to forget things like passwords because of the sheer number of them on different websites. In such a case, one has to regain access to the page, along with changing the password to a new one.

To be able to change the security code without the old password, you need any of the following:

  • Access to the email to which the account is registered. A confirmation link will be sent to change the password.
  • The phone number to which your profile is linked. A message will arrive with a code to start the recovery process.
  • Facebook account.

On Android

How to change a forgotten password in Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram login page via the app or browser.
  2. Click on the “Forgot your password?” link.
  3. Enter your email address, phone number or user nickname. Depending on which is selected, the recovery method will change. After entering your phone number you will have to send an SMS. If you enter a nickname or email, you’ll have to send a message to your inbox.

Tip! The alternative reset method requires access to the social networking site Facebook. To log in via Facebook, on the login page there is a button “Log in via Facebook”. The only thing left to do is to enter your password for it, if it doesn’t happen automatically. Admittedly, your Instagram account must be linked to Facebook to do so. Yes, you still don’t have a password, so to change it, you have to go to the settings on the right page (the instructions are a bit above) and select the “Reset it via Facebook” option.

On iPhone

The apps on Android and iPhone are almost identical, so the recovery is no different. All menus are identical, please refer to the previous section for a detailed explanation.

Why does my confirmation code not come?

There are cases when recovery link or code doesn’t come and it’s a big problem. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do here, but there are a few tips:

  • Check that the details you provide are correct when recovering your password. Maybe the phone number, email address or username is incorrect.
  • Check your spam folder in your email. The email may also arrive in the social networking section.
  • Reconnect to the Internet. You need to connect to the internet and wait a while. The connection may be intermittent or missing.

To avoid forgetting passwords and to use only secure codes for various websites and social networks, we recommend using special password managers. They are reasonably secure and ensure that such a situation will not happen again. At least we’ve done everything we can to change or recover your Instagram password.

The most recent method available is through technical support. Only you’ll have to somehow confirm that you actually own the account.

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