10+ Best OnlyFans Alternatives That You Didn’t Know Exist

The adult entertainment market is an ever-changing, ever-expanding one, and one of its most popular options can have its drawbacks. Knowing which platforms are similar to OnlyFans can help you identify which target market is right for you or which portal gives you the best opportunities.

Which platforms are similar to OnlyFans?

On the internet there are countless alternatives to offer content of all kinds, however, some of them are not very reliable. That is why below we will show you a series of platforms similar to OnlyFans that already have some time in the market, a considerable reputation and remarkable popularity.

1. Fansly

This is one of the most recent and fastest-growing alternatives to OnlyFans, which started trading in early 2021. Its content is not limited by subject matter and it is possible to find adult entertainment of all kinds, from mainstream content to fetish-focused content. The popularity of this platform began to grow on Twitter precisely because of them, where many users became interested in the variety of freedoms and options offered by the platform.

One option that has attracted particular attention is the possibility of being able to block specific cities instead of blocking an entire country. Also the possibility to create different subscription levels, an option that is not available on OnlyFans at the moment. However, one element that may work against it is that it has a relatively high revenue commission of 20%.

2. Flirtback is a safe and inclusive platform designed for adult performers and content creators looking to convert fans into subscribers with a variety of monetization options. Beyond just chatting and sexting, the site provides access to exclusive content, including nudes and sex clips, on a subscription basis.
Flirtback’s impressive features include actively promoting and bringing new users to creators’ profiles , monetizing content through subscriptions, tips, and premium content sales, as well as offering a premium experience for paying users.

Setting itself apart from other platforms, Flirtback focuses on delivering a satisfying digital flirting experience rather than instant gratification. The platform is home to 100% adult creators, enabling users to request customized content from any creator. With a 2022 runner-up title as the best platform for newbie creators by, Flirtback is the go-to destination for adult content creators and fans seeking a more engaging and personalized experience.

3. JustForFans

Unlike its predecessor, this is one of the platforms similar to OnlyFans that was designed and is run by sex workers. It follows the same principle as any other subscription-based platform where users pay for monthly access to content. In addition, the platform keeps 30% of everything that is received by the user in subscriptions.

In 2020 JustForFans was the second most trafficked platform of its kind after OnlyFans. One of the reasons that have attracted the public is the transparency of their industry, as they constantly state that they are an adult platform and will stay that way. So, if you are looking for a complete option to promote your content, with options such as geo-blocking, connecting your social networks or entering without the demanding OnlyFans verification, this is an excellent option.

4. Manyvids

This is one of the platforms similar to OnlyFans that offers the option of selling videos in addition to the subscription. Manyvids is more focused on content for women, gays or trans people, so if you want to promote your content here you should consider that it is aimed at this audience. It also offers the possibility to offer fetish content without any kind of restriction (except for certain extreme tastes).

Among the options that this alternative allows you is the possibility to make live broadcasts, sell videos on-demand or customised, the possibility to create contests and even options to have direct communication with the model. It also includes alternatives for live shows, such as the possibility of synchronising toys, paying with tokens and creating games. One point to consider about this platform is that it only keeps 20% of the creators’ earnings.

5. FanCentro

The first point to consider if you are interested in this alternative is that it keeps 25% of what is generated by content creators. This is one of the platforms similar to OnlyFans whose objective is not purely adult entertainment, as it is only dedicated to selling subscriptions for social networks.

So you decide what kind of content you want to provide on these networks. However, it is important to consider that you can only post the content allowed on each social network, for example, even if you sell a subscription for Instagram, nudity will still be prohibited on that account.

6. MYMFans

This is the first of the OnlyFans-like platforms that originate from a French social initiative. This platform is not exclusively dedicated to adult entertainment but allows artists and content creators the opportunity to monetise their content through a fan club.

It works in a very similar way to the other platforms, except that it includes an option to notify followers about events, or activities to be carried out within the profile. This platform has a commission that can vary, the platform only charges 20% but to this is added the cost of commissions, typical of the banking services used.

7. Modelhub

It is one of the options to sell content with a bigger platform since ModelHub is a division of the Pornhub company. In addition to their video services, they offer their models the possibility of selling a subscription to their content with certain benefits for their subscribers.

The main benefit of this alternative is that if it is incorporated along with the use of conventional videos or streams, it is possible to attract a lot of traffic to the paid profile. In addition, it is important to note that this person keeps 35% of the cost of the customised videos, while the subscription-only takes 20%.

8. IsMyGirl

IsMyGirl is one of the few platforms similar to OnlyFans that is exclusively for female content creators and is mainly aimed at adult entertainment. One of the advantages of this portal is that it integrates multiple functions from other sites, as in addition to monthly subscriptions, it offers the possibility of selling exclusive videos or offering paid subscriptions to other social networks.

If you are interested in this platform, you should know that it keeps 30% of what is generated through monthly subscriptions.

9. LoyalFans

This is one of the most user-friendly platforms similar to OnlyFans in terms of interface. For both models and subscribers, finding all the options of this portal is extremely easy. LoyalFans commissions are at 20% of what the creator earns from monthly payments, as they can also earn money from photo packages or from the sale of private videos.

Its operation is very similar to other networks of its kind, it is aimed at a fairly generic audience, so if you are interested in fetishes or a very specific audience, it can be a drawback.

10. IWantClips

This is another app similar to OnlyFans dedicated exclusively to female models, with a very beneficial earning system. This portal takes 20% of the subscription fee, but leaves the content creators with 100% of what they get for the custom content.

Features also include the ability to receive tips, post audios, videos, photos and files of all kinds. It is a very complete option and allows the creation of all types of content, as it is not exclusively focused on any niche.

11. Membershyp

It is one of the platforms similar to OnlyFans whose focus is not on selling adult content directly, instead they promote themselves as a site to offer subscriptions to social networks. So, like FanCentro, it is limited in terms of the content to be published by the policies of each social network.

In addition, the site is not responsible for refunds if accounts are suspended or cease their activity. It only serves as an intermediary and provides content creators with a series of options to measure their performance and reach during each month.

Why look for alternatives to OnlyFans

Each social network, regardless of its type, is targeted to a certain audience or has certain limitations in its policies. OnlyFans is not a particularly demanding network in terms of its policies, although after its latest updates certain changes have been created that can be problematic. Knowing which platforms are similar to OnlyFans is important to help you identify which one has the best chance of growth or which one gives you the most options according to the content you want to create.

Another reason why many people opt for other alternatives is verification, OnlyFans often presents certain difficulties when creating a profile, especially if you try to use IDs from small countries, which can limit many creators. So if this is the case for you, each of these options has its own methods of identity confirmation, some even faster than OF.

Payment options also play a key role in this decision. You should consider that the platform you choose is not only functional and offers you possibilities for growth, but also that what you generate can be easily withdrawn. Some of these platforms even offer you the possibility of withdrawing your money in cryptocurrencies, in case you are interested in keeping your identity as secure as possible.

Is it advisable to use only one platform?

The decision to use a single platform depends a lot on what type of content you want to promote, your capabilities and the audience you are targeting. By focusing on one option, it is possible to channel your efforts, have less work and avoid logistical problems. However, this may limit the audience you want to reach or affect you if at some point the platform fails. Also, in case of any inconvenience, it will have a direct impact on your source of income.

On the other hand, making use of better platforms than OnlyFans to sell adult content can help you avoid the problems mentioned above, not having the inconvenience of publishing different types of content and not being dependent on a single form of payment.

However, this will result in an increased workload, logistics and a need to maintain high performance on both profiles in order not to lower revenue. Although, it is a decision that will depend on the profile you want to have as a model and how you want to manage your networks, where you will have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both cases.

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