8 Best Action Games for Samsung Galaxy A6

Samsung’s Galaxy A series of smartphones lean more towards affordable and mid-range segments. If you’re planning to purchase a Galaxy S series smartphone and still looking out for premium features, you can go for A series instead, and Samsung Galaxy A6 is among them. To get more out of this smartphone, in this list we have gathered some of the best action games for Samsung Galaxy A6 smartphone for fun and passing time.

Action games are evergreen and they are loved by everyone. They have the graphics and different objectives to clear. There are fights, nice music and many more. There are so many of the categories of the action game like there are adventures, mission completing, war games, street fighting and many more. There are millions of games in the android play store, and these 8 titles are among them.

Since Samsung Galaxy A6 smartphone comes with a high-definition display and backed by the performance-drive processor, you can expect good gaming experience on it. There are countless games that we can download from Google Play right away. To help you get started with good ones, we have created this list of some action-packed games for Samsung Galaxy A6 smartphone. We hope that our readers would find this list interesting.

Best action-packed games for Samsung Galaxy A6

1. Badland


This is one of the easiest game in the action category and there are almost 100 of the levels and you can create your own mission and the levels, you can also upload the targets to the other users also. In this game, you have to run and clear the obstacles that come in the screen and there is a time runner that will contract you at the end.

In Badland, run as much as you can and you will earn the points, use these points to upgrade your player. This is free to download at the play store. You can share your achievements with social media also.

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2. Half Life 2

Half Life 2

Half life 2 is the game of the computer and now Nvidia has come with the Android version, cool graphics and the music make it the best action game. In this game you have to sometimes travel on the train and kill the enemies, there are so many of the weapons in this, you have to earn the points and upgrade your shooting skill.

This is not a free version you have to pay almost 7$ for it. But the adventure is far more than the amount, once you played it you will definitely get addicted.

3. Into The Dead

Into The Dead

If you love hunting a lot then this is the right choice for you. Into the dead, is the zombie killing game. You have to save yourself from killing from the zombies. You have the varieties of the guns and the main thing is to run and killing the zombies.

The graphics are so good to give the experience of the real darkness and the music is horrible. This is totally 3D game and it is free to download. It has millions of downloads.

4. Injustice


This is the also very good game in the action category, the unique thing of this game is that your memory of your childhood will be fresh because it has the superheroes of the comic books. Injustice: Gods Among Us offers quite impressive visuals and gameplay. If you were addicted to superheroes cartoons once, you must play this game on your Samsung Galaxy A6 smartphone.

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All the superheroes have their superpower and they can be used in beating the others. This is the online multiplayer game and you can choose your opponents also. You can make your own team also and fight with the others. This is totally free on the play store.

5. Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion - Never Lose Hope

Like the name, it has the blast of the action in it. Implosion – Never Lose Hope is the game of the future, you have to fight with the monster, machines some time aliens, biological enemies and many more. There are lots of enemies and you will get addicted if you start killing them.

The graphics are very nice and it is 3D game with the good music. The action is very nice and it is free to download but up to only 6 levels but if you are addicted to it then you can also buy the full version of it.

6. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

If you want all the suspense and the thrill in one game then it is the best one. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is awarded game in this you can have the experience of shooting, racing, action, adventure, and the puzzle.

This is the computer game and just about the popularity its android version is also launched. The controls are not so familiar in the mobile and also it requires the experience then you will play it nicely. The graphics are so good and it is free to download on the play store.

7. Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS is the earliest game in the action series and it has now its 5th version in the market. Normally this is the game with the objectives in the level. This is the military game and you have to kill the enemies with different types of gun. This is a 3D game that has good graphics and music. This is free of cost in the play store.

We highly recommend our users to play this game on this smartphone. If you’re looking for a graphically dense video game, then you simply can’t miss playing Modern Combat. With console-quality visuals, you are entertained with an avalanche of action experiences.

8. Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces

This is also the action game with the racing experience. In this, a sonic will run in the 3 modes and you have to travel in that mode, there are many of the obstacles and you have to cross them, there are so many of the rings in the race and the enemies, you have to take the rings and watch out from the enemies. Among its series, Sonic Forces is the most popular one because of its stunning visuals and gameplay.

It is free on the play store and there is the full version of this game at the 3$ in which you will many more players to play with them. I remember the time when I used to play this game on my TV through GBA console or similar one. As the time went, this game has been developed very much.

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