10 Best 1337x Alternatives: Safer, More Reliable [2024 Updated]

Torrent sites like 1337x offer a tempting way to find movies, shows, software, and more. However, they come with serious risks – from malware threats to the legal consequences of downloading copyrighted material. The good news is, you don’t need to compromise your safety or ethics to find what you’re looking for online. In this list, we gather some of the best 1337x alternatives that safer, and more reliable, although some are paid and free too!

A whole world of content is out there waiting to be discovered through reliable, safer alternatives. Whether you’re seeking the latest blockbusters, niche films, classic books, or your favorite games, there’s likely a legal way to access it.

Think of this as your guide to going beyond 1337x. From familiar streaming giants to hidden gems, we’ll explore the options available. Why settle for the risks of torrenting when you can choose services that offer greater security, better quality, and peace of mind?

What are the Risks of using 1337x?

While 1337x and similar sites might offer a vast library of content, using them comes with substantial risks that you need to be aware of:

  • Legal Trouble: In most countries, downloading copyrighted material like movies, music, or software without permission is illegal. Copyright holders and law enforcement can track torrent activity, and you could face fines or even legal prosecution.
  • Malware and Security Threats: Files downloaded from torrent sites often contain hidden malware, viruses, and other harmful software. These can infect your device, steal your data, or even hold your files for ransom.
  • Unreliable Content: There’s no quality control on torrent sites. You might download broken files, files with incorrect content, or files that are deliberately mislabeled.
  • Ethical Concerns: When you download content from 1337x, you’re depriving the artists, creators, and developers of the revenue they deserve for their work. It undermines the entire creative industry.

Important Note: Even if you’re careful, it’s incredibly difficult to fully protect yourself from these risks when using torrent sites. No antivirus is foolproof, and avoiding copyrighted material can be tricky.

So, here we have a list of 10 best 1337x alternatives, that are safe and more reliable.

Free Streaming Services with Ads

Want to discover movies, shows, and more without breaking the bank? Free, ad-supported streaming services offer a surprising amount of entertainment. Let’s look at some popular choices:

Tubi TV

1. Tubi

Tubi is a hidden gem among streaming services. This completely free platform boasts a shockingly large library of movies and TV shows. You won’t always find the absolute newest releases, but there’s a treasure trove of hidden classics, cult favorites, and international films to discover. From action-packed thrillers to quirky comedies, Tubi caters to a wide range of tastes.

Tubi’s strength lies in its niche selections. You’ll find dedicated sections for anime, documentaries, horror films, and even old-school Westerns. If you’re tired of the same old offerings on major platforms and don’t mind the occasional ad break, Tubi is a fantastic way to expand your viewing horizons and stumble upon unexpected gems.

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 Crackle - Apps for watching TV shows and movies

2. Crackle

Crackle, owned by Sony, offers a free way to experience a mix of movies and TV series. Its library leans towards familiar classics and older blockbusters, but you may find some hidden gems and surprising recent releases. Crackle also stands out for its original content, including shows like “StartUp” and “Snatch” that add a unique touch to their collection.

While you’ll have to sit through some commercial breaks, Crackle makes up for it with an easy-to-use interface and availability on a wide variety of devices. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly mix of nostalgic favorites, well-known movies, and a dash of Crackle originals, it’s a solid service to add to your entertainment arsenal. Just don’t expect to find the very latest blockbusters or a huge selection of current TV series.

pluto tv

3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers a unique streaming experience that feels surprisingly familiar. Rather than on-demand content, it provides a variety of “live” channels with scheduled programming. These channels cover a wide range of interests – classic movies, dedicated reality TV shows, news, sports highlights, even niche channels like one dedicated entirely to cats! It’s like flipping through cable channels, but completely free.

If you like the background noise of TV, enjoy discovering quirky programming, or miss the serendipity of what’s-on-now viewing, Pluto TV is worth checking out. The ad breaks aren’t too intrusive, and since it’s free, there’s no commitment involved. Plus, they also offer a selection of on-demand movies and TV shows for when you want more control over what you watch.

The Roku Channel

4. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel might be a hidden gem, especially if you already own a Roku device. This free service boasts a surprising mix of content, including popular movies, classic TV shows, Roku Originals, and even live news channels. If you enjoy browsing for unexpected discoveries, you might stumble upon some old favorites or new titles that pique your interest.

While it’s ad-supported, The Roku Channel also offers a premium subscription option that unlocks additional content and removes ads. This makes it a flexible choice – you can start completely free and see if it fits your viewing style before deciding if an upgrade is worthwhile. If you crave variety and enjoy the occasional quirky find, add The Roku Channel to your streaming lineup.


5. Peacock

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, offers a unique mix of content. It’s home to beloved NBC classics like “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation,” along with current NBC shows and live news and sports. What sets Peacock apart is its free tier – you can access a substantial portion of its library without paying a dime, although you’ll have to watch ads.

Peacock’s premium tiers unlock even more content, including next-day access to NBC shows, Peacock Originals, a larger movie library, and exclusive sports coverage like Premier League matches. If you’re already a big fan of NBC’s programming, or simply want a streaming option with a free tier to try out before committing, Peacock is worth checking out.

Paid Streaming Services – The Familiar Giants

When it comes to convenience and sheer volume of content, paid streaming services are hard to beat. Let’s break down some of the most popular options:


6. Netflix

Netflix reigns as the original streaming giant and continues to be a force in the entertainment world. Its extensive library is a mix of beloved classics, new releases, and a massive collection of Netflix Originals. From award-winning series like “Stranger Things” and “The Crown” to critically acclaimed documentaries and international films, Netflix offers something for everyone. You can easily discover new favorites through personalized recommendations and explore genres you might not have considered before.

While a Netflix subscription isn’t the cheapest option, it delivers a smooth viewing experience with features like offline downloads, multiple profiles, and the ability to watch on a huge variety of devices. If you value a colossal selection of movies and TV shows with consistent additions of new content, Netflix is a classic choice that remains a top contender among streaming services.

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7. Hulu

Hulu stands out as a top streaming contender thanks to its focus on recent network television content. If you’re used to catching shows shortly after they air, Hulu is likely the service for you. Alongside tons of network classics and current hits, it features a growing library of movies and engaging Hulu Originals like “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Only Murders in the Building.”

While Hulu’s basic plan includes ads, upgrading to the ad-free version ensures a smoother viewing experience. Additionally, you can bundle Hulu with live TV, Disney+, and ESPN+ for an all-around entertainment package. For viewers who prioritize staying up-to-date with their favorite shows and discovering critically acclaimed originals, Hulu is an excellent choice.

Disney Plus

8. Disney+

Disney+ is a streaming paradise for anyone who loves Disney’s vast entertainment empire. This is the place to find all of your favorite Disney animated classics, heartwarming Pixar films, thrilling Marvel adventures, the entire Star Wars saga, and fascinating documentaries from National Geographic. Plus, Disney+ is constantly creating new original series and movies exclusively available on their platform, offering fresh takes on beloved characters and exciting new stories.

Whether you’re a lifelong Disney fan or a casual enthusiast just looking for quality entertainment, Disney+ is worth considering. If you have kids, there’s plenty of family-friendly content to keep them entertained. The service’s focus on beloved brands and franchises makes it a nostalgic trip for adults while introducing a whole new generation to the magic of Disney.

Amazon Prime Video

9. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers a vast mix of content included with an Amazon Prime subscription. You’ll find popular movies and TV shows alongside Amazon Originals, which are often critically acclaimed series like The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and award-winning films like Manchester by the Sea. Prime Video is also a great resource for documentaries, international films, and niche content that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Beyond what’s included with your Prime subscription, Amazon Prime Video offers additional channels (like HBO, Showtime, Starz) for extra fees. There’s also a massive library of titles for rent or purchase, including very recent releases. This flexibility makes Prime Video versatile, ensuring there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for included options or are willing to pay a little extra for the very latest blockbusters.


10. HBO Max

HBO Max is a premium streaming service that combines all the acclaimed programming from HBO with an even wider library of entertainment. Think iconic HBO series like “Game of Thrones” and “The Sopranos” alongside blockbuster movies, beloved DC superhero content, hilarious sitcoms, and thought-provoking documentaries. It’s a service built on decades of quality storytelling from HBO expanded with a diverse and entertaining catalogue.

Whether you’re a fan of classic HBO dramas, want to explore curated film collections like the TCM library, or need something to keep the whole family entertained with Max Originals and Cartoon Network favorites, HBO Max offers a wide variety to choose from. While it’s a bit pricier than some of its competitors, the combination of HBO’s prestige and a massive content library creates a compelling choice for dedicated movie and TV fans.

Final Words

The internet offers a vast world of entertainment far beyond the risks of 1337x. Whether you’re willing to invest in streaming subscriptions, happy to explore free options, or want to seek out hidden gems, there’s a way to find the movies, shows, music, and more that you enjoy – safely and legally.

By choosing reliable alternatives, you’re not just protecting yourself. You’re supporting the creators who work tirelessly to bring you the stories and experiences you love.

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