Apex Legends – What Do We Know About Newcastle’s Abilities and His Lore?

Season 13, the new season of Apex Legends, released on May 10, exploded onto the scene like a bomb. Important ranked and gameplay updates, a new Legend, buffs and nerfs, and other minor tweaks seem to have changed players’ understanding of the gameplay. Today we will be dealing with Newcastle, the latest hero in Apex Legend. Newcastle, who was on the unreleased Legends list in the past, has made his way off the list and has been confirmed.

This Legend, like all the others, has badges. Obtaining these badges, of course, takes a significant amount of time and work. Obtaining a Legend badge is also a difficult task. You’ll have to work a little harder if you want a badge for Newcastle, Apex Legends’ new hero. Instead, skilled world-class players that provide Apex Legends 4k damage badge boosting can save you time and allow you to get access to all badges. Try it right now for a better experience!

Newcastle, the recently introduced Apex Legends character, is now with us! Prepared to completely change the balance and mechanics of the game, this Legend draws attention with his defensive and cover-focused nature. We know the name sounds slightly unusual, but once you learn about his abilities and his story, you’ll understand why.

This Legend’s kit is all about protection and defense. In other words, Legends such as Gibraltar and Wattson have got company, with gameplay focused on protecting their teammates in the game. It appears that they sought to hurt the never-ending Gibraltar meta by releasing such a defensive and shield-based Legend. As a result, new Legends will develop alongside new game perspectives and mechanisms. Then let’s play and see if this Legend is as powerful as they claim!

Apex Legends: Newcastle Lore

By making use of the trailers and stories published, we will report based on the information we have obtained so far. The real name of Newcastle, the new Legend, is Jackson Williams. Newcastle is the brother of Bangalore, a longtime fixture in Apex Legends. In fact, we can easily understand this because Bangalore has the same surname, Williams. Bangalore is believed to have let his brother down. But why?

These two brothers had a very solid family structure and a very cordial relationship with each other. Together they swore to protect their family and never be separated. They would constantly arrange prank wars with each other and have fun. At the same time, the siblings took basic training together and spent most of their time with each other.

Apex Legends

But after a while, Jackson started to be considered the better Williams sibling because he always got better achievements and completed more tasks. This made Anita (Bangalore) very uncomfortable and angry. As she strove to improve, Jackson was blocking her path. That is how the siblings fell into rivalry with each other.

After some time, Jackson realized the evils of the IMC and abandoned his family and loved ones to go against them. On his way to AWOL, Jackson took his pride and ambition with him. Nobody heard from Jackson again. In fact, Anita and her family thought Jackson had died in battle, until he resurfaced as Newcastle.

With a huge surprise to both Bangalore and the Apex Legends arena, brave Newcastle swore to do everything in his power to protect his squad and family. Known as Lamon Craig in the distant Harris Valley, Newcastle came to reveal his true identity and ideals.

So, what do you think of Newcastle? Does a Legend who has truly earned the title of “Hero of Harris Valley” deserve to be everyone’s hero? The only way to find out is by playing. We hope he manages to be a great innovation that changes the meta!

Newcastle Abilities & Gameplay

This new Legend necessitates a gameplay style that prioritizes the safety of your allies. And you’ll do this using an unlimited supply of strong shields. This Legend’s kit includes a controllable energy shield, another shield for reviving allies, and plans for building a fortified barricade. Newcastle is unlike any other Legend on the list, with a kit focusing on shielding companions from gunfire and hauling them out of danger.

Apex Legends

In short, if you are asking about Newcastle’s purpose in Apex, we can say that the answer is to ensure that his teammates do not die and to create the ideal environment for them to fight. We will see if this Legend, who is expected to replace Gibraltar, can change the meta over time. Then let’s take a detailed look at Newcastle’s ability kit and see if it’s worth playing!

Apex Legends Newcastle Abilities:

Passive: Retrieve the Wounded – Newcastle can use his knockdown shield to drag downed allies to safety. Because the Revive Shield is empowered by Newcastle’s own Knockdown Shield, collecting higher levels of this item boosts the ability’s power.

Tactical: Mobile Shield – Newcastle can throw a controllable drone shield that can be redirected once it’s deployed. The tactical defender can use the Mobile Shield’s adaptability and top/bottom shield projections to come up with new strategies.

Ultimate: Castle Wall – Leap and slam to a target ally or area and create a fortified stronghold that provides cover for allies. Enemies caught in its path are thrown back, while those who try to break past the energized barrier are penalized and slowed.


In this article, we introduced you to Newcastle, the new character coming to Apex Legends. We told you the background story of this hero and about his relationship with his sister, Bangalore. We gave detailed information about this hero’s abilities and gameplay. We also touched on what meta changes this new Legend will bring to Apex Legends.

So, what do you think? Do you like this new hero? Do you think Newcastle is a yay or nay? Let us know in the comments section!

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