Aimersoft iMusic Review – Simplifies Music Management on Apple devices

Though iOS has evolved over time so much, still there are many things that seem to be hectic for users. Unlike Android phones, downloading and managing music and media files on iOS devices is yet not so straight. Either you would find yourself stuck with download/sharing limitations or would need to pay some amount to enjoy your favorite music. To overcome this problem, there are many third-party applications and utilities available that somehow lower the users’ efforts while maintaining music and media files.

The Aimersoft iMusic is among them, and we’re about to discuss most of its features and how it can help you manage music files on your Apple devices smartly. So, before you actually purchase this software, we recommend you to read this review thoroughly. The Aimersoft iMusic is a Music Manager tool specifically built for Apple users keeping their needs in mind. This software serves extensive tools to download and manage music files on iOS and Android phones. Irrespective of the operating system, it lets users transfer music from one device to another, no matter whether you’re using an iPhone or Android phone or a Mac PC.

This software is like an All-In-One package that should simplify your music needs. While it helps you manage and transfer music files, you can use this tool to find and download your favorite music through 3000+ online websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, etc., with no hard efforts. At the moment, this Music management tool works on two platforms; Windows and Mac. And most importantly, you can download a free trial version on your computer before you actually pay for the full version. Thus, you can examine this tool and figure out whether it worth your money or not.

On the surface, this seems very user-friendly and promising. So, through this review, we will cover its features and usability. So you can figure out whether it fits your needs or not. The user interface is quite simple and anyone can get started with managing music files easily through
Aimersoft iMusic software. For music lovers, such tool plays an important role. Whether you want to sync your music files to iTunes or to other devices, that can be carried out easily through this music management tool. Now, we should start exploring more about this tool. We start with the user interface.

Aimersoft iMusic User Interface

This part plays a crucial role. The user-interface part is simplified through minimal and easy to understand action buttons. As soon as we open this tool, it brings out a flat screen having easy navigation buttons.

This opens the music library first. That means it loads music and media files directly from your device that you’ve connected on the first screen.

iMusic user interface

This interface is tabbed manner where are options are listed one-by-one. Therefore, through one screen, the user can navigate from one option to another easily.

No matter whether you’re a newbie or an experienced one, the options are easily accessible. This software provides limited (only useful) options that won’t cause confusion or similar thing. To manage your music files or downloading new ones, users have direct access through the top buttons.

Transfer Music Between Apple Devices and iTunes

This is one of the most important abilities of this tool. This tool makes possible to sync/transfer music files between different Apple devices like iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac to iTunes without making duplicates. It usually happens that while we sync our files to iTunes, it makes some unwanted copies and that surely annoys us.

iMusic iPhone Transfer

Just clicking once will copy your music from Apple devices to iTunes Library and that happens without generating duplicate copies. This feature is really essential for those people who frequently download or generate new playlists and would prefer to listen to them on different devices.

Once you upload music to the iTunes Library, you can possibly play them on any other Apple devices. That’s where we really find Aimersoft iMusic software very useful. Transferring music to iTunes through this tool happens quickly and users don’t have to bother themselves with hard steps.

Transfer Music Between Android Phones and iTunes

No matter if you want to import music from Android smartphones to iTunes. Aimersoft iMusic utility does this work in a similar manner what we do with the Apple devices. This tool supports both Android and iOS operating system. Through this, you can easily transfer music and media files from Android phones to your Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTunes as well.

Transfer Music Between Android Phones and iTunes

It supports Android 2.1 and higher. You just need to plug your phone into your Windows or Mac computer. Then, just open this tool and within just a few clicks, you can transfer music files from your Android phone to Apple devices and vice versa. Also, music files from iTunes can be exported to Android devices as well.

In current days, there’s no doubt that Android smartphones are overwhelming Apple devices in terms of numbers. You might find your friends or family having a good collection of music files. Since this tool supports Android phones, you can easily export music from your friend’s mobile phones. That surely makes this more reliable and effective.

Backup/Rebuild iTunes Library

Apart from being music downloading and finding a tool, the
Aimersoft iMusic also serves other useful options. If you never want to miss your favorite music or worried about them, then you can use this tool to back up the iTunes Library. Even if you lost it somehow, this tool can rebuild it as well.

toolbox rebuild itunes

No matter whether you’re using SDD or normal Hard drive, there are always some chances that they might get crashed. And if that happens, you may end up losing your iTunes Library. In such cases, iMusic can help you rebuild the iTunes Library through important music files from different devices.

This option is available within the Toolbox menu. Users just need to connect their devices and scan their devices. Thereafter, this tool will rebuild the iTunes Library anytime you want.

Fix Entire iTunes Library

That’s not enough for you? Then there’s, even more, you could with this tool. This utility also allows users to clear dead and expired music from the iTunes, put correct labels to unknown tracks, help you correct mislabeled songs and much more. Through this tool, you can easily manage your whole iTunes library like a pro.

itunes library cleanup

If you are a big fan of listening to music, then there’s no wonder that your iTunes Library may have thousands of songs. And if that’s the case, it is normal to spend long hours managing and clean these tracks. Using the iMusic tool, it is literally easy to remove broken, and duplicate tracks. Moreover, it helps put correct tags and fix front covers.

Once this software scans the iTunes Library, it brings sufficient information about missing tags, tracks, covers, and duplicates. So, users can selectively perform further actions. With further taps, it will fix these missing things and remove the duplicate tracks from iTunes Library saving you lots of time.

Powerful Toolbox

While we have been already impressed with the core-functionality of this tool, there are a few more options that make it more useful. Within the Toolbox, there are additional options available like Remove DRM, Backup /Restore iTunes, Convert Music formats, CAR Playlist and Burn CD.

If you’re not aware of DRM, then you should know about. Basically, DRM is the protection layer levied over media files available on iTunes. This protective layer won’t allow Apple users to share music with any other device working on other platforms like Android. So, if you ever wish to transfer or sync your music files to other devices, you can use this tool for that purpose. Once the DRM protection is removed, you can share those media files with anyone and they can be played on any media player.

Additionally, this tool allows users to burn CDs directly from iTunes and music files present on the device. That really speeds up this process very much. And further, you can use the inbuilt music converter tool to change formats of music files.


While we reviewed this piece of software, we find is very useful. Most importantly, it does a pretty good when it comes to transferring music from Apple devices to iTunes and some with the Android phones. Also, this tool removes the barrier that we usually find when we transfer music from Android phones to Apple devices. With this tool, it becomes easier to download music from thousands of online sources and sync them directly to the iTunes Library.

If you’re looking for a professional music downloader and management tool for Apple devices, then this Aimersoft iMusic is highly recommended. Apart from the core-job, it has plenty of other options that surely simplify many music-related tasks. Further, before you purchase a full copy of this tool, we recommend you to try its free trial first. This will give you plenty of working insights about this tool.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences about this tool in the comment section below. We would love to hear your experience with this music management tool.

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