6 Best PC Cleaner Software For Windows 10/11

If you’re a Windows user, you are not new to Windows slowing down over a period. Common symptoms include a sluggish system, unresponsive apps & slower than ever boot uptime.

Numerous factors contribute to Windows slowing down to this extent. A cluttered registry, unnecessary programs running in the background, fragmented hard disks, malware infections, bloatware & outdated software are some of the main reasons behind causing Windows to slow down. And you’re looking to pass your next IT certification exam fast, you can should visit ExamSnap to find exam dumps, and practice tests.

How to Optimize your PC for Best Performance

Update Software & Drivers

The first step in optimizing your PC is checking if your system uses all the latest software. It includes your Windows version, installed apps & device drivers. Most of the time, a system running outdated software is less efficient & slower in performance.

Optimize Registry

The registry is the brain of your Windows system. It hosts all the program files that apps require for operating. However, over time as you install & uninstall a lot of programs, the registry gets filled up with redundant files.

Over time as this junk keeps accumulating, your registry becomes inefficient, causing a significant delay when apps are launched or in operation. Regularly cleaning this junk from your registry will optimize it for a responsive system.

Disable unnecessary start-up apps

Usually, many unwanted apps load automatically during Windows startup. It causes unnecessary memory consumption resulting in delayed boot times. You can disable these apps so that they can start only when you launch the app & not along with Windows.

It frees up vital resources during the startup time and reserves it only for priority apps.

Defragment hard-drives

With time, hard disks start fragmenting many files when storing them. This phenomenon can cause a significant delay in fetching the required files for launching an app. It happens because all the required data is spread across different sectors on the disk, and gathering them at once takes time.

Regularly defragmenting your disks will help your system to collect & store all similar files in nearby locations and reduce app launch times.

Remove Bloatware & Unnecessary Apps Running In The Background

Many times Windows or other useful apps may be used as vehicles to deliver bloatware to your system. These apps eat away your memory in the background and prevent important apps from accessing vital resources to function smoothly.

Identifying & removing bloatware & unnecessary apps can greatly improve your system performance.

Remove Malware

Your system might be infected with malware hidden deep within your files. Malware uses up resources on your system to further infect other users in your network.

Spyware or ransomware are some types of malware that eat into your resources, memory & hard disk to perform tasks like mining cryptocurrency or sending out phishing emails & more.

Scanning your system for malware & taking immediate action against them is key in maintaining your system in optimum condition.

Benefits of PC Cleaner Tools

Optimizing Windows at regular intervals is crucial in keeping your system fast & responsive. However, it is difficult to manually perform all these tasks individually. That’s why many usually skip these tasks in our daily work routines.

But, not optimizing your system can prove to be a costly mistake in the long run. To get over this, you can use a PC Cleaner tool. A PC Cleaner will help you optimize all key areas of your PC in a single window with the least input.

Many latest optimizers even deploy AI technology to automate most of these processes, so your system always functions at its best. IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro, iolo SM Pro, and CCleaner Pro are the best PC cleaning software we recommend. If you are in the market to purchase a license, you can get them at good prices by buying software from Dealarious. You get exclusive discounts, valid licenses, and the best value for money.

Our List of 6 PC Cleaner Software for Windows

IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare uses an AI-powered engine to intelligently and accurately scan your PC modules that are most likely to slow down your system. It allows you to manage startup apps and automatically cleans ARM to boost PC speeds.

It scans the Windows registry folder to remove redundant leftover files. It avoids annoying error messages and prevents system freezes.

ASC automatically deletes any stored browser cookies & temp files post the session traced back to you. It blocks unauthorized access to your system, assuring complete privacy protection. It also optimizes browser settings to speed up online surfing.

Iolo System Mechanic Pro

iolo System Mechanic Pro optimizes the speed and availability of the CPU, RAM, and hard disk resources when you launch resource-intensive apps for smooth gaming, editing, and streaming experience. It can find and repair over 30,000 different PC issues using its live updates from iolo Labs. It helps in keeping your PC stable and error-free.

Furthermore, it removes bloatware & identifies unwanted startup programs to minimize booting times. To protect your privacy and security, it securely wipes off sensitive browsing history & scans for the latest Windows security vulnerabilities that can harm your computer.

It can optimize certain Windows internet settings for better download speeds, faster page loads, less buffering, and smoother gaming performance. It can remove over 50 types of (hidden) junk files from your PC.

CCleaner Pro

The ‘Health Check’ feature in CCleaner Pro analyses and recommends quick fixes for your system. Moreover, it automatically tunes and updates your system for faster startups and better performance and security.

It automatically updates any outdated software on your PC to prevent threats. CCleaner erases all your browser search history and cookies post your surfing session to maintain privacy and safeguard your online identity.

The Registry Cleaner scans for & clears out any clutter from the registry for stable PC performance. The Driver Updater looks for outdated drivers on your system & notifies you of available updates.

The latest version of CCleaner Pro comes with a Performance Optimizer that will scan your PC and identify programs that are slowing your PC. You can put those programs to sleep to boost the performance of your system.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities Pro features an automated all-in-one PC care service. The Registry Fix scans & clears the registry for old out-of-use files for a faster & more responsive PC.

Privacy Protection ensures complete privacy through tools like Shortcuts Fixer, Spyware remover, Tracks Eraser & Temporary File Cleaner. The Startup Manager lets you manage startup programs at Windows boot.

Glary Utilities ensures complete system repair, privacy, and optimization through tools like Shortcuts Fixer, Temporary File Cleaner, Tracks Eraser, and Spyware Remover to remove spyware. The Startup Manager lets you manage startup programs at Windows boot.

The System Performance features include a Disk Defragmenter, RAM Optimizer, and System Driver Backup tool. When a new version of any installed software is available, Software Updater will inform you. The Disk Space Analyzer tool scans for trash files eating up space on your drive.

AVG Tune Up

AVG TuneUp scans & cleans Windows Registry automatically to avoid system errors and crashes. Its automatic maintenance tool cleans up browser traces, website tracking cookies, cache files, and any program leftovers for more free disk space.

Another great feature in AVG TuneUp is its ‘Sleep Mode’ technology. This tool puts any apps not in use and running in the background to sleep and instantly wakes them up when you need them. It helps reserve vital resources like Memory & CPU for critical and ongoing tasks.

The Software Uninstaller detects & removes bloatware and any apps you no longer require. The Disk Cleaner scans for junk files like installer files, cache, old backups & temporary system files.
Similarly, the Browser Cleaner removes all the temporary data and online leftovers from all leading browsers.

The Software Updater tool looks for available updates for installed apps & is supported for over 50+ most popular apps.

Advanced System Optimizer

The Disk Cleaner & Optimizer in Advanced System Optimizer removes unwanted clutter and junk files from your PC. It also defragments your hard drive for a smooth performance.

It protects your privacy by deleting all browsing history, cookies & cache files. You can also encrypt your sensitive files with passwords and permanently delete private data beyond recovery.

Advanced System Optimizer also has a dedicated Game Optimizer mode for distraction-free gaming sessions by running games in a dedicated sandbox mode.

You can easily backup important files in all supported formats & restore them whenever required with the help of the Backup Manager. The data recovery option enables you to restore deleted files from your system.


Everyone has a different requirement for choosing the best product for themselves. We are sure anyone from our list of the six best PC cleaners shared here will fulfill your requirement.

However, before finalizing any PC cleaner, make sure that it is from a reputable brand & downloaded from a trusted website. Also, ensure it has all the necessary features in line with your requirement & falls within your budget.

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