3 Benefits of a Line Interactive UPS

A line interactive UPS, which you can find here, is one of the best types of uninterruptible power supplies available today. There are many upsides to using this type of UPS, including reduced energy costs and less wear and tear on your equipment.

Why should you buy line interactive UPS online? A line interactive UPS, also known as a double conversion UPS, uses power from both the incoming alternating current (AC) line and an internal inverter to deliver clean power to your equipment while you’re using it. Line interactive units are more expensive than single conversion units and typically have shorter run time on battery, but they offer three key benefits that make them worth the investment. Let’s take a look at these benefits and learn more about line interactive UPS systems.

1) Reduced Cost of Ownership

Line interactive uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) help you reduce your risk by providing continuous power to sensitive equipment when other types of emergencies happen. For example, if the incoming utility voltage drops below 117VAC and starts to overload, a line interactive UPS will automatically kick in and act as a buffer until the incoming voltage level returns to normal. This type of protection helps preserve your valuable data and ensures you don’t lose any downtime. The following are three benefits that come with a line interactive UPS.

You’ll save on your electrical costs in two ways:

First, line interactive power supplies require much less energy to run than other types. You can learn more about how they operate by taking a look at how to read an uninterruptible power supply label.

Second, by using surge protection with your AC power cable you can prevent overloading from causing any damage or from tripping circuit breakers. Even if you have standard unprotected outlets, they might be rated at 15 amps while your computer and related devices can sometimes draw between 17-30 amps during peak usage periods. Overloading happens when there is too much current flowing through a circuit, leading to overheating and damage. This type of event could result in fire or property damage.

2) No Battery Replacement Required

A line interactive UPS offers many benefits. This type of protection device will automatically transfer to battery back-up power when there is a power outage. If it senses an over-voltage, under-voltage, or surges in power input, the system will automatically shut down without user intervention and it can be configured for on/off operation with no battery replacement required. This minimizes costly downtime caused by equipment damage because even if the circuit breaker fails or there is something wrong with the electric grid, the system can act as a backup for your electrical devices to keep them operating during power outages and brownouts.

3) Easy Installation

Line interactive power conditioners or other types of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems make installation a snap. With them, the electrical service to your equipment is maintained for as long as you have backup battery power available in your system. That’s right – they don’t just cut off power when there’s a power outage, they maintain it with the battery back-up. This is especially important in critical data centers and industries like medical facilities. It also means that these power supply units are perfect for handling anything from an outage at the substation to fluctuations in utility lines due to extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

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