The biggest problem of big tech companies

If you consider Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook like companies are big then you may find that these companies have some biggest problems. When we talk about really big companies we mostly forget that these companies operate some business as handling … Continue reading

Is Gmail Still relevant

For me Gmail is not that important as it was before. Now I rarely login to Gmail. Is this the end of Gmail? Probably no. But I can not ignore the future. The most popular email service will become a … Continue reading

Technology and Politics

Technology is the biggest boon for human kind but it is being misused by humans. The only reason for this is Politics. Politics being played at every level. New technologies are being invented by powerful people who are ruling the … Continue reading

Technology and Gay Rights

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. is a gay. A giant tech company like Apple has Appointed someone as its CEO, who reveals himself a gay, and he takes pride of what he is. That is not an ordinary thing. … Continue reading

Technology and World Hunger

One of the biggest stain on our modern culture in the age of technology is world hunger problems. We know there are millions of people in the world facing hunger problems, they can not afford food for two times. In … Continue reading

Competition and technology

There is a tough competition between tech companies. You will find many solution providers for a single need. This opens the door for market. As a customer you are king because you have choice of decision. Your opinion matters. Many … Continue reading

Technology and Marketing

There is nothing wrong if I say technology is for marketing and marketing is for technology. Most of the marketing skills are possible only because of technology. It is true that technology is useful but it needs promotion. As we … Continue reading

Technology and Human Workers

ThereĀ  is a conflict between technology and human workers. Machines have been given more importance than humans. We can see it in factories and Mills where humans are replaced by machines. This is true that human workers can not produce … Continue reading

TechShali is Ready for a Change

TechShali domain was registered on 15th of May in 2009 and I started blogging on 17 may in same year. And today is 30 October 2014. Time has been changed, TechShali was successful blog and an inspiration for many new … Continue reading