Documents Attached in Spam Mails, I fear of them


Attached documents in spam mails is not new thing but these days Trojans come with documents attached. Sometimes these emails bypass the spam filter and directly jump to your inbox. Today I found an email in my inbox, email title was “Good News” and a phone  number was added in the email body. Finally, a [...]

A Bank Never Ask These Information over Phone


These days many people will call you as a person of customer care department. They will ask your credit card info as credit card number, CVV code, net banking password. Though I never got a call from anyone but many people got these type of calls and become a victim. All the banks alerting their [...]

What Documents you need in India?


You must need some documents if you are an Indian citizen. But the sad thing is that many of us don’t have required documents. To get things done we need some of the documents. If we don’t have them, we have to face problems. Basically, to get started we need three documents: (1) Age Proof [...]

Don’t have Voter Card? Use These Cards to cast your Vote


Casting your vote is important and a single vote can change the luck of India. Many eligible voters were unable to cast their vote in previous elections only because they don’t had a voter ID card. So this time you still will be able to vote if you have some alternative ID cards. The only [...]

The Best Tools to Check Railway Tickets Availability Beyond IRCTC


To book a railway ticket online we go to IRCTC but IRCTC is not a good option to make a search or to look for a situation. With the use of these tools you will be able to expert level on any railway ticket inquiry. A website many users don’t care about is Most [...]

3+2 Free Picture Collage Makers (Download or Use Online)


Creating a picture collage is a fun activity. I have seen many bloggers also use this idea but that is not exactly collage. The idea of making collage is simple there is one picture that is large is size and more colorful than other pictures so collage makers system will choose it as a main [...]

Free Photo Editing Tools Online


Slowly everything is going online and photo editing tools are not an exception so result of this revolution is that many Photoshop alternatives have been born. Every online photo editor is useful and worth its existence. Not all the editors are so powerful when comparing to Photoshop but our basic work of photo editing does [...]

Top 50 Blog Niche ideas to Start a Blog


Top 50 blog niche ideas to start a blog with money on your mind. When I was making this list of top 50 niche blog ideas I find many other niches those could have a place in this list. But I wanted to include only money-making niches not just hobbies or personal blogging. Blogging Blogging [...]

Why MLM Business in India is not good?


MLM (Multi level Marketing) business is originally from USA. This business is successful there but in India it is not good. I know about MLM business model before I was familiar with the term MLM. I am not a part of any MLM business. There are many MLM networks made specially for selling the products. [...]

The Sad Part of Professional Blogging

Business and Culture

I am a blogger and doing it since 2009; I do it to make a living.  At beginning it was hard to make money but after a year I started making money from blogging. But the end of 2013 was the end of my professional blogging. Though; still I am blogger and blogging but now [...]