Redesign Blog Logo for Responsive Design

Now most of the bloggers are using responsive WordPress themes. All the new and updated themes which were non responsive are now responsive otherwise not in development. Responsive design gets adapted to screen size of the user device. Now, people … Continue reading

Twenty Fourteen WordPress Theme

WordPress 3.8 was a very important update from WordPress because of new features, UI layout design and new default WordPress theme. So the new default WordPress theme is Twenty Fourteen, which is perhaps the best free WordPress theme available. It … Continue reading

You can recover deleted Google account

People like me frequently create new accounts on Google.  Any new business idea brings a new Google account. In addition, when the business is over, the account gets useless and becomes a burden. So simply we can delete these accounts … Continue reading

16 Basic Windows 7 Tips for new users

Windows 7 is most popular operating system for personal computers with over 50% users worldwide. So many windows users don’t know many basic tasks in computer. These are basic windows 7 tips for new users. These tips are very useful … Continue reading