Technology and Human Workers

There  is a conflict between technology and human workers. Machines have been given more importance than humans. We can see it in factories and Mills where humans are replaced by machines. This is true that human workers can not produce … Continue reading

TechShali is Ready for a Change

TechShali domain was registered on 15th of May in 2009 and I started blogging on 17 may in same year. And today is 30 October 2014. Time has been changed, TechShali was successful blog and an inspiration for many new … Continue reading

How New Technology replacing Old Technology

Technology keep changing. New technology makes old technology useless. The products based on Technology are used in communications, transport, manufacturing, consumer gadgets etc. Many gadgets were repairable in past  as pen drives, transistors, hard drives, CD/DVD players, remotes, Keyboards, Mouse … Continue reading

Age of Ultron is our future reality

The upcoming Marvel movie Avengers: Age of Ultron features a villain Ultron. Mr. Tony Stark creates Ultron; a self-aware, self-teaching program with artificial intelligence. In cinematic universe things are exaggerated otherwise events are inspired by real world incidents. You can … Continue reading

Why women should be in technology

There are many reasons. We can see there are many women who have worked in tech industry. But the role they play is not as important as it could be for them. They have  to play some greater responsibilities. You … Continue reading

Man vs Technology

Man makes technology and technology drives man. This is true for today but bad. Technology is for use and to make things easy for human kind. But you can see technology is becoming a burden. We are forced to make … Continue reading

Technology and Nudity and Pornography

There are very close connection between technology, nudity and pornography. Technology makes it easier to propagate nudity and nudity makes its way to pornography. That’s all business. Pornography is because of technology. Business persons promoting and misusing it. If there … Continue reading

Technology is killing our privacy

The biggest enemy of our privacy is the technology, yes the technology we are worshiping. It is killing our privacy. Hidden cameras, voice recorders and high mega pixel cameras for capturing images from long distance. These are things killing our … Continue reading

Future of Giant Tech Start-ups

We think Google will never die or Facebook will never die but history seem to be different. Human or technology both are about to die a day. IBM is not what it was. Microsoft or Apple are for a few … Continue reading

Man Vs Facebook

About 10% (1.23 billion users worldwide)of world’s population uses Facebook. Most of these people are educated. China like countries have their own Facebook like sites otherwise the number would be even higher. Facebook is an addictive thing, it is like … Continue reading

We Don’t Need so many Apps

We don’t need so many apps for the sake of humanity. It’s unjust to all of us. It is an app era, all the services available as an app. These apps are killing our natural thinking power. iOs, Android, Blackberry, … Continue reading

Blogging Inspiration

As a small and independent blogger you will find yourself locked in a situation or in a state of mind where you can’t decide what to write. You will feel lack of subject to write and lack of willingness to … Continue reading

Traffic Gateway and Rankings

Traffic Gateway and Rankings Many websites work as a traffic gateway so these websites have a good Alexa rank without enough traffic. These days TechShali is going throw that phase. It is working much like a traffic gateway for my … Continue reading

Free Vs Premium Products and Services

TechShali is a pro blog for free stuffs but it seems offering free and cheap stuff has become true for my blog’s own identity. Since last five years I am publishing about free products and services. I don’t accept paid … Continue reading