What is Transactional Email?

Transactional email is a customer communication service that is automated in real-time and sent to customers after being triggered by a specific action. The specific action is often linked to a website or an application.

These automated emails, also called triggered emails, consist of personalized information of the customer that is automatically sent after they trigger an action or a function.

An example of a standard email would be the ones users get when they try to change a password, log in on a different device, confirm a product purchase or banking and credit card purchases.

Various organizations implement these emails due to high customer engagement and favorable feedback rates. People love when companies are constantly checking up on their products purchase and the security of these services. It builds a connection to the customer with the organization and increases customer loyalty.

Transactional Emails And Its Applications:

  • When a user creates a new account, and for account activation purposes, the emails are also sent to notify of any malicious activities within the customer’s account, including details regarding the sign-in date and location, the device used, or change in information.
  • They are used to welcome new users to social platforms or applications and messages regarding joining groups or communities online.
  • They are used to send invitations to various customers or shares to different users regarding a product or a service.
  • They are used to provide security alerts to users regarding an account and alerts regarding password changes, information changes, or any other activity.
  • They are used for resetting passwords and pins on a particular device for an application or software. Automated emails can also engage user-authentication using the two-factor method so the user can sign into any application or create a secure pathway for signing in.
  • They are used to send receipts and bills of purchasing a product or service from an online store and notifications regarding the product’s shipping and delivery dates.
  • Legal notices from mobile subscription companies or other organizations in which the user is a part of, subscribed to its services, or purchased the service.

How do Transactional Emails Work?

An application or the service that the user uses or purchases has a set of automated codes designed so that it automatically sends an email to a customer when an action is triggered. It can be a purchase, password change, authentication of the activity, etc.; When the user performs a specific action, an email is sent to the given email address to notify the user.

Many businesses and organizations implement these emails because they are easy to use and simple to manage.

Advantages Of Transactional Emails:

  • The automated emails have a personalized touch to them. It is because even though it’s computer-generated in real-time, it is not a mass delivery of messages but rather explicitly targeted to a particular individual. Hence, these emails are a good investment since they are highly personalized for every customer and user.
  • These emails help the organization and the company to track behavioral data. They can follow customer feedback and how effective these automated emails are to every customer. Companies can use the data to change or adapt to a new market and product scheme according to customer demands. Consequently, this type of data tracking can also provide helpful information regarding a company’s product or service.
  • Using these emails, companies, and organizations can reach their customers right on time. Being a real-time response, it can quickly grab the user’s attention and bring them to engage with the brand at that moment since their attention and impulse will be most significant at the point they open an automated email. It allows them to engage with the brand and increase the company’s brand value.
  • Automated emails from companies help build customer loyalty. Since it doesn’t have any promotional articles of any kind, no advertisements or online commercials, these emails help build trust with the company and brand. It is a natural advantage of using this email service.
  • Automated emails are more effective in delivering content quickly and bring value by being on par with the customer’s preferences and interests. Customer feedback will allow organizations to shape these emails by avoiding all weak points and constantly updating and improving the service of these emails. It brings users to support the brand value of the company.

With all the benefits and less effort required to manage these automated emails, companies can utilize this service to build loyalty and trust. Any organization that doesn’t implement these emails is undoubtedly missing out on a cost-effective means of increasing customer engagement.

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