Top 5 Games Similar to Stickman Soccer 16

Stickman Soccer 16 is a classic soccer game liked by players across the globe. It is a fun, fast-paced soccer game with cute animations and insane action. Get the opportunity to choose your national team and rank up as you play in multiple seasons of the matches. Move the player with your mouse. Swing your arm to kick the ball. Score as many goals as you can before time runs out. Get a high score to win! Play with 1, 2 or 3 players at the same time if you are using a keyboard, but 4 players better use a gamepad.

#1. Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars

This is a football game for soccer enthusiasts, everywhere. Join tournaments, leagues, and missions to earn coins, upgrade your players and build your very own team. You’ll meet tons of different managers from around the world that you can challenge to see if their squads stand a chance against yours. Enjoy both offline and online gaming with this game. Get a chance to be a part of tournaments against all the players in the world. You can also play against your friends to make the game more interesting. Collect different teams and cups to show them off to your friends.

#2. Score Match

With Score Match, you can join multiple players across the globe to experience soccer multiplayer! Lead your team to glory as of the captain and win the golden cup. There will be multiple series of challenging Arenas and weekly events for which you can recruit your friends in your team and work your way through the ranks. Skill up yourself and make sure you dribble, tackle, pass and shoot against opponents across the world in online real-time matches. Use your points to collect and upgrade unique player types, set your formation, then gain promotion! Be ready to enjoy this latest game.

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#3. Head Soccer LA LIGA 2019 – Soccer Games

Head Soccer LA LIGA 2019 - Soccer Games

HEAD SOCCER LA LIGA 2019 is a football game that you can play on your phone. You will be the head of one team and your objective is to beat the opponents’ heads in order to win the game. It’s time for you to step up and become the soccer champion, but you need to work hard for that! You can set up your own soccer game by selecting one of four different gameplay modes (Easy, Normal, Hard, or Endless), choosing among over 800 teams from 33 different countries and five continents.

# 4. Soccer Shootout

Soccer Shootout is similar to the classic game. Every goal scored will increase the tension and excitement of your showdown. The winner of this match gets an advantage in the next shootout round. Best way to spend time while getting competitive with friends and family, or just to test your skills! They have realistic physics simulation, accurate ball placement, and realistic goalie skills. Be sure to check the leaderboard for your ranking and work your way up the leaderboard rank. Enjoy customizing your team’s style by working on the stadium, boots, balls, and even jerseys.

#5. Tennis World Open 2020

Tennis World Open 2020

Of course, this isn’t similar to Soccer but we added this to our list for tennis lovers, if any. With Tennis World Open 2020, experience this game in 3D. It will test your knowledge and eventually make you an asset as a player Play this game and improve your skills at playing tennis, its different styles, various moves, etc. The game pays great attention to all the details about the game and helps you improve your gameplay. You will play with twenty-five plus professional players and also get the chance to make fans for yourself. You can use the daily lucky wheel and daily reward system to get points that will be beneficial later. Experience Tennis like it’s real. Also, play the Poki Games online, you don’t need to install. You can play them on any browser.

Bonus: Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is a fun and addicting basketball game that’s simple to play, but difficult to master. You have a certain number of shots each round which you need to dodge a lot of hoops on your way to the hoop. If you choose not to go for the shot, the other player takes it and scores. The objective is simple: score as many baskets as possible in one round! Are you good enough? Get ready for intense yet friendly competition with friends, family, or acquaintances. Unleash your inner Jordan and get ready for a challenging experience. Select from different levels of difficulty.

If you have a liking for Soccer and are looking to play the same on your devices, you have multiple options to do so. Try them all and see what works perfectly for you. However, be assured to improve your game and knowledge no matter what game you choose.

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