The Top 10 International Stocks To Buy As A Student

Most students do not take life seriously. They believe they have a lot more time ahead to make life decisions. However, if you are a student, the earlier you begin, the better it is for your future. You will want to start thinking about finances while you are in school.

One of the best ways to gather wealth involves investing in stocks. This article will inform you about the top 10 international stocks to buy as a student.

1. Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group is an online commerce platform that provides services similar to Amazon. At the moment, Alibaba Group has a trading value that exceeds $3 billion. It is listed on some top stock exchanges around the world. Therefore, the Alibaba Group stock is something you should consider investing in while still in school. While you are at it, you can use TheWordPoint to translate foreign content about investment opportunities. This service provides one of the best translation services for personal and academic needs.

2. AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca is a British-Swedish pharmaceutical company. Since the start of 2020, the stock of this business has grown. This growth is due to the spotlight it got for the development of vaccines in record time. In addition, it used a technology, which can eradicate several diseases. Buying the stock of this company for a student is a great investment. You may likely get a huge return on investment.

3. is another online commercial platform. Like Alibaba Group, it operates out of China. The Chinese market roughly accounts for almost half the world’s online spending. In addition, its stock currently occupies a market value of about $490 million. The size of its trade volume will likely increase in the future. Therefore, buying this stock can be a great investment for you. You can easily invest money in this business while working on your assignments. Check out our free essay examples for your thesis needs. Similarly, you can order other writing services from this writing service.

4. ASML Holding NV

ASML is a Dutch company that produces semiconductors for electronics manufacturers. This business produces lithography machines and extreme ultraviolet. In particular, it operates a monopoly as the only company involved in this business. As a result, all chipmakers, which require these pieces of equipment, can only get them from ASML. Therefore, buying stock in this business is a smart move. The potential of this company is the reason Peter Thiel (billionaire and investor) has invested billions into it. You can equally use this business as a stepping stone for your investment plans. ASML is listed on major stock exchanges, and its market value is over a billion dollars.

5. StoneCo

StoneCo is a Brazilian payment processing business. It is one of the leading payment processing platforms in South America that students can start investing in. In addition, StoneCo offers its clients a wide range of digital financing options suitable for the modern business landscape. Similarly, it has millions of clients, making it a good investment option. If you are interested in investing in fintech businesses, you may want to consider buying the stock of StoneCo.

6. Shoprite Holdings

The Top 10 International Stocks To Buy As A Student

Shoprite Holdings is a good investment option in Africa. This business is currently one of the largest retailers on the continent. Likewise, it has branches in over 10 countries. With an average yearly sale of over $5 billion, Shoprite Holding is a good investment option for a student. While making smart financial decisions, you can use the best website academicessayassistant for someone to write my essay for your academic needs. With this service, you are sure of getting quality coursework and assignments while you work on making investments in your future.

7. Upstart Holdings

Upstart Holdings is a great investment option if you are optimistic about artificial intelligence (AI). This business uses AI as a tool in the credit-score section of the financial institution. Although new, there is a lot of potential in investing money into this stock. This business has already started making a profit, which is remarkable for a new company.

8. NIO

This company is an electric vehicle developer based in China. At the moment, it has a market value of over $1 billion. It is also listed on NYSE. As the world looks toward suitable energy solutions, investing in electric vehicle businesses is promising. Additionally, several experts are projecting that electric cars will dominate the car industry in the future.

9. Yandex

Yandex is primarily a search engine company. It is the main rival of Google in Russia. Just like Google, it provides search engine services and advertising opportunities to customers. In addition, Yandex has a comprehensive artificial intelligence program that makes it a lead within Russia. It also offers customers cloud services and a video platform. Therefore, you may want to invest in this business in case it becomes the next Google.

10. STMicroelectronics

Based in Switzerland, STMicroelectronics leading developer of chips. It has a market value of over $38 billion, which is huge. In addition, this business has grown by over 25% in the last two years. STMicroelectronics develop chips for top businesses, including Apple, HP, and Tesla. So, investing in this company is a good idea.

In Conclusion

As a student, investing in stock is essential to your future financial independence. In particular, you may want to look at credible international stocks to put your money in. The top 10 international stocks we mentioned here will be a great start for a successful future.

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