Outlook Shared Mailboxes: Successful Ways to Use and Build

The mails are primary sources of information exchange when we have to approach officially. Modern communication uses mails and shared mailboxes for communications. The article discussed the outlook shared mailboxes and the features, usage, and best way to use it.

What is the Outlook Shared Mailbox?

The concept of a shared mailbox is to enable multiple users at the same time. It allows multiple users to read and send replies to the received mails. It has a common calendar where the users can schedule their programs or shifts.

This type of shared mailboxes is mostly used in organizations. Users at the beginning cannot log-in directly. To access the shared mailbox users must authorize. After getting authorized they can log in to their mailboxes and add the shared mailbox to their Outlook profile for access. When synchronization takes place we face problems.

Some of the Exclusive Benefits of the Shared Mailboxes are list below:

  • Synchronized working of the team in a single place and same time.
  • A centralized account for the exchange of information like sending and receiving at a commonplace.
  • The calendar provided in the outlook servers is very useful to the newly added users.
  • The exchange environment with offline working within is a great feature of it.
  • It enables the sharing of responsibilities and solving and putting up the different types of inquiries.
  • Shared mailboxes are convenient for teamwork which plays an important role in any type of organization.

There are always chances of error in the shared mailboxes due to synchronizations which may flash at any time when you try to access. The symptoms are like unable to share or receive the information which may terminate the work incomplete. We can fix the issues manually and automatic methods and also different outlooks of 2003, 2007, 2010 versions.

The Manual Synchronization 

  • Click on the folder which you need to synchronize or go to the folder list on the go menu.
  • Move to the tools menu, then point on the send/receive and click Microsoft exchange server to sync the offline folders. In outlook 2010 click send/receive and then click send/ receive all options to sync all the folders offline.

Automatic Synchronization

  • This synchronization helps in connecting all offline folders whenever you are online automatically. You can follow the below steps when you get an exit from outlook.
  • Go to the Tools menu and click for the options.
  • Go to the mail step up tab and click on the send/receive section and fill the send immediately when the connected checkbox.
  • Click send/ receive, ensure to perform an automatic send/ receive when we also enable the exciting option.
  • Then click on the close and ok button.

However, Sync GAL to Outlook is an easy way to approach.

Troubleshooting Exchange Server Mailbox with .ost File Outlook

After the synchronization of the folders and it doesn’t work properly you need to check the profile setting with the outlook that suits the system.

1. Outlook 2003 

  • Go to Tools in the menu and click “Email Accounts”.
  • In the dialog box of the email account, change the email accounts under the email- section and go next.
  • Make sure to select the mailbox-account name in the delivery of new mail to the following location list.
  • Go to Microsoft Exchange server object and then change.
  • Check whether you select the use of cached exchange mode. Click on the finish.
  • Exit Outlook and reopen for updated changes.

2. Outlook 2007

  • Go to the Tools menu and the account settings.
  • Set mailbox- account name to default in the data file tab.
  • Go to the mailbox-account name and then for settings, advanced tab.
  • Ensure the use of cached exchange mode selected and close the account setting.
  • Exit and reopen outlook to check.

3. Outlook 2010

  • Navigate to the File menu and account setting option, then click on account settings.
  • Go to the data files tab and ensure that the mailbox account name is set for default.
  • Move to the email tab and change the mailbox account name.
  • Click ok if the cached exchange mode option is turned on.
  • Click close in the account settings and exit outlook then you can reopen outlook once again.  

Professional Outlook OST Tools for Repair

After trying out the manual tricks and still you are not able to sync the folders then it is time to use the repair software. This software deals with outlook errors and synchronization issues. It can fix issues however complex there and ensures working normally again. This software can easily extract emails, tasks, contacts, calendars, and other files from the damaged OST files.

It has advanced scanning features to scan the files and then to export to PST files. The recovered data from the damaged OST files can be converted to different formats like HTML, MSG, EML, and other codes. Free repair tools are available in the market to maintain the outlook of shared mailboxes without the flaws.

Conclusion  The shared mailboxes have multiple users and are best suited as well as adaptable for many-to-one, one-to-one, many-to-many conversions. They provide an easy way of communicating with people outside your business with a single point of contact. It increases team co-ordinations and transparency.

It helps in dividing work and fast responsiveness to the cat and customers. Thus are the great and successful ways of using the outlook shared mailboxes.

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