11 Most Profitable Entrepreneurship and Start-ups Trends In 2022

In this article, we will provide a list with the 11 most profitable entrepreneurship and start-ups ideas in 2022, so that you can plan the path of your venture or start-up and take advantage of all the benefits of this new year. Let’s get started!

2021 was a good year for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, it presented incredible opportunities to grow and improve the aspects that involve investment. This is how start-ups, start-ups and scale-ups took a leap, which promises to continue their path to success.

According to a report issued by the World Economic Forum, 2022 is expected to be an excellent year for start-ups and specialized ventures, as they estimate that 4 out of 10 companies will seek to specialize some sectors through project outsourcing.

According to the general statistics expressed by economists in most Spanish-speaking countries, many businesses benefited during the second half of 2021, while the other part gained new opportunities. What remains a constant, however, is the desire of investors to bet where there is a future.

Likewise, 2022 has arrived with new trends in entrepreneurship that will generate great achievements in those entrepreneurs who know how to analyze the market, anticipate the future and know how to take advantage of opportunities. Therefore, we will provide a list with the most profitable ideas in 2022, so that you can choose the one that best suits your business and take advantage of this year.

Entrepreneurship trends: The most profitable ideas in 2022

Over the years, we have witnessed how a large number of ventures and start-ups have become successful businesses, all having one characteristic in common: their founders have had the instinct to identify a great emerging idea and executed it at the right time. Normally, these trends in entrepreneurship emerge at the beginning of the year and are analyzed by thousands of people around the world, who anticipate the economic outlook and are able to foresee financial developments.

However, it is up to entrepreneurs to choose one of these major trends and develop it, aiming to consolidate it as a successful business. The following is a list of the most profitable ideas in 2022; to start a start-up or an enterprise:

1. An excellent year for e-commerce.

In the last two years, online shopping increased by 55% worldwide, many projects had to adapt their business models to the advent of online commerce. This trend is expected to continue in 2022, because, although COVID-19 quarantines have decreased considerably, in many nations, different consumers have opted to keep the habit of shopping online, where they can find a greater number of products and be shipped from anywhere.

To take advantage of this trend that will continue to boom throughout 2022, the ideal will be to make the best out of e-commerce; either by taking a step further in your online store or by creating a space where many sellers can gather in one place. Currently, there are large platforms that occupy the largest share of online purchases, such as Amazon, AliExpress or eBay, but there are also opportunities for entrepreneurs with unique and customized products.

In addition, current trends show that customers are taking more consideration to personalized services, due to the treatment and human warmth. Therefore, seizing the niches where large e-commerce does not have a chance will be a golden opportunity.

2. Collaboration and productivity tools

Another trend that is here to stay is remote work, accompanied by labor flexibility that encourages the free development of workers, but it will be necessary to seek solutions to improve overall productivity levels. Teleworking has been in operation for years, but it has been during the last few years where it has had its main boom, becoming a modality that generates the highest levels of productivity in thousands of companies in the world.

Consequently, there will be an even greater demand for platforms where workers can interact comfortably with their colleagues. In fact, Salesforce recently acquired the communication tool Slack for $27.7 billion, which shows the need to create new platforms where people can interact in an intuitive and personalized environment.

Therefore, we can bet that the creation of productivity tools for businesses or schools will be one of the best ideas for innovative start-ups in 2022.

IoT and 5G

3. IoT and 5G

With the rapid expansion and adaptation of 5G technology, excellent opportunities have arisen to develop services that take advantage of its great possibilities. Thus, start-ups and ventures have begun to emerge that aim to create services based on bandwidth and mobility.

The Internet of Things (Internet of things or IoT) is a technology that has been on the market for some years and it is common to find it thanks to the new products that come out every day, it allows interacting with devices without requiring further action.

When it comes to this entrepreneurial trend, it is expected the development of ingenious solutions that allow users to manage their products with IoT more comfortably; while reducing the cost of access. Knowing how to take advantage of the benefits offered by the 5G network will be the key to create a remote device management service that will be quickly accepted by the masses; in addition to implementing intuitive and fast-loading virtual interfaces.

4. Consumption in the home

Over the last couple of years, the time we spend at home has increased considerably, while outings to recreational spaces have decreased due to restrictions. Although in recent months the recreational, amusement or recreation sectors have begun to open their doors, there are still limitations.

This set of circumstances presents the perfect scenario to bet on ventures whose idea is based on home consumption or entertainment, since consumers will use the services they can take advantage of from their homes: food at home, do it yourself or FoodTech.

During the first year of quarantine, many restaurants adapted their business models to implement food deliveries, which allowed them to generate sales while other businesses remained closed; this trend will continue due to the convenience it presents to consumers. In fact, the sale of semi-prepared meals has been well received.

On the other hand, do it yourself (DIY) will be another trend in entrepreneurship that will stand out, as home-based activities have been all the rage. In recent months, home renovations have doubled, as well as crafts related to furniture or decoration. Therefore, providing kits that provide consumers with objects to build with their own hands will be an avant-garde idea.

5. Entertainment and subscriptions

Buying and selling applications promote the circular economy, since people are always looking for economic alternatives for their purchases, in this way, items such as: comfortable clothes, appliances, video game consoles, DIY kits or other used objects that are no longer used will be a great alternative for entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, quality time with loved ones or relaxation has become a trend that helps to promote mental and emotional health, which will continue to boom this year. For this reason, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the micro-learning market niches and the sale of specialized online services will be opportune, since they will be making inroads in an area where the large e-commerce companies cannot make inroads.

6. Cybersecurity

Cases of computer and financial theft are increasingly common in the digital world, thanks to new technologies we have a lot of personal information in virtual media. Although it is an advantage for people, which implies greater possibilities and great comfort, the reality is that it makes us vulnerable to potential cyber attacks. In recent years, Internet users have become more aware of the dangers that can be found on the network, but we are far from being completely protected.

Taking care of our digital assets and information should be as simple as it is in the physical world, and this is the task of cybersecurity companies. The latter have begun to emerge in different cities around the world as a way of providing people with defense and protection mechanisms that allow them to enjoy the benefits of the network without worrying about the dangers. At the moment, the market for this niche is little explored and will become one of the most explored trends in entrepreneurship in the coming years, as many consumers will want to obtain such degrees of protection.


7. E-learning

Adapting to the changes brought about by technology is one of the most difficult tasks that an entrepreneur must face, since he/she will have to overcome the obstacles that appear when machine learning becomes present.

The automatic learning of artificial intelligences has led to a large number of workers being displaced to less relevant positions, which has generated unprecedented events in certain high-profile jobs. That is why keeping the profiles updated will be vital to maintain the path of the entrepreneur or businessman, because human capital will increase its value to the point of being more valuable than that of an Artificial Intelligence.

According to an analysis carried out by the consulting firm Research and Markets, online education would have a capital injection of at least 360,000 million dollars until 2025, if we consider post-pandemic events, it will be even greater. A more recent study suggests that the figure could exceed $500 billion, as distance or hybrid learning becomes more and more commonplace.

Therefore, entrepreneurs who want to bet on micro-learning niches can take advantage of all the opportunities that are emerging thanks to the popularization of distance learning, the rise of 5G technology and the massification of teleworking technology. Additionally, the speed with which consumers can learn something new just in the time they require it will be an added value to know how to manage the business towards a higher point of success.

8. Knowledge as a new currency

The growth of Artificial Intelligences has generated that a large number of companies and platforms must rethink their economic models, because they have found it difficult to continue performing certain actions. However, during the last decades a special value has been given to the knowledge of workers, turning intellectual property into the new most valued asset of companies. A worker with the ability and talent to take a company to the next step will be of great interest, as it will allow them to obtain:

  • Promotions with the power of talent
  • Knowledge to face new challenges and cope with the machine learning revolution.
  • Decentralize the line of power in the companies.
  • Decentralize the old labor model
  • Incentivize employee knowledge and human capital as the main assets of companies.

9. HealthTech, MedTech and BioTech

One of the sectors that have had the greatest boom in the last two years have been those related to health from a technological development, because they have attracted a number of investors who want to bet on innovative projects. The prestige that these sectors have acquired in society has laid the foundations for entrepreneurship or founding start-ups related to improving people’s health as ideas with great potential for success.

It is expected that training in the field of health will increase considerably, as more and more people want to educate themselves on how to help others. In this sense, we could be facing the possibility of establishing a middle ground between e-learning and the health-related sectors. Likewise, telemedicine will continue to be a tool widely used by those who wish to obtain answers to their queries without having to go to a health center; therefore, establishing a platform that provides this service could be one of the most profitable ideas in 2022.


10. Viral Growth Loops

Accelerated growth techniques will be at their peak during the first two quarters of this year, as a host of new websites and marketing platforms are entering a highly competitive market. Until now, growth marketing has been characterized by using individual marketing techniques that allow a greater number of customers to discover the final product.

However, now new strategies will be applied that will aim at a harmonious and integrated work of all applicable techniques, thus giving way to the implementation of the viral growth loop, this being one of the trends for entrepreneurs that will make a difference in the power of expansion of the various projects.

11. ClimateTech + AgriTech

Some of the most controversial and important issues on the government agendas of most nations in the world are: climate, agriculture and livestock, so it is not surprising that these sectors have their own space among the trends in entrepreneurship for this year. New business approaches, changing consumer perspectives and the quest for a better tomorrow have created a new way forward.

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