Employees Scheduling Tips You Must Know

1. Team Needs

It’s important to understand the needs of your team for better scheduling and for business, in general. A clear understanding of the motivation and needs of your team will allow you to make informed decisions regarding scheduling. If you clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employee, it will help you make a better schedule to ensure that employees with complementary skill sets and personality types work together. Keeping notes on the employees will help you make a better schedule in case you have multiple locations or a huge team.

When you use the schedule maker from Tracktime 24, you also have the option of updating important information about your employees including their education level, qualifications, and other such things. Additional information can also be added by editing the profile of the employee. In Buddy Punch, additional information can be added to the employee profile in order to know your employees better.

2. Identify Your Best Employees

When you know your best employees and have a complete understanding of their skill set, it will allow you to create a schedule meeting their skill levels. For instance, you can schedule them to work during the holidays when things are busier. Knowing who are the best-performing employees in your organization is extremely important to create an efficient employee schedule.

It’s important to know your top-performing employees. It can be done through informal or formal performance reviews. Some of the traits among the best employees include good communication skills, customer service, and teamwork. Build shifts by using this list of the best-performing employees. Taking the example of a retail store, the most efficient employees can be scheduled for more shifts during holidays.

3. Availability of Employee Schedule

It’s important to ensure the availability of employee schedules to all the employees. They should be able to check their schedule from anywhere and at any time. Don’t use paper as nobody likes it and it’s not environmentally friendly. You can use online-based employee scheduling software or leave management software. Most people keep a mobile device with them these days. You can provide them with the schedule via an app interface using Buddy Punch’s app. It is available for android as well as iOS devices. With the help of this app, employees are free to check their schedules from anywhere.

4. Keep Schedule Ready in Advance

Make sure schedules are always ready in advance. Leaving it to the last minute not only makes employees anxious but also puts unavoidable pressure on hiring managers. If you own a construction business, a restaurant, or a retail store, it might be necessary to schedule employee shifts many weeks in advance. The predictive scheduling laws also make it necessary for a category of employers to provide an advanced schedule to their employees. These could be at least a week or several weeks in advance.

In case predictive scheduling is impacting your business, make use of employee scheduling software for compliance with the laws. Even if predictive scheduling has no effect on your business, creating an advanced schedule for your employees is always a good idea. It will motivate your employees as they will feel that you care for them as advance scheduling helps them in planning their personal lives much better.

In case there is any kind of change in employee schedule, make sure that you get your employees to receive the notification as quickly as possible. They should also get the opportunity to deal with changes. Make it easy for your employees to communicate with team leaders in case of a schedule change or any other issues.

5. Team Communication Is Extremely Important

Creating employee schedules will inevitably result in various issues. The way of communicating these issues and scheduling changes is going to have an important impact on the business. It should be easy for you to communicate with a single employee as communicating with the whole team. One of the ways for you to inform employees of any change in schedule is through instant email notifications. Instant notifications also allow employees to ask questions or any concerns they might have regarding the schedule.

The employee schedule management software by Tracktime24 allows instant email notifications in case of any scheduling change. Employees also get notifications whenever at the creation of a new schedule. Employees also have the ability to check their schedule at any time by checking their Buddy Punch account.

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