Most Common Gmail Scams You Must Avoid These Days

Here are the most common Gmail scams you may encounter in 2021. Email is one of the favourite ways for cybercriminals to scam users, along with apps like WhatsApp. Who hasn’t recently received a particularly bizarre email that was just trying to trick us? Today we show you the most common Gmail scams you may encounter in 2021.

Hackers don’t rest. If we recently told you about scams that come through mobile applications such as WhatsApp, today we are going to show you the most common Gmail scams that you may come across in 2021. Take a look and get ahead of those who are trying to trick you within Google’s email service.

If you receive an email with some of the scams below the best thing to do is to stay calm and not act urgently; analyse the email in detail and clearly see what is being asked for in it and do not send any response data. Also, there are services to stop spam emails and keep your inbox clean.

Gmail Technical Support

We begin the most common Gmail scams you may encounter in 2021 with Technical Support. If you receive an email offering Gmail Technical Support to recover an email account username or password or to set up an email account, be very suspicious. Official Gmail support is available through the Gmail Help Center site, which you can access by clicking here.

These addresses and the websites they link to have nothing to do with Gmail or Google. In addition, they will most likely ask you for money to provide this Support service. Google does not charge for this. It is best not to give out your Gmail account username and password to anyone, even if they claim to be from Google.

Fake Gmail Technical Support

Hacked Gmail Account Or Computer With A Virus

Another of the most common Gmail scams you may encounter in 2021 is the one that comes via email telling you that your Gmail account has been hacked or that your computer has a malicious virus. These emails ask you to provide personal details and pay to unlock your account or remove the virus. None of this is true, they are just trying to steal personal data and money.

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Updating Your Account

If you receive an email stating that you must update your Gmail account or it will be suspended, it is also a scam. The email usually contains a link that appears to be from, but in reality, it directs the user to a website controlled by the hackers where they ask you to enter your personal details. Do not take any action and be wary of this type of email.

Google Lottery

Many emails and mobile app scams involve fake prizes. One of them has to do with receiving an email claiming that the user receiving it has won a Google lottery prize and asking for personal information in order to collect the prize money. This is completely false because Google does not conduct lottery draws.

Customs Payments

Closely related to the previous scam is the email scam where someone pretends to be a customs or tax official with the aim of defrauding the user by saying that they have to make payments for courier services, parcels, taxes etc. All of this is false and the user should not respond by including their personal details.

Fake Google Jobs scam

Google Job Post

We close the most common Gmail scams that you may encounter in 2021 with the Google job post scam. This scam arrives in the form of a message in the Gmail inbox and tells the person that they have been chosen for a job at Google or another company. But the worst part is that you are asked to pay a fee before starting work. In reality, you have not been selected as an applicant for a job at Google, but are being set up to send money to a cybercriminal.

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