MiniTool MovieMaker: A Free Video Editor for Everyone

Those who produce videos know the importance of visually attractive and high-quality content. You also know how difficult it is to produce these materials. As much as your video looks very good, most of the time it is still necessary to make some adjustments to make everything perfect, and you will only achieve this through video editing.

With some technique and software suited to your skills and needs, you will be able to correct most of the recording problems found in a video, such as bad audio, bad colors and poor lighting, and you can still create visually richer materials by inserting effects, filters, texts and etc.

The point is, we all need video editing solutions from time to time. The most ideal type to use, however, is something else entirely. There has been an endless debate overpaid and free video editors. Although most people prefer freeware to an overwhelming majority, it turns out that the real features can be found in a free one.

Free or Paid?

Although you can mention many free options, most of them end up being useless. They usually offer very limited functionality, which is usually unable to generate properly edited videos. And as soon as you assume that you have fortunately stumbled upon a model with impressive functionalities, you suddenly discover that you are permanently blocked by watermarks and others. Then, to make matters worse, they probably added two annoying ads.

From trial periods limited to incomplete video output, for example, I have tried everything with free editors. And frankly, I have repeatedly given up on finding a solid on several occasions.

So, I have to admit that I was not really excited about the free video editor MiniTool MovieMaker when I found out. I had thought it would end up being another old tale with only a different title. But surprisingly, things turned out to be against my expectations.

MiniTool MovieMaker 2.2

MiniTool MovieMaker 2.2

MiniTool MovieMaker is a free video editing software, available for all running Windows. It is a powerful tool that allows you to produce videos for whatever use. It allows you to export your videos to various popular video formats for the web or for high definition streaming.

Edit videos with MiniTool MovieMaker

Edit videos with MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker is a modern and flexible tool that can help vloggers to produce videos. The program works like several commercial video, audio and graphic editing tools, and it exploits the concept of layers to integrate visual and audio media in the production of the final video.

You may have captured a video with a webcam, tablet or cell phone. Once you have transferred the file to the computer that operates MiniTool MovieMaker, you can import the video for editing.

When the video is imported, you drag it into the timeline at the bottom of the program. MiniTool MovieMaker will then display the audio and video tracks that allow you to make a host of changes to your project.

You may want to cut portions of your video to tighten it, perhaps add background music, or, in the case of a long video, divide your video into sections to add title screens.

You will often need to combine several of the videos you have recorded or add narration to a video. All those can be done using the timeline toolbar. All your work can be saved in a project file (.mmm format) which you can close and reopen whenever you want to modify your project.

To produce video in a format that can be viewed on another device, you must export the video from your project file.

Getting Started is Easy!

When it comes to functionality, MiniTool MovieMaker has the advantage of being extremely light, while retaining some of the more advanced functionality that one would expect from a superior video editor. The main advantage is that MiniTool MovieMaker offers shortcuts and preview to the existed movie templates. You can find certain theme templates immediately and collaborate with your raw video clips. Creating a stunning video with MiniTool MovieMaker can be a matter of minutes.

MiniTool MovieMaker Movie Templates

The application easily allows you to efficiently slow down or accelerate almost any video material.  The minimum playback speed is 0.01 and the maximum is 50x. This function works like a charm and easy to use.

Edit videos with MiniTool MovieMaker
Edit videos with MiniTool MovieMaker

Since MiniTool MovieMaker is free, you can download and install it at no cost. If you find the software useful, you can always send feedback to help the developer improve for even better experience.

Bonus Tips to Take Your Editing to the Next Level

These are simple tips, but they can improve the result and even facilitate the editing process.

  1. Search for References – Before you start editing, search for videos that have the same objective as yours, select the ones you like the most, the ones that caught your attention the most and study why you think these videos are so good.
  2. Cut the “Fat” – One problem that can ruin your video’s purpose practice is over-information. To avoid this type of problem, each video must defend an idea and have only one purpose. All speeches, images, sounds must contribute to building this idea.
  3. Tell a Story -By applying this strategy in editing the video so that, at the end of the sequence, you have told a small story to the audience, you greatly increase the chances of it being a success.
  4. Create an amazing headline for your video – The headline is a kind of title that summarizes the central idea of ​​your video in a way that arouses the curiosity of your audience.

In Conclusion

If this is your first experience creating videos with software, start with small steps, and don’t hesitate to use the help of the stunning MiniTool MovieMaker software and considerate user tutorials provided. You will be impressed by the speed with which you will learn and improve your videos! Now just get your hands dirty and start editing your videos today.

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