Is there a bingo caller at all casinos?

The bingo caller plays a very important role in the bingo game. They help to dictate the tone of the game and help to entertain players. However, some may be surprised to find out that not every bingo game uses a bingo caller – check out 10 free no deposit casino UK slots.

Role of a Bingo Caller

The bingo caller plays a very important role in the game, they set the tone for the evening. A bingo caller’s job is to keep all the players’ attention on the game, they provide humorous comments and funny anecdotes which aim to entertain players. The bingo caller helps keep bingo a light hearted game and stops it from getting too competitive.

The most unique part of the bingo caller is the bingo lingo that they use. These small phrases or words are specific lingo which only applies to bingo games. Bingo lingo is used widely in today’s game, despite the fact that the earliest bingo lingo dates back to the 1800s! It actually first originated from cockney rhyming slang, however modern bingo lingo is much more topical.

Physical Bingo Games

In a physical venue, the bingo caller arguably plays a vital role. It is through them that the tone and tempo of a bingo game is dictated. The players will be paying attention to both their scorecard and the bingo call whilst the game is being played.

  • Bingo callers will shout out a witty phrase or a unique saying each time a ball is drawn. These can range from topical issues to classic idioms. These calls are meant to entertain the audience and help to alleviate any nerves or tension.
  • Bingo callers can help set the tone of a game by providing light hearted comments, this helps prevent the game from becoming too competitive. A good bingo caller will also encourage the players to speak with each other.
  • The success of a bingo experience will usually hinge on the bingo caller, if they are not very good then players will be much more likely to not enjoy the experience.

Online Bingo Games

The online bingo games don’t use the bingo caller in the same way that physical bingo games do. Many online bingo games do away with the bingo caller completely!

  1. As these games are played online and don’t offer a face to face experience, the impact of the bingo caller would be lessened in these online games. Instead, these games feature animations which indicate which balls have been drawn.
  2. Online bingo games arguably do not even need a bingo caller in the first place as people interact with the game much more differently when they are playing online. There is less of a personal element and more emphasis on winning, however there is still a thriving social side to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

The bingo caller is primarily used in real life bingo venues such as bingo halls to help create a suitable atmosphere for the game, however online bingo games usually do not use a bingo caller at all.

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