How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used B2B networking platforms across the globe. This social networking platform offers businesses a golden opportunity to network with more than 700 million professionals.   

If you learn the art of using LinkedIn effectively, it can turn out to be a highly valuable resource of recommendations, information, and business leads. You can also use the top-rated LinkedIn automation tool to complete repetitive tasks in less time. On the other hand, the businesses that ignore it completely are missing out on immense market share and brand presence opportunities. 

If you don’t know how to use LinkedIn effectively and win more leads for your business, fret not! This post discusses everything you must know as a business owner to boost credibility and sales.  

First, let’s explore the benefits of using Linkedin… 

Benefits of LinkedIn for businesses  

Prospect and lead generation 

This social network helps you reach the right prospects and boost leads. You can follow different approaches to do so, but one of the most popular is joining related groups and helping the target users with your valuable answers. Another approach is to add your prospects as a connection. 

Supreme quality business connections 

Since Linkedin is full of forward-thinking professionals just like you who are also finding new ways to take their businesses to new levels, this creates an exceptional opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together and make business growth easier for each other. 

Brand exposure  

You can create a Linkedin company page and feature your services and products to help increase overall brand exposure. In addition, there will be one more location on the web where potential customers can find out about your unique offerings.  

Another key benefit of creating a company page on this social network is that you can easily post job openings. The job seekers will be able to connect with the best talent to fill the vacant positions quickly. 

Increased credibility  

LinkedIn is a remarkable social network to showcase your unique services and products for increased trust amongst your prospects and existing customers. 

“Recommendations” is one of the best features on Linkedin. The more recommendations your business has from past customers, the more of a business growth opportunity you have. In short, this feature can be your ultimate source of generating more leads and sales. 

Now, let’s move on to explore how to use LinkedIn effectively!

Getting the Best from the World’s Biggest Networking Site  

Without a doubt, LinkedIn has turned into a valuable publishing platform and sales and lead generation source for marketers and salespeople.   

Using this platform can be a straightforward approach for lead generation — if you’re keen to invest some time in sharing your experience, expertise, and thought leadership. 

The key purpose of social networking is not to sell; it is to initiate meaningful conversations and build strong relationships.  

Ultimately, many of your LinkedIn relationships will help achieve the desired business goal — be it generating leads, sales, or referrals. If you want to take your efforts to the next level, then you can make use of marketing and automation tools specially designed to save time and meet your business objectives faster. Dripify is one of the most reliable and advanced LinkedIn automation tools used by professionals across the globe. However, you must follow best practices to use Linkedin, whether you use tools or do it manually; otherwise, you might end up annoying the people and ruining your brand’s credibility.  

Before jumping onto the Linkedin tips to get the best for your brand, take a look at some interesting facts:  

Some interesting facts about LinkedIn 

  • Linkedin has users in approximately 200 countries and regions across the globe 
  • Brands have witnessed approximately 33% growth in buying intent as a result of Linkedin ad exposure 
  • Marketers notice nearly 2x higher conversion rates on this social network 
  • B2B websites and blogs gain nearly 50% of social media traffic from Linkedin 
  • 79% of B2B marketers consider Linkedin an excellent lead generation platform 

Businesses (possibly your competitors) are making incredible benefits out of these limitless growth opportunities. So now is the right time for you to leverage the power of LinkedIn! 

Ways to Get the Best From LinkedIn      

1. Complete your LinkedIn profile 

Merely creating a linkedin account is not going to help you until you have a complete and updated profile. Since it gives the first glimpse of your offerings and expertise to your prospects, it must be compelling enough to leave a strong first impression.  

This is especially crucial for business owners and freelancers who are constantly on the hunt to capture new leads. The leads are likely to convert if your profile contains comprehensive details about you, including your service domain, professional achievements, years in service, and more. 

You can also mention your completed projects and provide a thorough description or case study to build better credibility. Another great way is to request recommendations from your existing customers for strengthening your Linkedin profile’s credibility.  

Furthermore, you can tell your brand’s story in the “Summary” section to provide more details to the prospects who come across your profile.  

2. Engage with prospects with a personalized, human touch 

Want to connect with your prospects qualitatively? You will need to adopt a personalized approach, but that should feel human and not robotic. You can use this smart approach when sending messages to them: 

  • Offer something useful to the prospects in return. It could be anything; a blog post, detailed info, stats, or an email newsletter.  
  • Connect with them on other platforms such as Twitter or a website. 

3. LinkedIn groups   

LinkedIn groups are among the top features to utilize when it comes to how to use Linkedin effectively.  These groups of professionals are a powerful resource for marketers because they serve as a hub for like-minded individuals to connect.

Linkedin Groups can be created around any niche or topic. Professionals, especially the thought-leaders, share their valuable expertise in groups, carry-forward healthy conversations around the niche/topic, and help others by sharing their tips and knowledge, thus creating active communities. The relations that you foster with other group members can help generate leads for your brand. 

4. Share testimonials and customer success stories 

Brand-driven storytelling is a powerful approach to building much-needed awareness among your prospects. Sharing customer success stories will spotlight your real-life clients/customers. There are various creative ways to feature testimonials. The common ways include sharing customer testimonial videos and quoting their feedback in posts. It can strengthen credibility and boost the prospects’ trust in your brand. 

5. LinkedIn’s advertising options  

Do you want to reach your target audience effectively? If yes, you can opt for LinkedIn’s diverse range of advertising options.  

Sponsored posts are among the most popular ways to reach more people. Linkedin will help you with precise targeting, making it easy for you to reach out to the target audience. In addition, you can create SEO-friendly ads on LinkedIn to drive highly qualified traffic to your business website. 

6. Make use of marketing and automation tools

In order to make the most out of this giant social networking platform, you must tap into the world of marketing and linkedin automation tools. These Linkedin tools are designed to help you make better use of this goldmine of professional connections — Linkedin. 

Since there are several kinds of tools in the market, so the first and foremost thing is to find out your exact purpose. It could be anything from LinkedIn lead generation and building brand awareness to sending automatic instant replies to your customers/prospects. 

A linkedin automation tool is the best investment for busy professionals who want to automate certain repetitive tasks. Among all available options, Dripify is a tool that offers you great flexibility for prospecting and lead generation on Linkedin. 

Pros of Linkedin Automation tools 

  • They help automate all the routine activities such as sending connection requests and follow-up messages to prospects, extracting profiles of individuals and companies, inviting other Linkedin users to follow your company’s page, and more. 
  • Automation tools for Linkedin empower you to run automated marketing campaigns and save a significant amount of time for other crucial tasks. 
  • You can create a list of ready leads by simply automating the follow-up messages and invitation requests.  
  • You can gather detailed insights about the source of the lead and process other related information in just a few seconds.

Things not to automate on Linkedin 

Automating a few parts of your Linkedin prospecting and lead generation process can help you save crucial time, money, and other resources, but automating each and every task in the sales process can be risky. Also, there is nothing that can beat personal, customized interaction. Although you can set up automation tools for connection and prospecting messages, once there is a response to a message, we highly suggest taking the further conversation into your own hands to cultivate strong relations and convert them into loyal customers.   


Linkedin is among the most popular social networks for professionals, and you should not miss out on the opportunities that it holds for you. The most important tip is to keep your LinkedIn account up-to-date and share your industry-related leadership thoughts on a regular basis.

Follow the best practices shared in this guide, and you will surely win more leads and sales!

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