How to prepare for your class 11 chemistry?

No matter in which class you are, if you are not working on your prep, your performance in the class is going to definitely get impacted. The point is simple, if you are taking subjects like chemistry, you cannot simply take them lightly. You need to work on your prep and only then you can perform really well in your exam.

It is true that ncert chemistry class 11 material, proper guidance and assistance will help you sail through. But if you really want to make the most of all these things, you need to work on your prep right from the beginning. This post is an effort to help you work on your chemistry prep so that you can get good scores in your class 11th.

Class 11th chemistry

You can divide the class 11 chemistry into three branches i.e. Physical chemistry, that of inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. Various students think that in physical chemistry they simply require to solve only numerical. In case you also have the same thought regarding this branch of chemistry then like everyone, you are also partly wrong. Yes, you require to solve numerical in physical chemistry but at the same time you should not neglect the theory portions that are quite important for both your final exam as well as different competitive exams.

what you need to understand here is that maximum of numerical are asked from chapters such as structure of atom, states of matter, equilibrium and thermodynamics. Prepare these types of chapters well. Try to solve minimum of ten numerical daily. It is something that would make you more and more confident.  You know what, chemical bonding and molecular structure is also a quite an important chapter. You are hardly finding any type of numerical in this chapter but go through this lesson recurrently. It is one of the most convenient but highly scoring chapters of class 11 chemistry.  Once you have done well at this during the prep, you are going to be confident in the exam for sure.

Here, in order to prepare inorganic chemistry you simply need a very sharp memory because it includes lots of learning. How many of you actually have learned any chapter from inorganic chemistry and that of have forgotten it after couple of days? It could be the possibility that majority of you are facing the same sort of problem. Don’t get disheartened and simply take out at least an hour from your busy schedule to simply read inorganic chemistry regularly. Though in class 11 you are needed to learn just a little portion of inorganic chemistry, never really leave them for the last moment. In case possible prepare notes that actually would help you tremendously during your final preparation. 

Actually, it is needless to say that the organic chemistry of class 11 is the base or foundation that you desperately require to secure good marks in both class 12 board exams and even that of in the competitive exams. In case you will not study physical as well as inorganic chemistry of class 11  then you might experience or face little problem in the higher classes but in case you fail to study class 11 organic chemistry in right manner then you will encounter lots of issues in the class 12. It is one of the most convenient branch of chemistry in case read properly or it can even become the toughest branch if not really read in right manner.

Important topics to remember

Some of the crucial topics of class 11 organic chemistry are nomenclature of organic compounds, that of isomerism, inductive effect, hyperconjugation, resonance, quantitative analysis (dumas method and Kjeldahl’s method), preparation of alkanes, conformations, alkenes & alkynes, Markovic and anti-Markovic rule, oxidation of alkenes, ozonolysis, and chemical properties of benzene. Once you work on these topics properly and attentively, you would find yourself doing really well at the chemistry exam.

Remember, you must go through ncert first before you even start reading any other reference books. You need to practice each and every question of this book given in the different exercises. The point is once you work on your subject understanding through the eyes of ncert and use its material for your prep, you can be sure that you do not just ace at the exam in class 11th chemistry but in the future classes and competitive exams too. Once you have deep roots in class 11th, you may find it hard for anything or anyone to uproot your understanding of chemistry. You must check out ncert exemplar class 11 chemistry and start your prep accordingly.


To sum up, gather all the chemistry class 11th quality material from Infinity Learn and get started your prep. You would do well if you understand everything attentively. This post might have played a role in your better understanding now.

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