How to Create the Best 3D Billboard?

You are walking through a street and your eyes go towards the screen above your head!  You can see your favourite Tv show or latest Netflix series advertisement running on those big screens. Scary dragon from the House of Dragon HBO blockbuster series)  appears suddenly or a cartoon character jumps out of the box! The glass suddenly cracks and the cartoon comes out. Yes, this is a 3D Billboard. It looks real, right? A group of zombies suddenly runs in front of you. The Resident Evil series was very famous on Time Square’s 3d billboards.

The popularity of these billboards is high. It can easily capture attention and go viral. This will surely make people interested in your product. But the content should be good enough. So in this blog, we will discuss how to create the best 3D Billboard to attract people! Keep reading!

How do 3D Billboards work?

Two images are selected for display on the LED screen. These images are taken from two different perspectives. These images are combined into single footage. It is a trick for your eyes. The 3D effect is made through processing technology. 

How to Make A 3D Billboard?

In this blog, we will discuss it properly.

1. Seamless curved LED display – 

Apart from good content, you must choose a seamless LED display. A Curved LED display is best. 3D LED Billboards have a corner so it is very important to have a seamless surface. Also, you will get a smooth connection. Bad Billboard quality will ruin the visual effect. So a waste of money. Linsn provides a perfectly curved LED display. Its effect is great.

LED displays with high quality can connect multiple pictures and need a perfect corner.

2. High-Standard configuration 

To display high-definition pictures with 3D content,  Billboard configuration must have certain standards otherwise it will ruin the quality. Here we have listed out some requirements for Billboard –

  1. High refreshment – ≥3840hz
  2. High dynamic contrast
  3. High grayscale: ≥14bit
  4. Configure multi-graphics card

A 3D video source and a Professional decoder are also needed. The brightness level must reach a level to show 3D features properly.

3. 3D content for displaying 

To get the ideal 3D feel, the content should maintain high standards.  Here is the checklist for it –

  1. Discuss the content with fellow partners to make it creative. Take out a pre-design and preview it before your colleagues. The creative explanation should be there along with good design.
  2. Discuss IPR issues for using Logos, copywriters, names, designs and so on.
  3. Collect enough data for the content.
  4. Take reference for the effect and design.

It will be best if you hire a 3D content creator. There are lots of things to consider before coming to a decision. If you do it properly, your advertisement will surely attract the eyes of buyers.

What Billboards are used for 3D effects

You should use digital units with movement capacity. 3d billboards don’t have the capacity but technology, production, and design is the main character behind them. Place your 3d billboards in some selective cities. So that your content will gain enough attraction. Also, Billboards should be placed at a certain location, where it is safe for the viewers to look at them. You don’t want people to stop in the middle of the road to watch your content right? It’s dangerous. Place it somewhere safe and where people can see it properly.

How much does a 3D Billboard cost?

Prices for the 3d billboards are high. The more you pay for the content and technology, the more it gets attractive. Though in the past few years the charges are increasing. There are many factors combined against Billboard technology.


3d billboards in Times Square, Tokyo, China, and France have gotten a lot of recognition recently. Be it the latest blockbuster movies or series or newly launched products! Everyone wants to telecast them to these top locations. People are seriously getting attracted towards these. Hope this blog will help you to come up with the idea of a 3d billboard. To create a good 3D billboard, one must have a good content creation capability. Invest in your content team.

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