How offering free WiFi relates to customer satisfaction

If we look at how much the number of Internet users has increased in the last year, it is more than 367 million. About 70% of the total internet users think that the internet should be free like everyday products.

When you own a business, you have to try to attract customers as well as how your customers can have a great experience. With that in mind, many businesses now provide free WiFi for customers. People are now more and more busy with outside work. If they can be attracted to the Internet, what’s wrong with that?

Customers always want to stay connected. In fact, customers want high-speed, consistent Internet access; Because mobile data fails to give it most of the time. Moreover, it has to be bought and used. So free WiFi is the cause of their satisfaction. Many studies suggest that businesses that need to sell or provide services face-to-face with consumers will be at risk very quickly if they do not provide WiFi services.

Want to know more about providing free WiFi to customers? Let’s take a look at the reasons, advantages, and disadvantages of giving free WiFi in a few details. Many businesses are now enlisting the help of WiFi consultants.

Offering free WiFi

Free WiFi service in various businesses is rapidly becoming a popular marketing technique. Due to the lack of free WiFi service, many customers go to the places where they will get free WiFi, even if it is a little far.

There are hundreds of such examples. However, some businesses are hesitant to offer free WiFi to their customers. They are worried that the cost of doing business may go up, but the fact is that getting free WiFi increases customer satisfaction and at the same time increases sales several times over.

Why businesses should offer free WiFi to enrich customer satisfaction

WiFi is an optional service you may or may not offer. You can provide free or paid WiFi service to customers. But a large number of businesses have decided to offer free WiFi service due to customer satisfaction. Let’s take a look at the benefits of setting up public WiFi:

  1. Free WiFi keeps customers busy. Various surveys have shown that all companies provide free WiFi, they do not rush to the business for services, they are busy with the Internet. Such as a coffee shop or restaurant or customer service center where the customer has to be seated and served. If there are free public WiFi services, you can safely keep them busy and provide services as needed.
  2. Increases sales several times. A survey conducted at various hotels with free WiFi has shown that sales increase several times. Because customers spend more time and also increase sharing with friends.
  3. Social media marketing is strengthened when businesses provide free WiFi services. Customers are increasingly “Check-in” through social media apps that make your business free marketing. As a result, more and more customers keep coming to your business. Brand value and sales both increase unexpectedly.
  4. Advanced customer tracking. Not only does free WiFi benefit customers, but can also be used to promote your business. Because you are in control of the network connection. In that case, you can set your official website as the homepage. Customers will see your organization on their devices right from the start. So you can deliver your new service to the customer. Moreover, it can also spread awareness among the customers. Above all, they make your brand reach others faster.
  5. Surviving among the high competition. Many customers try to check out reviews at restaurants, or coffee shops. Where they try to filter how fast WiFi service is provided. Based on the review they decide whether to go to the coffee shop or restaurant. So to survive in this competition you need to provide high-speed WiFi internet service.

How to avoid free WiFi common problems

You may have already figured out what the possibilities are when you offer free WiFi in your business. It helps attract new customers, increases free marketing, increases reviews on social media, as well as increases both sales and customer satisfaction. Everything is positive for your business, so where is the problem?

Really free wifi brings all the positivity to your business in this era. Apart from these, there are still some problems if you can’t handle it properly. However, the problems are so normal, they can be reduced with a little action. Let’s take a look at some guidelines on how to maximize the benefits and minimize the disadvantages.

1. Free is not enough without fast and reliable WiFi

Offering free WiFi is not the only thing that will happen. Because it is very important to be fast and reliable WiFi. If it takes customers longer to get an internet connection, the connection is slower, and if the internet is down again and again, the customers will be more frustrated. In that case, it can bring the opposite result.

What could be the solution? First, you need to find out why your connection is slow. Then take the help of experienced people to solve it quickly.

2. Public WiFi Should Always Be Secure

Suppose your business is using Wi-Fi or wireless network technology to access local networks and the Internet, now if network security is not strong enough, hackers can steal any important files from your network. They can even ruin your network setup, so paying attention to certain things will strengthen network security. It is also important to maintain customer satisfaction.


WiFi is a popular internet connection for businesses. Many people nowadays use Wi-Fi at home or in the office to avoid the hassle of wiring. Free WiFi service is now tested to increase customer satisfaction and sales. It is also true that you will not understand the impact of free WiFi offer in your business unless you try with your customer. So I hope today’s discussion will benefit you to move your business forward faster.

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