Good Top Laners In League Of Legends

To fall in the top lane in the legends league, the player must demonstrate the ability to outplay their opponent. They must also show the ability to engage the opponent in a grueling encounter to help separate the experienced laners from the amateurs. Therefore, to stamp a mark on the top lane, you must gather enough gold and grab the opportunity to play around junglers while doing all you can to avoid ganks. So the player must channel their effort into their lane while checking everything that is happening around them.

But it is important to remember that the league of legends is home to plenty of heroes. So it may not be easy to pick the best laners at any given time. Nevertheless, here are some of the top laners in the league.

1. Ornn

Ornn features a bucket load of CC which gives him a head start in team fights and brings value to ganks.  His damage output is high, thanks to the immense volcanic rapture that he is associated with.

Ornn is capable of great output which is capable of damaging the enemy pretty fast and thus brings great value to his team flights. Also, Ornn features a unique upgrade that is always attractive to other teams. The volcanic rupture and sending out of fissures make him scary to enemies. Also, he uses the fissure to cause damage to the enemy without risking too much.

2. Camille

She is a top assassin, thanks to her huge burst and her ability to dodge the enemy. Camilie is capable of a massive engagement with her E, which allows her to easily lock down the target while allowing her teammates to kill it. Also, Camille is certainly a split pusher with plenty of trinity force, which helps her enable her teammates to escape when the need arises.

3. Darius

He is so far the biggest Solo queue who can dominate the laning phase. His Q plays an important role in sustaining him, while his hook gives him an engaging tool to stay on top of the target.

This is critical in helping Darius slow the targets by using his W to apply a passive stack. One important thing to note is that he features stride breakers that make him more powerful by giving him a viable dash that can only be compared to what Sett does when slamming an enemy.

4. Yorick

Although he was a leftfield pick for some time, Yorick has become an important lane pusher capable of clearing waves at a very high speed. He does this even when facing a superwave and will manage to push it out almost immediately. Yorick will push waves and feature the last rite with a low cooldown capable of causing great damage. It means that he can easily bash down.

This means that any enemy who plans to stop you must regroup up.  But despite all this, Yorick lacks the teamfight, and the ability to dash; therefore, kiting him is much easier, especially when an enemy has any form of CC or displacement.

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