Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch Won’t Pair/Connect With Mobile [Possible Solutions]

Is Samsung Galaxy Watch giving you trouble syncing or connecting with your mobile? Can’t get it to pair, or does it connect or disconnect all the time? We have this guide for you. In this tutorial, we’ll help you fix Samsung Galaxy Watch won’t connect or sync with the mobile, and similar issues, so you can pair it with your mobile successfully.

You’re not alone, the forums are full of users expressing their frustration because Samsung Galaxy Watch is having trouble connecting with the mobile. But don’t worry, beyond seeing if the devices are compatible or that they are up to date, there are some options you can try to fix this problem.

1. Disable WiFi When You Initiate Pairing To Fix Galaxy Watch Won’t Connect To Mobile

If the problem you’re having with your Samsung Galaxy Watch is that you can’t even start the pairing process because your device doesn’t detect it, try applying this small change.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch Won't Pair/Connect With Mobile

Yes, something as simple as turning off WiFi while you pair and sync both devices. And the same dynamic applies to mobile data. Then the process is the same: turn on the Galaxy Watch and from the Galaxy Wearable app follow the instructions.

Perhaps the conflict of your Samsung Galaxy Watch with your mobile is that it is connected to another device, so you will have to manually add another mobile. To do this, click on Applications >> Settings >> Connect to new phone.

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2. Reset Network Settings

If you have a lot of gadgets linked to your mobile, they may be creating conflicts when pairing a new device, or a misconfiguration may be causing you a misunderstanding.

So if you want to rule out this problem by starting from scratch, try resetting the network settings. Yes, it’s a tedious task, as you will lose passwords, linked devices, and all data associated with the network settings.

But if you want to give it a try, go to Settings >> General Management >> Reset Network Settings. Or depending on your phone, you may find this option in Settings >> Connection & Sharing >> Reset Wifi, Mobile Networks, and Bluetooth.

This should possibly fix the pairing issues that you’re facing on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. If you still can’t connect it, try the next method.

3. Delete Data From Samsung Apps

On the other hand, if you are synchronizing your watch from a non-Samsung mobile, it will have asked you to install the Galaxy Watch Plugin and Samsung Accessory Services, and these apps may be the cause of the conflict. So go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage apps >> Galaxy Watch PlugIn.

Once you choose the app, click on “Clear all data“. And the same dynamic repeats with the other Samsung application. And if you want to know if the latest updates of these apps are the problem, take a look at the comments on Google Play and see if it is a generalized one.

4. Enable Automatic Startup And Disable Power Saving

Another detail that you must take into account so that no conflicts are caused with the linking of your Galaxy Watch is that the additional apps (Galaxy Watch Plugin and Samsung Accessory Services) must have all the permissions they require and have free access to function without restrictions.

To make sure you have the right settings, go to Applications >> Manage apps and select each of the Samsung apps mentioned above. In the “App Info” section, make sure you have Auto Launch enabled and that you don’t have Power Saving enabled.

5. Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

If none of the above options worked for you, then try resetting your Galaxy Watch to start from scratch.

Note that this will factory reset the device, so any settings or data you have saved will be lost. But before performing the reset, you can back up the data stored on the Galaxy Watch.

But if you want to perform this process, then from the app’s screen open Settings >> General >> Reset. It will ask you if you want to reset the watch, so it only remains for you to confirm the action. And if for some reason your Galaxy Watch does not respond, you can perform the reset from your mobile.

To do this, go to the Galaxy Wearable app, select Home >> General >> Reset. There you will also find the option to make a backup before resetting the device. And then, you can start synchronizing your Samsung Galaxy Watch with your mobile from scratch, without forgetting to restore your watch from the backup.

So, these are the available methods to fix connection/pairing issues on Samsung Galaxy Watch, and you should able to connect this watch with your mobile. If you still find these methods working, do let us know. You can drop your comments below. We would be happy to help you further!

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