How To Download Google Chrome Beta Version on Android

If you're looking to download and install the Beta version of Google Chrome APK on your Android phone then follow this guide to do that!

Despite the fact that in the view of many users the beta test of anything is something very responsible and incredibly difficult, in fact, it is absolutely not so. Many developers have long understood that it is much better to test their apps or updates before launching them to the widest possible audience and fix all the bugs in advance than to keep the product in secret and then face mass complaints. So it makes sense that they offer everyone easy and convenient access to beta versions of their applications. Google does the same thing.

Google tries to stick to a steady cycle of updates for Chrome, which is exactly 6 weeks. In other words, new versions of the company’s proprietary browser are released more often than in a month and a half since the previous one.

But that doesn’t stop Google from beta testing the new version of Chrome and getting everyone to participate. Especially since it’s easy to take part in preliminary tests of browser updates. If you’re lazy, you won’t even have to register anywhere as you usually do.

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How To Download Google Chrome Beta Version on Android

How Chrome Beta differs from Chrome Dev and Canary

To begin with, it’s obviously worth clarifying that Google is running three Chrome beta testing programs at the same time in parallel with each other:

  • Chrome Beta is, to put it in Apple terms, a Release Candidate build. That is, the version that includes innovations intended for the next update;
  • Chrome Dev is the version targeted at web site and web application developers. It contains additional debugging and customization tools;
  • Chrome Canary is the most initial beta version, which includes innovations planned for release in a few months. It may run unstable and delete your data.

How to download and install the Google Chrome beta

For user testing of upcoming updates, I recommend using Chrome Beta. It’s the most stable build and almost certainly won’t cause you any problems. You can download it directly from Google Play. You don’t even need to sign up for the beta tester as WhatsApp requires.

  1. Follow this link to the Google Chrome for Android test page;
  2. Download Chrome Beta to your Android smartphone (it won’t replace the version you already have);
  3. Launch the browser and log in if you want your data to be synchronized;
  4. Activate the necessary innovations in the chrome://flags menu, if they are hidden (we write about the most interesting ones).

Where to download Google Chrome APK

If for some reason Google Play is not working for you – it can be for a variety of reasons, but I wrote about the most common one here – you can download the browser APK installation file to your smartphone directly. At the time of publication, the current test version is Chrome 91, which you can download from this link.

But since you can read this material much later, it is recommended to check the most recent build yourself. Just type the word Chrome Beta into the search box, and the latest build will pop up at the top. That and download it. But do not forget to delete the installation file after the actual installation, so that it does not take up space.

In general, I personally love beta testing various applications. It just so happens that some of the programs I have installed on my smartphone are test programs. For example, they are Chrome, Google Phone, and Google Messages.

Perhaps there are others, but I no longer remember them. And I use them because they offer the widest list of features, provide me with innovations before anyone else, and in general do not suffer from the problems of early alpha-versions.

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