Bluesky: a trendy alternative to X

Check out Bluesky. It's an alternative to X that has gained attention from users tired of "Musk's Twitter".

Can you imagine being able to create your own social network with your own rules? If you’re interested, check out Bluesky. It’s an alternative to X that has gained attention from users tired of “Musk’s Twitter”.

Bluesky is a microblogging platform developed by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter.

Learn more about this Elon Musk competing social network in our article.

What is Bluesky?

Bluesky is a project to create an open social network protocol and service led by Twitter, Inc. This project was meant to be part of a popular social network before Elon Musk purchased it in 2022.

Create a platform for social networks to interact with their own rules. Access Bluesky, and create your own social network like X, using the interface and algorithm.

Users can choose their favorite social network, create their own, and stay connected.

ATProtocol: A new “decentralized Twitter”.

Bluesky achieves its goals by relying on ATProtocol, a user-friendly protocol. It allows users to have their own website where they can publish and control who can view or comment.

ATProtocol lets users connect websites with search engines, aggregators, or social networks. Users can access diverse content and communities without depending on one platform.

What are Bluesky’s functions?

Bluesky operates its own social network called Bluesky Social. It can be accessed through a web browser or an app for iOS and Android. Bluesky Social offers several interesting features for users, such as:

You can create and customize your profile. Add your name, photo, bio, and website link to ATProtocol.

The user interface is user-friendly, similar to the old Twitter. This makes migrating our account to this platform less tedious.

You can post text messages, with a limit of 280 characters. However, you cannot currently upload videos.

It has a chronological main feed. No algorithms, just accounts you follow.

It offers a hashtag system similar to Twitter or other social networks.

Bluesky: a trendy alternative to X
Bluesky is a trending microblogging platform that reminds us of old Twitter!

How you can sign up for Bluesky.

To try Bluesky Social, sign up on –>their website or ask an existing user for an invitation code. After receiving the code, you can download the app or access the service on your browser.

To register, all you need to do is enter your username, email address, and password.

Bluesky vs. X: A new alternative that reminds us of old Twitter.

Bluesky Social is gaining attention as an alternative to the popular and controversial X.

Bluesky, a decentralized alternative, lets users use accounts on a separate website. It can change social network usage, like when Internet users post on blogs.

Differences between Bluesky and X.

Bluesky Social is inspired by X in many ways, but it also has some important differences.

Bluesky Social is a decentralized network, while X is centralized. Bluesky doesn’t rely on one company or server; it depends on user collaboration. Thus, Bluesky Social offers more freedom, diversity, and resistance to censorship than X.

Bluesky Social is an open social network, i.e. it allows different websites to interact, as long as they are based on the ATProtocol. In contrast, X is a closed social network that only allows interaction with its own users.

Bluesky lets users control data and content; X hides or imposes algorithms.

Creating your own social network is easy with Bluesky’s user-friendly interface and ATProtocol.

Conclusion: Will Bluesky be the new competition of X?

Bluesky is an initiative that aims to compete with X while offering a new way to use social networks. Each user will have a personalized space based on their needs.

Only time will reveal if Bluesky can rival X or fade into obscurity like other social networks. This project is new and not fully available to the public, so it’s hard to gauge user interest.

You have reached the end of the article! Thank you for reading this far. Now you can choose to sign up for Bluesky’s waiting list or wait for the social network to be open to the public.

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