NFC tags – Best tips and ideas To Use NFC Stickers

Intro: What are NFC tags? – NFC technology (near field communication) is not limited to making mobile payments! It can be used for both fun and productive things – you just need to use NFC tags. NFC tags are small tags with an NFC-chip inside. (see picture) They are mostly used for fun at this stage, but can also be used to do productive things such as promoting your business or locking your door. In this guide, we’ll share some of the best creative ways to used NFC tags/stickers for fun and better productivity.

In brief, the small chip inside the tag connects with your phone through NFC technology. The technology is supported by most new smartphones. You can see a list of NFC compatible phones here. Whether the technology will replace Bluetooth one day – or be replaced by another technology before that is not certain, but whatever happens, it does not change the fact that technology has many opportunities today.

NFC tags can also have the shape of a sticker. These NFC stickers are not powered and work by taking a little bit of power from your phone as you bring it within range. The tag is then activated and depending on how it is programmed, it will perform a certain action.

In this feature, we are giving you NFC tag ideas! Ideas on how you can use your NFC tags in the daily. We have picked out the best ideas, but really, the only limitation of this technology is your imagination.

Idea #1: NFC tag on keys

The first cool way to use this is by having an NFC tag on your keys. Whenever you are going to leave your house, you bring your keys – right? The NFC tag on your keys can then turn Wi-Fi off on your phone so you save power on the way to work.

Idea #2: NFC stickers at home

While you want to turn Wi-Fi off as you leave your house, you want to turn it on when you make it back home. This can be achieved by placing a small NFC-sticker right by your entrance door. Then you just tap your phone on the sticker and it will turn on Wi-Fi and turn up the volume; or whatever you programmed it to do.

This sticker can also be programmed to give your guests access to your Wi-Fi at home. This way they avoid having to type a long password and you can still keep your Wi-Fi security at home.

If you’re the type of person who sits down by your computer whenever you get home, the sticker can also boot up your PC. This does require quite a bit of technical skill, but if you use Google, then you will certainly be able to learn how to program the NFC sticker right.

Idea #3: NFC stickers for business

As a local business, it can oftentimes be tough to get your message out. A cool an innovative way of doing this is by putting small NFC stickers with your GPS coordinates around town. This way people will scan them and then get the GPS-coordinates for your business directly into their phone.

Idea #4: Inside your car

Keeping an NFC sticker in your car is also great – especially if you have a Bluetooth headset or radio. Then you just simply program the sticker to turn on Bluetooth and your phone will automatically make contact with nearby Bluetooth devices.

Idea #[bonus]: Use NFC in your door lock

Although this may be stretching the topic of the article a little (as we are trying to focus on the tag/sticker side of things) we thought you should know a little more about the exciting technology NFC is. It can be used on your door!

Rather than bringing your keys with you, you just carry your phone. When you leave your house, you just tap the door lock; it is locked! And the same thing when you get home. Just tap the lock – and it will open.

We recommend you keep a spare key around somewhere in case your phone runs out of power. That way you will not be locked out, should you be unlucky.

NFC tags can be purchased on a variety of online stores. We recommend that you use Amazon here or a similar site, where you can read a bunch of reviews and opinions.

We found these NFC tags to be the best for the price. They are water-resistant and have more memory than most NFC chips do. Note that almost all the reviews are positive which means that you are almost ensured a satisfying product.

Also, if you are looking for the NFC stickers these will suit your needs. You get 20 stickers for just $20! That’s a pretty good deal considering how much fun they contain! They support using the Trigger App and have great support associated with the brand of Tagstand.

The learning curve

You will not be an NFC tag expert right away. You might even struggle with getting your phone to do the most basic things. However – as with almost anything else – getting started is the hardest part. Once you get going, it will only get easier as you go along.

Remember: Even if you mess something up, you can just rewrite the sticker or tag. This means that, as you get better at programming the stickers, you can upgrade your stickers to have even more advanced features.

If you feel like you are ready to get started watch this video on how to program your NFC tag with your android device:

Conclusion: NFC tags are fun and useful

Technology is great! These stickers are yet another sign of how far technology has come. We are now one step closer to automizing everything. While NFC has already changed the way we pay for things, it has much more potential.

By using the stickers and tags you can have tons of fun and increase your productivity. We have listed a couple of ideas here, but there is an infinite number of different ways you can use NFC stickers.


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