Top 10 CamScanner Alternatives Apps for Android [2021]

The CamScanner app is a very well-known application, which you must have used for scanning documents. It was banned in India and the applications of other 58 Chinese companies after a government order sometime back. A famous app in this list, Tiktok, has also been removed from Google Play and Apple App Store. With the help of the CamScanner application, we can easily scan our documents. But now this application is banned, after which you will find many similar applications on the play store. Therefore, we have this list of the best CamScanner alternatives apps or similar scanner apps to scan documents, and save them as images or PDF files, and share them easily.

Some of which have been named precisely. It leaves you very confused about which application to try. Today we are know something similar that is the Top 10 CamScanner alternatives apps for smartphones.

#1 Adobe Scan – PDF Scanner with OCR, PDF Creator

Adobe Scan - PDF Scanner with OCR, PDF Creator
Adobe Scan – PDF Scanner with OCR, PDF Creator

Adobe Scan is a free PDF scanner app, that allows saving any document by scanning it with the help of mobile. It is using Advance Image Automatic Technology that helps whenever you scan a document, it automatically crops its border.

By which you get the absolutely clear document. The application is available on the play store, and the size of the app is 30 MB. So far, this application has more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store and a rating of 4.7 stars on the Play Store. 

Download from here.

#2 Microsoft Office lens

Microsoft Office lens

This application made by Microsoft company is quite powerful, which is perfect to call the best alternatives apps of CamScanner. With its help, you can scan any document and convert them to Word or PowerPoint. This app works even better for those who already use Microsoft’s ecosystem. The application is available on the play store, and the size of the app is 49 MB. Microsoft office lens has more than 10 million downloads on Playstore and a rating of 4.7 stars in Play store. 

Download from here.

#3 PhotoScan


PhotoScan is an app made by Google and. Apart from this, an extraordinary feature has also been given if you want to scan print photos and scan them as digital photos very well. 

The size of this application is 25 MB, which has more than 10 million downloads on Play Store. If we talk about the rating, then it has been given a 4.3-star rating.  

Download from here.

#4 TapScanner


TapScanner is also an excellent alternative to the CamScanner app. The unique feature of this app is that it takes multiple photos of the scanned document at once. Out of all, you can choose the best one. In this, you also get the facility to upload your documents to the cloud as well. In this, you will get the option to manage documents only.

Apart from this, another extraordinary feature will be available of OCR in which you can copy text from images. It will also have the quality of QR Code Scanner. You will also get the support of Dark Mode. It is quite a popular application on Play Store with more than 50 million registered users. Its size is 24 MB, with a 4.6-star rating on the Play store.

Download from here.

#5 TurboScan


With the TurboScan application, you can do all the things you could have done with the CamScanner application.

The application also comes with more features like auto edge detection, multiple scanning, and a sharpening mode that copies better scans. Its size is 9.1 MB, which has more than 1 million users on Playstore. A 4.5-star rating has been given on the play store.

Download from here.

#6 Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)

Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner) - CamScanner Alternatives
Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)

Text Fairy is also an excellent scanner app in the Google Play Store. It is slowly gaining popularity, and its users are increasing.

The best part about it is that you don’t get to see advertisements without any reason. The size of the application is only 15 MB. More than 5 million users are using it with a rating of 4.4 on the play store.

Download from here.

#7 SimplyScan

SimplyScan - CamScanner Alternatives

If you are looking for the best app for PDF scanners, SimplyScan is also a good option. It also scans a PDF document. In this, you can scan many documents like images, receipts, reports. You also get the facility of cloud backup in this.

Apart from this, the option of restore is available. If you uninstall the app for some reason, you can also restore your data after reinstalling it. Talking about the size of the application, it is only 35 MB. More than 10 million users have downloaded it from the Play Store. And it has got a 4.8-star rating.

Download from here.

#8 Kaagaz Scanner

Kaagaz Scanner - CamScanner Alternatives
Kaagaz Scanner

Paper Scanner recently crossed 1.2 million downloads on the Google Play Store, and also this offline app allows users to scan their documents. It is an Indian alternative app to the Cam Scanner application. In this, you will get advanced options like magic color, auto-cropping, Optimize with Brightness & Contrast; this is a very light app.

Custom watermark is also available in this. Also, It supports nine different Indian languages. The application will only take up 15 MB of space on your smartphone, which is also a relatively light application. It has 1.2 million users the rating is 4.5 stars on the play store. Click on the link below to download.

Download from here.

#9 Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner CamScanner Alternatives
Fast Scanner

“Fast Scanner, a lightweight app that scans everything!” As the name suggests, Fast Scanner is an excellent app to become a document scan, and this size is also petite, only 16 MB. With this application, easily do all the scanning tasks like document, receipt, invoice, business card, whiteboard, and paper text.

It is also one of the Best CamScanner Alternatives applications. It would be best if you tried it. The size of the app only 16 MB, with more than 10 million users on the play store. This application has a 4.6-star rating on the Play Store.

Download from here.

#10 SwiftScan

SwiftScan CamScanner Alternatives

With this application, you can scan all your documents in high quality. Apart from this, you can also scan QR codes. Like other applications, you will get all the features in this too.

It supports online cloud backup in which you can back up your documents on Google Drive. The size of this application is 60 MB. More than 1 million people download it from Play Store and the rating 4.4 stars on the play store. 

Download from here.

That’s all from our side. we hope you like our top 10 best alternatives of Camscanner. if you have any questions regarding this let us know in the comment box. Also, tell us what other apps are you using to scan documents.

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