Best Business Ideas In The Service Industry

From handyman services to photography services, there are a lot of businesses that focus on providing solutions to different types of customers from home owners, business owners to renters and students. While for some time now people were apprehensive about getting into the service industry because of the disadvantages of GST for companies in this sector. However, the latest government regulations have solved this problem. So keeping all these factors in mind we have made a list of some of the best business ideas in the service sector and the tertiary sector.

1. Coaching Classes

Coaching classes are a great way to offer services that improve the lives of the people. These are often offered in small groups and can be very successful. People love learning from experts, especially when it comes to personal development. You can create your own coaching program or you can offer one-on-one sessions with a small fee for each session.

Imagine a company that offers coaching classes for people looking to improve their career or personal life, such as a career coach, relationship coach or marriage counselor. This business could be either an independent contractor or part of an established organization like a church, school or government agency.

You can set up your coaching business by offering one-on-one sessions with clients over the phone or through Skype. You may also choose to offer in-person classes at local community centres and churches. The great thing about this idea is that it’s highly scalable: you can start small until you build up enough experience to charge more for your services. The downside is that there are many companies already offering similar services online, however, if you have something unique to offer, then this could be a viable option.

2. Recruitment Services

Employers regularly use recruitment services to find the right employees for their businesses, so why not offer your services as a recruitment agency? You won’t need any experience, just an internet connection and a few hundred dollars will get you started. You can advertise online or use social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to promote you as an expert in the field of recruiting employees for companies throughout the world.

3. Software service

The software industry is one of the fastest growing and most competitive industries in India. There are several software companies, which provide various types of services to their customers. The demand for software services is on the rise and there are many opportunities for budding entrepreneurs in this space who want to become successful in the field of software development. Companies that provide software development services can make a huge difference in their clients’ businesses. The key to success lies in providing high-quality products at a reasonable price and keeping your customers happy with regular updates. It’s not a secret that software development is one of the most important tertiary sector examples.

4. Real estate agency

Real estate agencies have always been popular in India, as they offer a wide range of services to their clients, including buying and selling houses, finding tenants for residential premises and providing other related services to the owners of commercial properties like shops or offices. Real estate agents are also involved in mortgage loan processing and property registration in addition to conducting property surveys and appraisals. The real estate industry has grown at an impressive rate over the years with new regulations being introduced by RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) every year that help boost business growth further.

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