YouTube Vanced Tuber— Makes YouTube Fun!

YouTube is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite video streaming app. People like spending their weekends watching videos on YouTube not just for entertainment but also for educational purposes. It has truly become a part of life. No matter what you are on YouTube for, something that irritates everyone is the ads that play in between the videos or at the beginning and ending.

Though you can choose YouTube premium and go ad-free that comes with a cost. You have to subscribe to the YouTube premium plan and make a payment. Does that leave you wondering how great it would be if there is an app to help you out? The good news is that it is very much there and it is called YouTube Vanced Tuber.

YouTube Vanced Tuber is a completely free app that can block the ads you see on YouTube. It supports downloading videos directly from YouTube and lets you play them in the background. Apart from this, you can play videos while using some other app on your device.

Surprised? The app looks like a dream come true for YouTube fans.

Features of YouTube Vanced Tuber

Let’s have a closer and detailed look at the features of YouTube Vanced Tuber

1. It lets you block the ads on YouTube

There is no prize for guessing that watching unskippable ads on YouTube is quite annoying. To help you out of such a situation, you have the YouTube Vanced Tuber App that blocks all the ads on YouTube videos to give you an interruption-free experience.

2. You can download videos from YouTube

While YouTube lets you stream videos when you are connected to the internet, you might be having the urge to watch them offline as well. That is possible with YouTube Vanced Tuber now. The app allows you to download videos and enjoy them whenever you want to. Also, there is no download limit. You can download a complete playlist in high-resolution and have fun.

3. You can download high definition videos and high-quality music

You get to choose from 720p, 1080p HD, 2k HD, and 4K when it comes to video resolution. The videos can be saved as MP3 or M4A without the need to convert them into audio. This way you can thoroughly enjoy watching your favorite videos offline.

4. You can play videos in the background

It is well-known that you can’t play videos on your YouTube app in the background. The video won’t play when you close the YouTube app or lock your phone. This means that you can’t listen to the songs you love on YouTube while using other apps. Not anymore. YouTube Vanced Tuber lets you listen to the background music of videos even after locking the phone. You can play videos in Picture in Picture.

5. You can log in with YouTube in one single click

You can log in and sync all the YouTube data with a single click. You will be able to see all the playlists, subscriptions, and watch history on the YouTube Vanced Tuber app as well. It is just one click and you are sorted! You won’t need to run back and forth to play your videos.

6. You will find it easy to use

Being user-friendly and easy to download, you won’t find it difficult to use YouTube Vanced Tuber. It takes just a few minutes to start enjoying the app to the fullest.

Where to Download YouTube Vanced Tuber from?

You can easily download it from its official site However, you can find it at Apkpure, Uptodown, and related platforms. Right now it is not available for PCs and iOS devices.

Safety and Privacy of YouTube Vanced Tuber

YouTube Vanced Tuber is a completely safe app as it does not have any kind of malware in it. It is not going to harm your device. As far as your privacy is concerned, the app aims at providing you with the best possible user experience and therefore needs some information to personalize its services. Your personal data will not be stolen at any cost. It is therefore quite safe to download YouTube Vanced Tuber on your device. Your data will not be misused by the app by any chance.

The Bottom Line

YouTube Vanced Tuber is hands down the best app to enable you to enjoy your favorite YouTube videos without being interrupted by ads. Being free of cost, it is definitely the better option than subscribing to YouTube Premium by making a periodical payment. After all, when you can get something for free, why should you spend your hard-earned money on it?

As YouTube Vanced Tuber is easy to use, you will not have any problem while playing your favorite videos. It is indeed a great app for binge-watching your favorite videos with a tub of popcorn.

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