Why Is It So Important to Choose a Reliable Data Harvesting Platform?

FMI claims the web scraping software industry was $330 million in 2022 and is projected to hit $1.469 billion by 2033. Analysts explain the active growth of the mentioned branch because data harvesting brings numerous benefits to both ordinary people as well as businesses. The first ones can, e.g., seek jobs or choose real estate more effectively using web scraping bots. Companies, for their part, may research current market trends, learn consumer needs, discover innovative products worldwide earlier than their competitors, etc.

Some people and entrepreneurs globally inexplicably occasionally pick data scraping bot developers that have questionable reputations today, though. This, however, is fraught with plenty of potential problems. Therefore, experts decided to mention and explain the key reasons why it’s essential to cooperate with credible data harvesting platforms only. So, let us take a detailed look at this information.

Trusted Data Harvesting Platforms Work According to Current Legislation

Here, it’s worth noting the case happened in 2019, when an EU company was fined for collecting commercial information from open Polish state registers. So, the firm used the scraped info to create statistical reports about ongoing situations in different industries in Poland. Such work seems pretty legitimate, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, the company was fined for extracting private information by the Polish data protection authority UODO. The penalty amount hit 221,000 EUR.

A bit later, the court’s decision about imposing the fine was canceled based on Article 14 of the GDPR. The latter is the act protecting data privacy in the EU. However, the trial also ordered that the analytical agency notify everyone whose data they mine as well as analyze. And the firm handled info about several millions of people.

The problem obviously appeared because the statistics agency used the services of unscrupulous web scraping software developers. And the company was really lucky that the hefty penalty was canceled. On the other hand, if the analytical firm had used the services of a reputable data harvesting platform (like, they could have avoided legal troubles. That’s because credible developers always carefully learn all the features of the legislation of the region in which you’re going to mine information.

Reliable Platforms Stand for Ethical Data Harvesting

First, it’s worth noting copyrighted info scraping. Trustworthy specialists always give their clients tips on properly using such data. This, for instance, includes:

  • prohibition from publishing copyrighted information on third-party sources;
  • ability to employ such info when conducting non-public analysis;
  • possibility to post fragments of copyrighted information but only with original authorship notification.

At last, credible IT agencies commonly warn their clients if the latter ones are going to collect data from same-industry commercial platforms and post it as that may cause problems.

Avoiding Targeted Sites Being Down

Trusted web scraping companies consider the power of intended websites when creating bots for their clients. So, their apps, for example, don’t send plenty of requests at once to small online platforms they collect info from. This helps prevent targeted sites from being crashed. Consequently, you will never be fined for website hacking.

Evading Extracting Private Details

The case mentioned at the beginning of this article was related to the collection of conditionally personal info, as the commercial data was still gained from open registers. However, there are much more straightforward situations. For example, clients occasionally strive to harvest private data like personal photos, ID details, political preferences, or religious beliefs. Such info is definitely prohibited from being scraped in any country. Therefore, trustworthy IT agencies (e.g., Nannostomus) typically try to offer alternative solutions to achieve your goals in such instances.

Final Words

Choosing credible data harvesting platforms is critical if you want to receive qualitative web scraping software that’s customized according to current laws. Additionally, trusted developers commonly offer their services at favorable prices. On the other hand, you may be penalized when co-working with dubious data extractor makers.

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