What You Need For a Successful Furniture Removal

Tired of your old furniture sitting around the house and filling up space? Well, this is an indication that furniture removal should be on your to-do list. And you need to learn more about furniture removal. You may have tossed aside the pieces of furniture you no longer use, or simply left them where they are. Whichever the case, it’s time you carried out the most challenging task; furniture removal.

Do not underestimate it. Simple as it may sound, furniture removal is not as easy as it seems. It’s a time-consuming, hectic process that requires more than your regular DIY attempts or help from friends and family. It is more complicated getting rid of large furniture pieces since you cannot just throw them out like regular waste. You need a proper plan of execution and disposal of the furniture. In order to have a successful furniture removal experience, you need the following:

Advance Furniture Arrangement

Despite the fact that you intend to do away with that annoying cough, a squeaky chair, or wobbly bed, there should be some order in doing so. Well, at least if you intend to have a successful furniture removal. Unless you are planning to dispose of all your current furniture, it would be better to arrange them in advance.

Imagine having to move around the whole house, randomly checking and picking up furniture for removal. Tricky, right? You would definitely have a much more difficult time sorting through the mess. What’s more, you could even end up forgetting some meant to be taken away! Therefore, for successful furniture removal, you are better off separating your furniture by priority. This means; those in good condition remaining where they are, for repair or re-purposing on one side and those for disposal on another. Even better, you can keep the old furniture in a separate, defined, room or section of the house.

Proper Timelines of Execution

Proper Timelines of Execution

With your furniture sorted, you need to plan furniture removal timelines. Planning in terms of timelines would give you a good guide to the next phase, which is execution. From sorting your furniture, listing down the details, identifying removal services, to the final execution; bear in mind the duration. In each of the steps, it would be prudent to consider how long it could take. This is so that the process is systematic and organized. This would give you a more practical approach to your planning than just listing what to do randomly.

If you were to sort furniture for a whole month, identify removal services an extra month. You wouldn’t get anything done, would you? Practically this does not make sense. But if you work on strict timelines, you would accomplish everything including execution within a month.

A Detailed Furniture Inventory

What happens to your furniture needs to be determined with good documentation. With all the hassle of furniture removal, you could easily get confused and forget what was to happen with each piece. For example, you may forget how many pieces of furniture you had. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, make an inventory. This way, your records will guide you.

The inventory will have details of the furniture piece by age, brand, condition, and remarks on what to do with it. During the inventory, you will also indicate which section of the house or office the furniture came from. This is to guide in replacement. While doing inventory, you may actually reconsider what you do with some pieces. This way, you can easily know how much furniture you have and take stock of what you are disposing of. You will also know how many furniture pieces you need to replace and simplify the process of valuing furniture for sale.

Reliable Furniture Removal Service

Once you settle on the date for your furniture removal, it is advisable to get a reliable company. While you may want to carry out the exercise on your own, it is better for you to engage professionals. This is a safer and more efficient means to complete the exercise with less stress. Unless you engage an inefficient furniture removal company.

While identifying a furniture removal service, make sure you understand their service package and what is entailed therein. It would be inconvenient to realize on the material day that you have to uninstall some appliances yourself. Ensure you understand what each service means, how it is done and to what level before engaging a company. This would save you from last-minute disappointments.

Clear Plans for Disposal

Clear Plans for Disposal

While you may rely on a furniture removal company to handle the disposal of furniture for you, have your own plan. This, you can compare with their options of disposal to determine what would work well with you. For instance, if you had intended to dispose of your old furniture, you could consider selling it.  Most furniture removal companies have arrangements with furniture recycling companies or online dealers. You can trade your old furniture at a discount with the company, or have them handle eco-friendly disposal. In the end, what matters is the plan of disposal is clear from the beginning. You don’t want to find yourself with a heap of furniture, with nowhere to dispose of. The result would be a culmination of stress and disorganization.

Final Thoughts

By now you have identified what you need to have a successful furniture removal. What is left is planning and identifying a furniture removal company to help you actualize your plan. Whether you intend to dispose of your furniture, repair, re-use, or buy new ones, just make sure you have a disposal plan in mind. You can now renovate your space, put it up for sale or move into a new one with a new look; the choice lies with you.

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