What Are Branded Bingo Games And Why Are They Popular?

Even though the online casino industry is fun and exciting, there is a lot of jargon involved that can be confusing for novice players. Now, we’re not just talking about the big ideas like free spins or no deposit bonuses, but it even comes down to how games, even those similar in gameplay, are labeled and categorized. For instance, what’s the difference between Omaha Poker and Texas Hold’Em Poker? The short answer is that Omaha Poker is just another variation of Texas Hold’Em, but there are also several other examples of this outside of table games.

In particular, many prospective gamblers ask if branded bingo games are the same as traditional bingo games. That can be confusing since many online bingo games are categorised as branded, even though they have the same rules as traditional bingo. In this article, we will explain the difference and explore why branded bingo games have increased in popularity over recent years.

Branded Bingo Games vs. Classic Bingo Games

A simple explanation of the difference between branded games and classic games is that branded games are based on popular cultures like movies, television shows, and even celebrities and musicians like Ozzy Osbourne. Often, especially when it comes to bingo and slot games, we see casino operators entering into licensing agreements with major movie studios or television networks to create these branded games. In some instances, these licensing agreements green light the inclusion of real audio or video from popular franchises. That’s where these branded games differ from their traditional counterparts.

However, several branded bingo games use the same rules as traditional 40, 75, 80, or 90-ball bingo, and the only difference is that their titles and themes are based on pop culture. In other words, instead of playing 40-ball Rainbow Riches bingo, which is inspired by one of the most famous slot games, you can play Deal or No Deal 75-ball bingo, based on the Dutch television game show that made its way overseas through an American version released on NBC in 2005.

American actor-comedian Howie Mandel hosted the show, and it ran until 2019. Likewise, there are many other branded bingo online games that you can play, including The Voice UK Bingo. This game is a traditional 80-ball bingo game that incorporates themes from the popular music competition show from ITV, Britain’s free-to-air television network.

Why Do People Like Branded Games?

Whether you’re playing a branded bingo game or a branded video slot, the attraction of these games remains the same: pop culture consumes our entertainment industry today, and many people wouldn’t change this reality for the world. Movies, TV shows, music, and books allow us to escape from our everyday lives; that has always been the objective of games, even casino games. So why not combine these elements into one source of entertainment? The more, the merrier.

One possible fault with branded games is that pop culture changes all the time. What’s popular or streaming on platforms like Netflix today may fall down the ladder tomorrow. Yet, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just as quickly as shows and movies fade out of our minds, new ones enter them, which means the casino business is in for many fruitful years.

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