How to Use Ultrasurf for Anonymous Web Surfing [Free]

Ever since the Internet has evolved beyond limits, it is helping mankind in great ways to excel and to get equipped with knowledge. But despite its great advantages, it can be misused. There are many people who are ready to spam “world wide web” for their own good. The Internet can be misused in many different ways. For an instance, suppose you are accessing a malicious site without knowing that as soon as you click on its link, it will infect your computer with malware and send your personal information to the spammer.

Though it is not usual for someone to steal your personal information, it is still happening with millions of people around the world. Many trusted web applications also track your activities on the web to serve you related and targeted ads. Though these trusted sites will never misuse your gathered data, you get my point there is no privacy. Everything that you do online is being tracked by someone. That’s why this article will teach you about how to use Ultrasurf a desktop based proxy program for anonymous Internet surfing. Also, this website will give you many options for choosing the right proxy service.

What is Ultrasurf?

Ultrasurf is a desktop-based proxy program developed by the UltraReach Internet Corporation. It was originally developed as an Internet censorship circumvention product, i.e. a tool for unblocking the country-specific censored material. It uses an HTTP proxy server to bypass internet censorship and firewalls and also includes encryption layers and protocols for privacy.

Ultrasurf is a great tool to surf the internet anonymously without leaking your private information over the Internet. It creates an encrypted tunnel between the user’s computer and the proxy servers and hence effectively encrypts and hide your private information. But that’s not all, it also enables users to bypass censorship and firewalls. This means that you can not only access sites that are blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) but also access sites that are not allowed or censored in your country.

Before going on to the complete guide about how to use Ultrasurf, let us take a look why it is different from other similar tools.

Why you should use Ultrasurf over other similar Tools

Ultrasurf is extremely lightweight and doesn’t require much space on your hard drive. It is free, unlike others, it doesn’t require you to register for a paid account. I have seen many similar programs that require you to register for a paid account to get acceptable speed, with their free account you will get slow speeds. But with Ultrasurf there is no degradation in speed.

It does not consume large system resources. It requires no installation, it is a click and run software and hence it is portable. It does not install any files on user’s computer, and also does not mess up with registry entries.

How to Use Ultrasurf for Anonymous Web Surfing

How to Use Ultrasurf for Anonymous Web Surfing

By normal Internet connection, I mean your household Internet connection or any other Internet connection that does not use any default proxy server to connect to the network. You do not need to configure proxy settings in this case.

Download Ultrasurf and unzip the content of the zip file from →here. (or download for your Linux, Mac, or Android phone)

Run “u.exe” file and you will see Ultrasurf user interface as shown in the screenshot. It does not require any configuration if your Internet connection does not use any proxy server.

Ultrasurf user interface – Ultrasurf will try to connect to the servers, it will automatically connect your computer to the best server.

The proxy settings will be automatically configured to the Internet Explorer and as soon as it connects you to the server Internet Explorer will open.

If the status is showing “successfully connected to the server”, congratulations, you can now anonymously surf the internet and can access blocked sites. If the status is displaying something else, try to turn off your firewall or add Ultrasurf as an exception and try again.

How to use Ultrasurf behind proxy

Some Internet connection uses Proxy servers, it is quite common in schools and colleges, where they use
a proxy server to block social media sites and other sites which they think are not appropriate for students. You need to configure Ultrasurf, in this case, follow the instructions below.

Run u.exe and from the user interface, click on options, a new window will appear where you can configure many other settings like enable hotkeys, whether to start internet explorer automatically or not, etc. But we are interested in proxy settings, so click on the proxy settings at the bottom.

It is configured by default at directly use Ultrasurf. You can manually enter the proxy server address and port which your Internet connection uses or can opt for auto detection of proxy.

The status should now change to successfully connected to the server. Enjoy you can now access any blocked site and can surf the internet without compromising your privacy.

How to use Ultrasurf, via their Google Chrome extension. The easiest way.

You can simply go to the Google Chrome web store and install the Ultrasurf extension. This is the easiest way. Moreover, with this extension for Chrome you can enable or disable Ultrasurf with a flip of a switch. Though the extension is still in beta phase, so you may encounter some problems, and hence I won’t recommend it to you. But if you don’t want to go through all the hassle to configure Ultrasurf desktop application this can be a savior for you.

So what are you waiting for, you now know how to use Ultrasurf, go ahead and protect your privacy by using this awesome tool.

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