Top 10 Most Gambling Countries In The World

Gambling is popular all over the world. There are countries where you can have fun at your favorite game in a land-based casino, and there are also online venues that anyone can visit using only a cell phone. For example, top10bestcasino. And now we will tell you about 10 countries where gambling is in the blood.

10. Spain

Spaniards are passionate fans. For the sake of their favorite team they are willing to risk money. Numerous bets are placed in bookmakers’ offices. Poker and casinos are slightly less popular. Gambling is legalized in the country. Almost everyone plays, giving about 20% of winnings to the state, which does not hurry to fight with the players, not wanting to part with this source of income. The average expenditure on casinos and betting per year is $418.

9. Greece

Even the crisis has not affected the Greeks’ love of gambling. The national lottery “Joker” is played by up to 80% of the population. The players are dominated by men (58%). Reports of big winnings become news on a national scale. By the way, the maximum win in “Joker” – 19 million – was a world record. Virtual online casinos and poker rooms are popular. Greeks like to spend money on scratch tickets (cards with an erasable layer, which contains information about the winnings). The average Greek spends $420 a year on casinos.

8. Norway

The state strictly enforces order in the gambling business, monopolizing most of the market. Restrictions have been imposed that prohibit the use of bank cards in casinos. Therefore more and more Norwegians prefer online versions of gambling. This entails the spread of unhealthy hobbies among teenagers. Since poker for real money was banned in Norway for a long time, the championships were held in neighboring Sweden, only since 2014, the authorities begin to talk about the possibility of their return to the country. Despite this, Norway gave the world several famous poker professionals and champions. Severe restrictions on gambling do not prevent Norwegians from spending about $448 a year on them.

7. Hong Kong

Only one company, the Jockey Club, is allowed to accept bets and organize lotteries in the country. This non-profit organization is Hong Kong’s largest taxpayer. The ban on gambling has increased the popularity of horse racing. If your heart desires a casino, the matter is simple: the ferry to neighboring Macau, which is called the “Asian Las Vegas”, takes about an hour. There you can choose any way to risk your money. As a result, Hong Kong residents leave about $500 a year in the gambling halls.

6. Italy

The favorite entertainment of Italians in the field of gambling — spinning the reel of slot machines. Second place is given to poker. The Italian poker team wins international tournaments. Italy is fighting with France for the right to be considered the birthplace of baccarat – an ancient card game that used to be the game of aristocrats and is now available to everyone, including the casinos, when you play against the establishment. Italians pride themselves on the fact that Europe’s first casino was opened in Venice in 1638. However, the French also try to challenge this primacy, arguing that by that time a similar institution existed in Paris. Italians leave an average of $517 a year in casinos.

5. Finland

The state has taken gambling under strict control, but municipal casinos are available to Finns, and they use the opportunity “to the full. Those who spend more than 120 euros a year on gambling entertainment are officially regarded as gamblers and are given free counseling by a psychologist. It is not known how many psychologists were able to put on the right track, but judging by the amounts that Finns leave in the casinos, they prefer to “sin and repent”. The only bright side is that the government spends casino profits on sports and culture. Curiously, the thrill at the gaming table is seeking more and more pensioners, which seriously worries the authorities, who still do not know how to divert grandparents from the habit of risking savings. About half of Finland’s citizens have fun at casinos every week, leaving about $550-560 there a year.

4. Canada

In relatively prosperous Canada, three-quarters of the population visit gambling establishments. Gambling is legal. More than 50 casinos operating in the country, the province of Quebec is especially famous for gambling establishments. Online casinos, scratch tickets, and lotteries are popular. Gambling industry brings good income to the country: 13 billion dollars a year. The authorities are trying to intensify the control, especially for online casinos, and are launching social advertisements to combat gambling addiction, but it has no serious effect. The average cost of a Canadian player is $570 a year.

3. Ireland

Gambling in Ireland is regulated by the hopelessly outdated 1956 law. According to it, only small private clubs can be opened. Since 2003, online casinos have been allowed in the country, which has multiplied Irish spending on gambling. In an effort to control the process, the government passed a law in 2015 that changed the taxation of gambling. The Irish love betting on horse races and buying lottery tickets. The combination of the gentle love of animals and the passion of Irish nature has led to the extraordinary popularity of dog racing, for which special stadiums have been built. The Irish leave about $600 a year in casinos.

2. Singapore

Gambling in Singapore has had its ups and downs. It was first legalized in 1823 but banned in 1826. The new heyday of gambling began in 2005 with the opening of the first casino. In 10 years, the city has become a gambling paradise for tourists. It is more difficult for locals to get in. They have to pay a large sum of money for the opportunity to enter the casino, which not everyone can afford. Relatives have the right to veto gambling for a family member. At their request, his name will be blacklisted and he will not be allowed to enter the gambling establishment. Such concern for fellow citizens by the authorities is justified: even with the existing restrictions, the inhabitants of Singapore spend on gambling more than $ 1,100 a year.

1. Australia

“One-armed bandits” are in first place in popularity among Australian players. There are more slot machines per capita than in any country in the world. Then come sports betting, horse racing, online casinos, and poker. Naturally, this gives a significant replenishment of the budget, and the state is in no hurry to limit the players. However, the voices of those who think gambling is a problem are being heard more and more, and the government may have to take action. One reason for the popularity of gambling in Australia is the lack of a winnings tax. Players spend $1200 or more a year.

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